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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Republic of People of Phoenix (elected )

Founder: The Matriarchy of Gypsy Lands

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Most Nations: 381st Most World Assembly Endorsements: 478th Most Valuable International Artwork: 663rd+5
Largest Black Market: 872nd Most Devout: 1,140th Best Weather: 1,962nd Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 2,134th Most Beautiful Environments: 2,168th
World Factbook Entry

Welcome to Gypsy Lands!

We cook and bake with love. Ability to play the tambourine is appreciated.

Most embassies accepted.

January 15, 2020: Gypsy Lands Independence Day!

Embassies: Vatican, Saint Margaret Mary, Wyndia, Right to Life, The Bar on the corner of every region, 0000, Order of the Southern North, Neo Otaku Utopia, Loamhedge, The Embassy, The Illuminati, Australialia, POLATION, Krillin, Grand Central, The Sea Of Love, and 1,221 others.Nintendo, Arconian Empire, The SOP, Pisces Centauri, Castocium, Union of Republics, The Nation of Nations and Friends, Silverhold, The Great Universe, Pigsty Steppes, Hollow Point, Streptococcus, United States of America, MARHAENISME for The World, Free Market Federation, Ozzy, Emeraldise, Ivory Tower, The Kingdom of Burgundy, Chinese Republic, Trade Federation, the realm of insanity, Barbaria, The Empire of Common Territories, Groland, Markion, The Atheist Empire, Greater Ixnay, Colorado, Wolfram and Hart, Dauiland, Ozymandium, Bus Stop, The United Coalition of Nation States, Weed, 0000000000000, New World Union, Future Earth, The Doctor Who Universe, Nebraska, The Atlantic, Virginia, South Dakota, Utah, CDW Federation, Beyond the Wub, Galts Gulch, Emirates of Futurnia, Pontbridge Islands, Wolverton Mountain, The Subantarctic, Ecuador, London, Prince Edward Island, Laos, Massachusetts, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, Wyoming, Monaco, Nevada, Vanuatu, Uganda, South Carolina, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Columbia, San Marino, Yukon, New Mexico, Namibia, Fiji, North Carolina, Bikini Islands, Tsumonrin, Florida, My Little Pony Equestria, The Persian Empire, Solid Kingdom, Turkic Union, Traveling Region, Reality, Krumpelberg, Travelling Region, Hippy Haven, Monterey, Non Aligned Movement, Nationstates Hospital, United Imperial Union, Epicenter Of Prosperity, Skaro, Pluviostan, Australia, The Others, End 500, Cyberius Confederation, The Geometric Equanimity TGE, Sacrum Romanum Imperium, The Celtic Militia, Thandamaniland, Region of Poe, The Glorious Nation of Arstotzka, Union of Nationalists, The Hodori Archipelago, ITALIA, The Forgotten Lands, The Commonwealth of the Fish, Eladen, Richard, Pacific Union, Brazzaville, World, Central African Republic, Mackenzie, Samoa, Malawi, Atonement of Harmony, Palau, Kiribati, Botswana, Newfoundland and Labrador, Georgia, Okanagan, Comoros, Dominican Republic, Montserrat, Beijing, Pitcairn Island, Purgatory, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kentucky, Tanzania, Rio de Janeiro, Antigua and Barbuda, Winterfell, Maldives, Stornoway, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, Northwest Territories, Ottawa, Idaho, United Arab Emirates, Solomon Islands, Swaziland, Belize, Cape Verde, Galapagos, Algeria, Ceylon, Dominica, Diverse Regimes Project, Oblitus Realm, Field Egg Group, The Empire of Friendship, The United Caribbean Island Alliance, Alliance of Secondary Countries, The Greatest Freak Show on Earth, The Sands, Nesapo, Coalition of Nations, Avadam Inn, Know Your Region, The Thonlands, League of Legends, Satan, War Weary, The Warden World, The Intercontinental Union Of Nations, Tropican Islands, Regionless, Public Telegrams, Suomi, Star Trek, Terra Magna, Missouri, Iowa, Mexico City, Altmora, Minnesota, Turkiye, The Central Pacific, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Leinster, Women Empire, Brisbane, Kansas, Delaware, Maryland, Undertale, Haiku, Illinois, Mississippi, The Hanover Republic, Covenant, Mare Islands, Nyksos, Novapax, The Popptart Empire, RGBN, New Coalition of Nations, Christmas, The Dank Meme Alliance, South Pacific, The NewsStand, International Debating Area, Penguia, The Graveyard, United Otter Emirates, Sex, Roune, The Mesan Union, Rogue CONclave, The New Mappers Union, Conservative Optimism Organization, The Bunny Fire, HFY, Environment, Circumspice, Crodown, Happy Utopia, Star Wars, Yuno, FUR, The Junto Region, The Exalted Lands, Black Sheep Society, Nippon, Freiheit, Halloween, The United Empires of Carson, Skivx, The Pale Blue Region, Joint Operations Space Command, Khuzifenq, Bailiwick of New Jersey, Kylden, Axis of Absurdity, Yarnia, Astyria, Angels of Derp, The Savage Garden, Lady Rose, Warhammer 40000, Land of Turtles, Disney World, Greatest Ixnay, Lands of Zephathah, DBA, Nethermost Hall, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Chireiden, North West Siberia, Aeterna Publicae, The Holy Church of Roads, Tranquility Sphere, LCRUA, Roman America, Region of Something, South Orkney, Land of Orcs and Goblins, Brasilistan, ZAT, Loony Bin, Christian Nations Union, Misanthropic Bloc, Mecca, League of Christian Nations, CBGB, Coelum et Terram, U R N, Christian Internationale, Meatpackers union, Brannackia, Lhasa, The Cemetery, Christianity, Dantes Inferno, Agora, Cymru, The Peaceful Coffee Shop In Chicago, 42 Douglas Adams, Schuylkill Valley, Stonehenge, Aethelflaed, Organization of United Sovereign States, Mahakam, 84 point 25 Anomaly, A Very Small Region, Federal Republic of Russia, Eagles of Germany, Agartha, Mahtomedi, All The States, HoH SiS, The Vast, AEGIS, Driselbia, Mitteleuropa, The Milky Way Galaxy, Genuan Rebirth, Colonies, Beringia, The Brotherhood of the Iron Cross, Underworld, Commonwealth States, Atlantic New Lands, The Assembly of Gentlemen, The Awakening, Rhea, Toronto, Kanada, Connaught, East Timor, Senegal, Mongolia, Benin, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, South Australia, Togo, Vermont Republic, Sydney, Quito, United Kingdom Of Great Britain, Cotonou, Barbados, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Tasmania, Mauritius, Iranian Islamic Republic, Sao Tome e Principe, Uzbekistan, Timor Leste, Greater London, Saint Lucia, Ghana, Cameroon, Madagascar, Capital Heights, Cote dIvoire, Brunei Darussalam, Kuwait, Parkland, Sao Paulo, British Columbia, Two Letter, Queensland, Somalia, Knights of the Round Table, Crematorium, Manchester, Seattle, Burundi, Costa Rica, El Salvador, the Bahamas, Ethiopia, The Six Counties of Ulster, Australian Capital Territory, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, South China Sea, Jamaica, Detroit, Honduras, Guinea, One big Island, The Nudist Dreamland, The Democratic Commonwealth, Gobbotopia, Ancient Lands, Minoa, Union of Shoddy Subaverage Republics, The Turtle Isles, The Gordo Alliance of Got Beef, Grand New Earth, Czechia, Greater Arcadia, Greater Europe, Greater European Federation, Medio, Grand Alliance, Agheasma, The Military Federation, Hadera Confederacy, Shrayan Bose, Dagestan, NS April Fools Day Jokes, Hampshire, Big papas big region, Steam Islands, Special Administrative Regions, The Collective, Zazumo, Heart, New Dinosaurtopia, Hellenic Civilization, Hetalia, The New Galactic Republic, Novo Brasil, Salutations, Aquilonaris, Aquitaine, Graveyard, Balugata, Babylon 5, HiberNationStates, Coin Collecting Club, The Holy Roman Empire, The New Bird Order, Federation of Planets Headquarters, Machtpolitik, The Commonwealth of Crowns, Greater Brutesia, Biqgai, RAMS, Followers of the Ferret, FRC Collation, Fraternal Union of States, Fredonia, Ikuisuus, New Orleans, Westmoreland Alliance, Galactic Empire of Sween, Authoritarianism Is Cool Kind Of, Gamyria and Historica, Galawen, Galactic Imperium, Board Game Nations, Bob the 3ed, Iveagh, Dune, Grumbletonia, Bluhendenreich, Norsewood, Sufficient Union, Rumathier, Free People of The Democratic Federation, Bully Pulpit, British Empire, Calnuxia, Camp McKee, Calumet City, The Pit under the Arm, Caelum, The Mob, Carnival of Souls, Wampumian Star Cluster, Plague, The EverLit Torch, Cascadia, Central Perk, Realm of Unrestricted Science, Xenox, The Democratic States of Josephtan, Charizard Sanctuary, Queen Elizabeth Islands, CGI, Citadel of Ricks, Homestuck, Jerusalem, CISB, The Srivijayan Consortium, iFunny, Area 51, Idiot Squad, The Global Democratic Union, Empire of Brazil, Mad Land of the Mad Madmen, The Dawn of Unity, Golden Dragons, Brasil, Imperium Figarium, Osakaland, Indianapolis, Iniris, Ilarta, Imperial Federation Territories, Universal Pact, Indonesia, Interdimensional Alien Zone, ISAF2, The Western Isles, The free states of OBG, The Philippines, Diodonian Army, New East Berlin, Island Of Union, Isolert Ulv, The UECA, Scandinavia, The WestEastern Combine, The Great Chili, Our Town, The Larry Pact, The United Federations, The Grand Council of Brookfield, The Large Swath of Unclaimed Territory, The Holy Empire of Bawrai, Calhoun CC, Republic of Myanmar, The North Pacific Union, The Galactic Empire of Britain, Chicken overlords, The Odessa Pact, Victoria, South Asians, The Puppeteria, Pigeon Axis Force, Where the Wild Things Are, The Proletariat Coalition, Kalrania 2, White Obelisk, Union of the Kind Ones, Inner Mongolia, MentosLand, Wrangel, France, NationStatesHolics Anonymous, Chicago, League of Capitalism, nasunia, Yertania City, Yolopmopomplop, Eurilia, Eadrias, Zentari, Zero Zero Zero Zero, Vigrid, Eientei Gensokyo, Veran Economic Zone, Kandahar, Altay, Viking Europe, Velvet Harem, The Geopolitics Roleplay Region, Cyterian Treaty Organisation, Invicta, Vis Novum, 4Chan United, 0 r c, Venus Project, The League of Socialist States, The Flying Spaghetti Monster Lands, Small Globe, Algebra II, Alliance of Magical Girl Nations, NOZ, Train Station, Liberty and Freedom, Meillur, Alliance of Sovereign Nations, American Patriotic Front, Strawberry Hill, Ancient Epic League of Epicness, Federation of Conservative Nations, Kingdom Of Austria, Glorious Swampland, Funen, Asiana, Asia Pacific Economic Group, Argo Navis, Averohk, B71, Autism Spectrum, The Great Experiment, Auralia, Athens, Ayy lmao, Gabon, Wealth, The United Commonwealth States, Bearisphere, Easter, The Fallout Wasteland, The 1st Entente, Thanksgiving, Djibouti, Bloco Liberal, Versilian Hegemony, Region Name, Birmingham, Brend Alliance, Bonn, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, Verdenia, OmniOne, Buczonia, Kingdom of Adonai, Imperium of Earth, Nusantara Archipelago, Calerinia, Reminated Euromean Republic, Canadian Confederation, 00000 Land of Nod, Realm of the Whispering Winds, PieTopia, Libera Mundi, United Nations UN, Casablanca, League Of Allied Powers, oauei, Centralized Union of States, Northern Oceans, Cinderia, Christendom, Cards, Cisplainia, Chan Nations, Christian Anarchy, St Abbaddon, City Ankh Morpork, Chronic, Cocaine, Color Green, Lasagna, The International Polling Zone, Comic Books, Colt 45, Lezzie, Concorde, Confederacy of Independent Systems, The Republic of California, The Chapel, Cougars, Potato, Novae Terrae, Pinky Queen, Yoruba, Another Galaxy, Blackbats, 314159265358979323846264338327950, Decepticon region, Lady Magdalenas Secret, Scania, CrimsonHand, World Awesome, Pravda, Antifa Luxemburgist Communist Collective, Cyber Industries Federation, Cyleto, Wild Hunt, Memeland, Crystal Empire, The British Commonwealth, United Essentan nations, The New Horizon, Sumerian Coalition, Dacia, Thrones of the Three Kingdoms II, Desert Islands, Large Hadron Collider of CERN, Last Flight, Nova Regio, Anti Fairy Pact, Aovelale, Wel Zelevas, The Wizard of Oz, The New Dogecoin Union, Deep Storage, Armourverse, The Planet X, The Great and Mighty Region of Morshu, Devia, Imperial Catholic Alliance, Northern Atlantic Ocean, Diarcesia, Warehouse of Wayward Teen Punk Rockers, Republic of Congo, Luxembourg, Dixie, Cymopolia, Dream Land, Heavenly Palace, VoVoDoCoan Multiverse, The Limbo, Wales, The Association of The United Continents, Ulthos, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Dudeland, Duluth, Changuu, La nova Terra, aeiou, PK of rthbnd, East Lehman, The Trunk of a Pontiac Tempest, Eastern Bloc, Urana Firma, Queens, Lusaka, eaiou, The Diplomatic Committee Of Nations, Long live the British Empire, ArcadiaBay, VCG, Degrasse, The Moderate Alliance, United Savage Alliance, United World Nations Observer Assembly, UNS, uoiea, Series and movies, Allied Unions, Eggzack, The Varied Political Landscape, Eetrador, Echo, Edmundian Empire, Indian Mars, Ebola QuarantineZone, United Kingdom Of Denmark, The Gardens of Hesperides, United League of Nations, United Lohdon nations, United Kingdom of Scandia, United Intergalactic Animal Community, CISB 2030, Empire of Novaya Equestria, Empire of the Romans, The Confederacy of Aligned Nations, Greater Mania Region, Empire of Galea, Cuddle Commune, Empire of Sayville, Emery, Empire of Byzantium, United Mythical Nations of Fantasy, Elysium, Veris Administrative Region, United Federation of the Blanji Alliance, atlasia, United Federation Of Edwards, The ISF Coalition, epic bazinga region of cool dictators, Western Sahara, Moneylania, Death Valley, United Kingdoms of Grisstonia, Union of American Nationalists, Union of Democrats, Union of Justice, Union Hispanica, Union Sovietica de Mordor, Eocacira, Union Mundialista, The Concert of Europe, UNITED, Union of South Africa, United Assembly, Lotions SECOND Puppet Storage, Romania, New Caledonia, The Democratika, euoia, Esperia, Estaria, Eurasian Trade Federation, Divonya, Especia and Meridon, Estado Novo, Mercenaries R Us, Algiers, Vatican II, TheFreedomRealm, Trump, TwitchPlaysPokemon, The Okchi Union, Guinness, Point Reyes National Seashore, The Alliance of Eros, Universal Dream Network, The Cursed Continent of Lodoss, Neo Cardboard Box, Torrezon, Codex Ylvus, TRUE AMERICANS, CPCPIlandia, Transatlantic Treaty Organisation, Union of Allied States, Tristallan, Trans Paradise, Empire of Lost Souls, Alliance Space, Transylvania, Realm of the Dragon, Elparia, TopCornion, Therrand, Kawaii World, Wanderlust, Equestrian Federation, Esamir, The Transitionists, Africa, Etharia, The Userite Menace, toilet arsonist appreciation society, Tinder, Federated States of Micronesia, Fabulosos, Copenhagen, The Holy Reich of Greater Germania, extraordinary, Tonga, Europea, Ancient, Eustrasia, Stormcloak Rebellion, Meat, The Dimensional Rift, 404 Not Found, Dhaka, Islamabad, Abuja, Jakarta, Manila, Addis Ababa, Tibetan Buddhism, Mockba, Brasilia, Council of Constructed Languages, The Noodle Shop At The Edge Of Reality, The New North West, Thicc Economy Bois, United Christian Empires of the West, The World League, The Zephyr, Society of Commissioned Gentlemen, Kinshasa, The Whole World, Bangkok, Bharat, Eastern Federation of Socialist states, The Zennenteze Reserve, The Zombie Factory, US History Hour 2, Kingdom Of England And Wales, The lemon hub, Hallyu Sanctuary, Firl, The Southern Pacific, Hsiao Han, Seychelles, Naypyidaw, Kampala, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bogota, Kyiv, Buenos Aires, Fifth Wall, The Equator, The Socialist States of Upper Canada, States of Xaria, The Waste Management Center, The Fellowship of the MOK, The Watchtower, Democratic Republic of Southern Africa, NTIG nationer, The Midnight Order HQ, Lega Atlantica, Fheroda, floorsatt, The Monarchy alliance, fluffy squishfish, Accra, The United Meritocrats, Region of Heroes, A Second Try, The United Multiverses, Westlandia, Order of Catholic regions, The Land of Yoob, The Galimulator Union, The Provinces of the Cayman Archipelago, Imperial Federation of Great Redanien, Suva, Fourth Empire of the PCWZ, Cheers, The House of Prayer, The Union of the World, The Union Of Social Media, Randovia, Ealdgeriht, Mechanix Monarchists, The Association Of Names, Defiance, The Redlands, Gen Zanarchy, The Thuria Pact, Purdue, The Three Kings, Roman Empire, Ruby Fists, United Factions of Greater Lands, The Assembly of Sovereign Nations, Abu Dhabi, Bebermania, The Cormorant Pact, Japanese Black Metal Scene, The Reich, The Straw Hat Pirates, The Steakhouse in Nationstates, Da Couch Gang, Tashkent, Ros Empire, The Strategic and Economic Alliance, United States of Femdom, The Stargate Trek Wars universe, The Alliance of North American Nations, Quorarare, The Storm Hold, Top Hat Kingdom, Fae, Xenion Universe, Emeraldian League, Zenit, Fettarian Peoples Land, Euros 2020, Apia, Gay Equality, Galactic Hegemony, Cao Wei, Galactic Federation of Malma, Art, Union of Liberal Nations, Jair Tizu, G7 Alliance, The Communist Movement, Political Freedom world benchmark, Gaia, Bethlehem, Britannia Prima, Asgoldia, The State Of Hawaii, EPCOT Center 1981, Tasmanian Trailer Park, PROST, The Black Fleet, The Dogeland Alliance, Giovanniland, Indian Alliance, The West Pole, The Sol System, Independent Nations, Alyr, The Slave Guilds, Bee hive, Western Africa, United Christian Empires of the East, Azure Watester Federation, The Realm of Elysium, Telegram Pals, The SCP Foundation, The Shadows, Nudeia, The Sea Of Hate, Obrein, The Santa Cruz Mountains, The Rock World of Pop Punk and Friends, The Roleplay Entente, The Rocky Taiga, The Round, The Remnant of Alkmon, Realms of Caik, Maya, the Alliance Headquarters, Nouakchott, Crawling Ascendancy, Earth Industries and Affiliates, The Saamis, The Grand Republicss, The Imperial Alliance of ALA, Geographica, Georgetown, Terra Aetheria, Ghost Land Government Type Museum, Vientiane, General Government, The Region Of Cats, Jeinnhezslhaunia, The Region Of Gargery, The Realm of Liberty, THE RANDOM REGION 2 ELECTRIC BOOGALOO, The Rainbow Army, the region of georgia, Discordant Region of Rugby, The United Nations of KLASS, The International Airport, Magdala, United of Loush Lands, Imperium Aquilae, Hells Daycare, Blah, Gladius, PUA, Globle Industrial Union, Hungarian Meme Factory, Nastropia, Old Zealand, Oprales, Cheddar, The Finns, The Santa Clara Valley, Zohianian Sphere of Influence, Seaworthy Ukrainian Cardboard Boxes, The Papacy, CWCville, Card Gardens, Region of the United, Gen 13, Golden Antarctica, GOOD BOIs, Holy Terra World, Sandboxers, The Kesemistic Empire, The New Union, The Planetarium, The Salton Sea, Temporary Home, Conakry, The Meme Must Go On, Union of AntiBulgarian States, The Shogunate, The Other Left Sea, Westfalen Westphalia, The Paw, The Pacific Northwest, The Pacific Rim, United We Stand, The Wack Hawks, The Star Alliance Of Kava, Institute of Cellulose, Gonesh, Northern Sea Union, Kartokistan, Hendricksons, The Nuclear Wastes, Golf, The Phoenix Concordat, Worms, Norrland, The North Isles of Baylle, The European Realm, CheeseHead State, Marcapada, The North Province, Eastern Europe, The World of Atlantian Dominions, The Northern States of Scotland, The Westinorian Intergalactic Alliance, the North Ascad, World Concords, JJ McCullough Fan Club, Gamer Paradise, Novus Lucidum, Zemurian, Confederation of Military Juntas, Kaiserreich Welt, The New Scandinavian Union of Islands, The West Coast, Halifax, Alnobia, Slavers Bay, The Holy Roman Imperial Confederation, United Council of Nations, United Flaengaen, Grand Avalon, The Holy Beevian Empire, Ise, The Sovereign States of Green Island, The Dragon Pacific, Grand Duchy of Scandinavia, World Alliance of Deruuu, United Nations of Nudity at Anderson, Delaclava Overseas Provinces, Fodlan, The Far Far East, Journalist Excellence Worldwide, The Nations of the Matvidian Party, The New Nations of Ridgeview, The New European League, The Network, Greater Koaland, Commonwealth of Planets, Greater Necanica, The CHAT Union, Greater Nova York, The Warszawa Pact, Greater Qiqis, Aillada, The Mystical Alliance, The Hellcatian Universe, Oneid, The Ancient Vales, Palmyra Tudmur, The Music Box, The New Reich of Bunicken, The Conglomerate of Eastern Islands, The Mud Cookie Region, The Localist Alliance, Light Card Farmers, The Mountain Region, Poulet multicolore, Indonesia Raya, Pan Posadists, Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Green Weed Militia, Greek Islands, The National Federation Region, THE NEWS, Prairie, Earth United, Danope, Imperial Soaps and Towelettes, The Muppet Show, Yallith, United Nations and Planets, Green Hills, Middle Versian puppet Storage, Just relax, The Commonwealth of United Free Nations, Templar Order, Ace of Aces, Wishtonia, The Alterran Confederacy, The Moonlight Battle Born, matheo, Click Here, Vylixan Prime, Cerisil, Bradania, The MLB, Thlegh, Estorton, Furex, F7 Multiverse, Northover, Lower Gornal, SEC Fanatics, Skymoot International Dragonology Museum, Volcania, Gru, Greater Valkoria, PinkDowlg Empire, The Bone Wheel Syndicate, Finlandia, Guinea Kiribati, The Bokoen Federation, The academy, Anti Corruption Bloc, The Best Union, The Magic Pacific, The Mandalorian Sector, BLM, Vaporwave Paradise, The Nationstates Senate, Groovy, WhenItsDone, Erruwon, empty wasteland, Nation of Earth, The Anti Fascism Alliances, Rgnl Assembly of Intergalactic Nations, NOT A FAMILY FRIENDLY REGION, Not The North Pole, First World Order, The Croquet Fields of Damnation, Union of Normal Nations, anti J o J, Alameda Federation, Hapes Consortium, Hapralandia, Montanitys Nation Dump, WeKnow Card Farm, New Greater World, The Magician Hideout, Halcyon, Sarnor, The Bandia, Hallownest, Hallmark, The Low Wilderness, Polish Inquisitors, Hikayami, The Lost Brotherhood of the North Side, Freetown, Mapping Dynasty, Rantariztan, The Wooloo Pact, A Better Region, Ding Nations, Lorestead, Off Topic Internationale, United Nations of Atlantic, The Grande Rockies, Junkpile, Sinestra s Domain, The Greater Combine Empire, Language Learning Community, Free Las Pinas Card Farm, 1st Epitome United, Port Louis, The Long War, Existence, Hatari, The Independent Nations, Federation of Malay States, Haute Dannet, The Great United Sand Dunes of Pluto, The Garden Tool Shed of the Ferret God, Great Europe, Havana, Kingdom of Deheubarth, Card Farm Refuge, Maputo, Narrow Minded Society of Food, and Bluecrown Keep.

The embassy with South Pacific is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with The Realm of Elysium is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Construction of embassies with The Known World has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Libertas has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Treciene has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with The Greater Imperial Union has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Ebonhand has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Magical, Medium, Multi-Species, and Neutral.

Gypsy Lands contains 44 nations, the 381st most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Average in Gypsy Lands

World Census staff took time out to pay tribute to those most overlooked of nations: the determinedly average.

As a region, Gypsy Lands is ranked 13,395th in the world for Most Average.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Allied States of To be meInoffensive Centrist Democracy“What do you think!!!”
2.The Kingdom of FrootLoopsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Got Milk?”
3.The Federal Presidental Republic of The United-States of America-Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Make America Great Again”
4.The Nomadic Nation of GypsystanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“As Free As The Birds”
5.The Constitutional Monarchy of SawadilandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Religion,king,kingdom”
6.The Black Dober Leader of Kaya IrimiFather Knows Best State“If you stand atop others, learn to rely on them”
7.The Matriarchy of Gypsy LandsMother Knows Best State“Come dance with us.”
8.The Republic of SkailinInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Every political ideology has a voice”
9.The Heroics of Team HawkeyeDemocratic Socialists“I'm too frightened to be scared”
10.The Republic of Central California RepublicFather Knows Best State“Donít tread on the Bear”

Regional Poll • Truth or Dare or MASH?

The Comfy Armchair of Voxija wrote:MASH is the slumber party game, not the TV show.

Voting opened 2 days 19 hours ago and will close . Open to all nations. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “When was the last time you used marijuana?”

Regional Happenings


Gypsy Lands Regional Message Board

Gypsy Lands wrote:Not familiar with suckerfish. Will they contaminate the river or eat things they shouldn't?

Are you keeping your male betas separate?
I though loaches only ate algae.
Watch out for the shrimp. My nephew always kept his in a separate tank. They may eat your guppies' spawn.

It eats fish sh-t and algae but big one was just too aggressive.
Well this type of loach also eat snail, I saw it eat bladder snail long time ago but it didnt even try to eat ramshorn snail.
Also which shrimp species? i bought very small one, 3 cm long.

Not sure about the shrimp species. To me, shrimp is shrimp. Never owned a live one, have 2 pounds of jumbo ones in my freezer.

Gypsy Lands wrote:Not sure about the shrimp species. To me, shrimp is shrimp. Never owned a live one, have 2 pounds of jumbo ones in my freezer.

I had some prawns ones they were delicious but painful to make

Gypsy Lands wrote:I don't like Merlot. Nobody should ever drink Merlot. Pour the Merlot in the sink.
For lunch I'll bring a white Zinfandel.


I might be staying the night here, I might not. Regardless this is my last day. My current flight schedule has me leaving in about 4.5 hours, at 8 PM PST. I'll likely arrive in my destination around 630 AM PST the next day. My review on The Embassy's RMB is posted, and I would like to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed this trip.

Bon voyage,

Well, after a ten minute delay, my flight is about to take off. I've said it once, I'll say it again, bon voyage, and good luck to all of you. Farewell.

Atensi wrote:Well, after a ten minute delay, my flight is about to take off. I've said it once, I'll say it again, bon voyage, and good luck to all of you. Farewell.

You do realise your posting online right? You couldíve just said see you when I get there.

*Sigh* but if thatís what youíre doing then see you soon.

I have kept a copy of Atensi's lovely review of us. We are, I believe, somewhat of a unique region. And that is thanks to all of you who chose to live here.

I dont know if anyone has said this before, but I really like the regions flag :D

Gypsy Lands wrote:It's been rather.....talkative.

What were you doing in the Realms?

Being unused lol. I dont login to this nation that often.

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