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CISB : Community, Independence, Solidarity, Brotherhood

CISB was founded 1st October 2016 by Reti.

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CISB contains 35 nations, the 483rd most in the world.

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1.The United Provinces of MathornCivil Rights Lovefest“Imperare sibi maximum imperium est”
2.The Northern Balthorist Realms of NogodiaNew York Times Democracy“Shta Etran”
3.The Republic of CathennaLiberal Democratic Socialists“To lead is to serve”
4.The Imperial Japanese State of BreenInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Tennōheika Banzai!”
5.The Republic of MithlinLeft-Leaning College State“Audentes Fortuna Iuvat”
6.The People's Republic of Chesion IsleAnarchy“We Will Endure”
7.The Republic of LoustaniaCivil Rights Lovefest“La Liberté ou la Mort!”
8.The République Française of BirmanieDemocratic Socialists“Fier, patriote et souverain !”
9.The Union of Savashanists of The Socialist Republic of SaianInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Оан, Дефа, Онаро, Эгт, Шега Да Балани.”
10.The Greco-Turkic Confederation of KhinganInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Μετά τα Σύννεφα, ο Ήλιος”

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CISB Regional Message Board

[Министерство иностранных дел Сайан]
[Bộ Ngoại giao Saian[塞安外交部] Cарауа Жаув Шежа Cаян]
[Official Press Release, Foreign Ministress Office, Guangzhou, Hong Kong]

Once a formidable close ally to the Saianese people and chair member of the Union of Far East Asia Space Agency, now have turned to the evils of the imperialists west and against the people's values of Pan-East Asia.
Saian will not sit idly by as we watch our fellow comrades being butchered across Angola, and so Saian will follow suit in implementing economic sanctions on
The Imperial Japanese State of Breen. We call upon our allies of The Socialist Republic of Pamia, The Danubian Autonomous Soviets of Aner, and the workers of The Revolutionary Republic of Wanasnaswa, and Norcria to rally against the aggressive monarchs of the world, subjugating the proud, and once free workers of Angola.

Effective immediately, Breen will no longer be able to import Saianese gas minerals, agricultural products, and electrical machinery.
Furthermore, reserving our sovereign rights on our territorial waters, Breen flagged vessels will be barred from passing through the Strait of Malacca, South Saian Sea (that extends into USSR-controlled zones), and Taiwan Strait.


Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Comrade Ms. Zhuang Li Changying

[SECRET OPERATION -DEPORTATION OF COMMUNIST SYMPATHISERS TO THE IVORY COAST] Location Unknown (Somewhere in The Episcopal Governate of Michellaen Angola) :: 8:00am, 6th August 2022

A large line of people qeue towards several desks in the open air. Native gendarmerie of the newly formed Force Publique stand either side of the line about 4 meters back, their rifles down by their side and outwards in a guard position, dressed head to toe in their new, smart khaki uniforms, high boots and matching khaki breeches topped with Wolsely pith helmets. They have their bayonets fixed.

A dishelved man, no older than 32 with a look on his face years ahead of his time stands up to the desk, silently he passes his passport over to the DRSS man, it is stamped and a new red card is given. He is then herded on to a large freight boat with other unfortunates, surely never to return home.

"à côté!"

The line moves forward.

"I really must protest colonel, this command is inhumane and un-Christian. What of their wives and families?"

Some distance away from the orderly deportation, under a well air conditioned gazebo complete with drinks and cushioned chairs, stands the observers of the deportation and its commanders. Included in this crew of the priviliged are a couple of the newly appointed governors, the native bishops of Angola, the Kenpeitai attaché from Breen, as well as Angola's most influential native big businessmen such as Louis Dupont, head of Dupont Industries. A group of several FP Officers and CEMA officers enjoying liquers sit, recounting tales of the conflict, laughing occasionally.

Chief among these guests however is the newly appointed Archbishop-Governor, Henri-Auguste Lozé. He wears a white silk cassock (for it is extremely hot) without a shoulder cape with beautiful scarlet red piping with a fascia (type of scarf) in the same colour around his waist. A top his head he wears priests cap in the same scarlet red. The man is clearly very old, at least 72 with grey hairs and plenty of wrinkles. He wears an old pair of spectacles in lieu of new glasses simply because they "suit me just fine". He looks over the sight with disgust, fiddeling relentlessly with the cross around his neck.

"Your Eminence, I understand your reservations, but these swine must be dealt with immediatly and effectively. Until they are deported, they pose a national security risk, Christian or not."

"But what of the children, some of these people are good Catholics, and those that are not are potentially saved!"

"Listen, Your Eminence, these are my orders, they come from the top, you might be Governor here but these orders come from the boss. Now let me do my job and I won't interfere in yours. Anyhow, they can be "saved" in the Ivory Coast when they arrive there."

The long line of people continues forward, they are then herded on aggressively by FP men

"à côté!"

The old priest continues

"Listen colonel Amour and listen well, I am the governor here and I answer to the king alone, not to your "boss", I will hear no more of this "direct orders" rubbish, you answer to me alone."

The FP colonel, looks back at the governor for a minute, both men giving an intense glare, until the colonel breaks the intense silence.

"Understood, Your Eminence."

Suddenly, to the suprise of all, one of the unlucky multitude breaks ranks and runs towards the group of priviliged spectators. He runs so fast he kicks up dust.

"Father please! I am a good Catholic, I helped people when the reds came! Please don't let them take me, what of my wife, my kids, I beg of you!"

The priest looks on at the man running towards him

"Don't worry my son I-!"

A gunshot cracks through the air and the mans chest is pierced like a hot knife through butter as blood and tissue fly through the air as the man indignantly slumps over, the life draining from his eyes. Amongst this grim canvas, 2 native FP soldiers casually stroll over, one laughing to the other, muttering something in french like "nice shot". one of them, evidently a sergeant unbuttons his revolver from his leather holster and casually looks down at the dying man as if he was a piece of meat and delivers the coup de grâce without a second thought before returning to his post.

The priest is speechless, for he thought wrong when he considered his ministry one of redemption and not of revenge.

"I'm sorry you had to see that your Eminence, but the hatred of reds runs strong for those whose lives they have ruined, it is only justified that they now get their revenge, so we let them."

"à côté!"

The line moves forward.

/ [Joint Statement from the Revolutionary Council] /

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Economic Sanctions

The Revolutionary Republic of Wanasnaswa, the Alveran Social Republic, the Rio de Sintra Communal Republic, and Saragrossan People's Republic have agreed upon a solution for the Breen crimes in Angola; effective by the 7th of August, Economic Sanctions will be placed upon The Imperial Japanese State of Breen, which will affect the following:

Hematite Iron Ore, Crude Oil, Planes and Helicopter parts, Soybeans, Corn, Coffee, Cars, Ferroalloys, Industrial-electronic Components, Industrial Machinery, and Industrial relating to Heavy Equipment. (Minerals, Vehicle Parts, Agricultural Products, and Industrial Machinery)

These products will be barred from export from Wanasnaswa to Breen. The Workers of Wanasnaswa have no tolerance for Breen's aggressive actions and war crimes in Angolyah. The proud workers of Angolyah, who were first enslaved, and now prosecuted as inhuman, require no other action than swift and decisive action.

Conseil d'en haut :: Foreign Office

It is the express wish of the Michellaen government that world peace be maintained and thus whilst we do not condone criminal acts, we are of the belief that the removal of communist combatants is an illegal act when they unlawfully oppose a lawful force. That is why we shall remain trading partners with The Imperial Japanese State of Breen with all goods coming to and from every part of Michellaen territory including France, West Germany, Spain, Portugal, Northern Canada, Guyana, Ivory Coast, Gabon and Angola. No restrictions on trade will be made by Michellae.

Monsieur Paul Gabriel Direque, Comte de Mirabeau, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs

= Darmapalha Radio Broadcasting Service - Punjab =

A presenter sits in front of a large brightly colored map of the Indian Subcontinent. He rearranges his cards and after receiving a thumbs up from the crew starts on the bulletins. His voice is calm and collected.

“Good morning Punjab, as always, I am your host, Amar Kaur. It is 8:03 in Ludhiana, and the current temperature is 83 degrees. Today armed Gujarati forces massed along the border of Punjab, responding to the call for investigation into the assassination attempt on President Prianka Shi’s life. Although no formal declaration from either government has been made, communications appear to have stagnated between Punjab and Gujarat. President Shi has merely restated her position on the matter and encourages a full police investigation into what occured yesterday. Working with members of the Presidential Security service, the Punjabi Police have caught the suspected third member of the assassination team, a man by the name of Pravar Singh. It is unclear as to whether the military will seek to launch their own investigation into the matter, as doing so would ensure military authority over the suspects, Mr. Singh included, along with the two others found.

In other news, Punjabs’ neighbors to the south, the Delhi Governmental Region, has announced that it is open to talks concerning the authority of the old Darmapalhan Government.”

A cutscene shows a man, the Governor of Delhi in sherwani. He speaks with a gravelly tone, and holds himself regally.

“After the attacks on the citizens of Punjab, it is clear that there is only one force keen on ensuring the safety of civilians on the Indian Subcontinent. While it is true that Delhi has always possessed regional autonomy from the now extinct government in Mumbai, we will support any campaign that ensures the safety of innocents. Therefore, I would like to put it to you, citizens of Delhi, on the path ahead. It is clear to many of you that I am in favor of the recognition of the government of Darma - Punjab, our neighbors to the north as the true legal successor to Darmapalha. However, I would be remiss to say that my time in office is not unconnected to Darmapalha, my status as mayor dictated close contact with the Federal Government. So, I put it to you, the people of Delhi. Two days from now, in 12 districts of this country, we will put it to popular vote as to the nature of our relationship with Darma - Punjab. Whatever the outcome will be, I will support it, as the people will decide the fate of this country, and the subcontinent.”

End cutscene, back to Amar Kuar.

“In two days time, the people of Delhi will cast a vote, one that will change the regional landscape of Punjab. As dictated in the Delhian social contract, a measure of this importance requires a popular vote of 2/3s, along with the acknowledgement and consent of the Governor of Delhi to pass into effect. This will change the outcome of history, whatever the resolution is.

Our last bulletin is one of international politics. The Danubian Autonomous Soviets of Aner has offered Darma - Punjab a place of observer for “the advancement of global proletariat revolution” in Budapest. Whether or not Darma - Punjab will send a representative is still unknown. The situation is complicated by the interest shown from the People’s Republic of Gujarat, who have announced that they, as true Darmapalha, will send a representative. President Shi has declined to comment, although chief advisors are urging her to act decisively.

And now, onto the long range weather forecast. Over to you Tanvir…”

[The Vayonnese Withdrawal]
Vayonnese Expeditionary Force Field Headquarters - Somewhere in the vicinity of Bambagandu, Angola
5:00 AM, 7th August 2022

The hour is early in Angola, just the crack of dawn. It is a quiet morning, the silence only being interrupted by sporadic bursts of muffled gunfire in the distance. A converted Michellaen PVP engineering vehicle approaches the field headquarters of the VEF and slowly comes to a halt in front of its entrance. Two men step out of the cloud of dust left by the vehicle, both wearing national guard commissioned officer uniforms. As they approach the entrance of the unimpressive two-story building in the outskirts of Bambagandu, they can see the smoke rising from the ruins of what used to be a prospering city before they had come. At the entrance, they are approached by a VEF Corporal.

"Colonel Bloche, Captain Charvier. The rest are already inside. Second room on the right." the corporal uttered in a condescending tone, typical of interactions between the military and the national guard.

The two officers shrug him off with a nod and head inside. As they enter the dimly lit room, a thick cloud of cigar smoke escapes it. Around the table in the center of the room, a dozen or so officers are already engaged in heated chatter, not even noticing the two men enter.

"Attention please." A tall man utters as he stands up and puts out his cigar. All chatter abruptly comes to a stop as everyone turns their attention to division general Chevallier, the head of the VEF. "Now that everyone is here we can begin. I apologize for the inconvenient hour however time is not on our side today and due to the nature of some of the orders you are about to receive I considered it best to deliver them in person. We have received orders from Valeluncon. We are to fully withdraw from Angola before schedule." He pauses seemingly gathering his thoughts. "By the end of the month to be more exact"

A loud murmur engulfs the chamber. The two national guard officers look at one another, trading looks of disbelief as the murmur is cut short by the general resuming his speech.

"We are to completely withdraw all forces and be ready to be redeployed within 3 weeks. We have also been ordered to not leave any equipment behind and prepare our occupation zone for transfer to the Michellaen forces."

"Excuse me General" one of the VEF officers interjects, "This is 6 months earlier than previously agreed. Half of our equipment is broken down we barely have enough working vehicles to maintain the occupation properly let alone withdraw. Has Valeluncon mentioned a reason for this order?". A silence follows, everyone in the room visibly relieved that someone else said what had to be said.

The silence is cut short by Chevallier "No. But they made it clear that this deadline is not flexible. There have been rumors of native guerillas reforming with Saianese support. All of you have heard of the rumored fighting breaking out in Botswana. From what I understand the native resettlement program has been halted due to the amount of resistance met in certain areas of the country. Frankly, we are more needed back home than we are in this hellhole and I gave my word we would make the deadline so we will. Any equipment that we can't bring back is to be handed to the Michellaen forces or destroyed by the time we leave. I want troops to start moving back toward the border within 48 hours. We need to clear a route from the masses of refugees trying to get into Vayonne. The troops at the border have already started clearing out the herd"

"What about the camps?" one of the Bloche asks from the back of the room. "We still have over fifty thousand pow's and suspected civilians in our detainment camps and we haven't even begun processing them."

"This is why I needed you here in person. We have received orders to dispose of them." The general replied looking straight into his eyes.

"Dispose?" Bloch asked intensely staring at the general.

"Yes, dispose, evacuate, whatever. I believe everyone in this room understands what that means so I won't further explain myself. This is an order directly from the council so I don't think I have to explain its urgency." Chevallier uttered dismissively.

"Far be it for me to question council orders but we don't even know if half of the prisoners have anything to do with the terrorists. There are even some women and children in these camps, wouldn't it be easier to just release them? At least some of.."

"No." the general interrupts the colonel visibly getting annoyed by Bloch's questioning "The early withdrawal is enough of a diplomatic issue as it is. We have been informed by the Michellaens that they are already struggling to bring back order to this country and they have asked us to clean up before we leave." He says while directing everyone's attention to the two plain-clothed men in the back of the room. Bloch hadn't noticed them but instantly knew he was looking at two Michellaen DRSS agents. "Neither Valeluncon nor the Michellaens feel comfortable releasing fifty thousand something possible terrorists so we have to dispose of them. This task is to be carried out by the national guard who will be the last to leave Angola."

"What about the Saianese and Vesilkan prisoners?"

"All prisoners with Vesilkan State citizenship are to be handed to the DRSS. As for the Saianese, make sure they are the first ones to be evacuated."

The meeting carried on in relative order, planning the logistics of such an early withdrawal however one thing seemed clear to everyone. Whatever reason the council had for ordering this withdrawal it was serious. While up to that meeting most of the officers present had dismissed the rumors of Saianese-backed domestic terrorists as propaganda they now knew it was more than that and all of them remembered the last civil war too vividly to question any of the orders that would come from then on.

[Trouble at Home]
Independence Palace - Valenluçon, Vayonne
11:00 AM, 7th of August 2022

Maurice straightens his tie as he walks into the office. He is welcomed by a sight to behold, perhaps the five most powerful men in Vayonne, all around one office desk.

"News from Angola sir." he says while handing a piece of paper to the closest of the four, Martin Gallois, Director for National Defense.

"Thank you. Dismissed." comes a hasty reply from the man to Gallois' right, who Maurice could tell was Martin Delacroix, Director for Foreign Affairs.

Maurice swiftly exits the room as the four men resume their discussion.

"From Chevallier" Gallois informs the others. "As expected he's guaranteeing that everything will be carried out as requested. Withdrawal is beginning in two days." He continues while reading through the report.

"Good, I need his troops deployed in Botswana, the resettlement program is going south, we cannot continue it. The national guard units we have can barely shoot a rifle, we lose dozens every day to guerilla ambushes." replies Alexandre Vernier, Director for Internal Affairs.

"What's the progress on these supply networks? Your initial reports guaranteed that the support from The Socialist Republic of Saian was nothing more than a ploy to take our attention away from Angola. And now we have weapons magically being delivered to every rag-tag freedom fighter cell." President Arnault angrily addresses the fifth man in the room, the Director of the newly formed DGS (Direction Générale de la Sécurité), Francois Démoulin.

Démoulin takes a moment to think of an answer, knowing nothing there is nothing he could say to fix his previous misinterpretation of the situation. "We underestimated the willingness of our own people to oppose us. They're using actual Vayonnese citizens to get support to these terrorists. We're doing our best to root them out"
"I still believe we could easily wipe these so called freedom fighters if we just deployed the military instead of relying on the national guard" interjects Gallois.

The President, visibly tired by Gallois' insistence, gives him the same answer he's given him time and time before. "As we have already determined, deploying the military would look bad both internationally and domestically and we won't do it unless it's the last resort. The Council would never allow this to look like it could degenerate into anything worse, God only knows what the Saianese would do if they thought they had a chance to threaten us."

"Especially now with this potential Socialist organization, I don't want to think of what they could do if they coordinated their efforts to undermine our rule." continues Delacroix "I say wait for Chepallier's men to come fix this situation and pray to God we're not a topic of discussion at the Aner summit."

A long pause follows, all of the five letting the harsh reality of Delacroix's words sink in. Arnault then confidently addresses Démoulin "I want these traitors rooted out at any cost. I don't care if you have to shoot every man who's ever been in an union, we can't risk organized opposition cooperating with the damn communists. You have carte blanche to deal with this issue, don't disappoint me again. As for Botswana," The president switches his attention to Vernier "I want you to continue the resettlement in spite of human loss. The national guard has enough soldiers to spare, but we don't have time. If things get worse we need these natives as far as possible from our people and industry."

Both of the men silently nodded understanding their tasks and the severity of the consequences they would face if they were to fail.

- - - Prime Ministerial Speech in Parliament - Friday 5th August 2022 - - -

Context: For two years Mithlin had been recovering from the Great War of 2020. Under the stewardship of Prime Minister Adam Williams, a young but extremally popular and intelligent leader, the Mithlinian people had worked hard to repair their nation, to rebuild livelihoods and to help one another. Today, it had been announced that the Mithlinian economy had finally powered above pre-war levels. Unemployment was down, poverty was down and things were looking up. The government, which had invested billions into the economy, had recorded a surplus for the first time in over three decades. Yet the prospect of war in CISB loomed again.

Under the leadership of National Democratic Party, Mithlin had adopted an isolationist foreign policy, choosing to rebuild it's war torn nation and to leave other nation's to their own devices. Now, with tensions rising across CISB, this policy was being tested. Prime Minister Adam Williams, 22 years of age, and a former freedom fighter, began his statement, with the House of Commons packed to the brim with MPs.

"Thank you Mr. Speaker. We have had an intense and impassioned debate in this chamber tonight, given the clear and present threat to world peace. The gravity of the decision that rests upon the shoulders and the conscience of every single one of us, and the lives that we hold in our hands tonight. And whatever decision we reach, I hope we will treat one another with respect and with dignity."

"The question which confronts us in a very very complex geopolitical situation, is at its heart very simple. What should we do with others to confront threats to our citizens, our nation, other nations and to world peace, by the rapidly increasing tensions across the globe. Mr. Speaker, we in this nation have worked hard to repair and to re-build since the Great War. It has not been easy, but as we emerge from that dark period, we must look towards the future."

"And yet today, we stand again at an inflection point. As a globe we stand on the precipice of another global conflict of unimaginable scale. We have the opportunity to defeat division and conflict and build to a world of prosperity and purpose. I’ve long talked about the battle for the soul of Mithlin. Our nation is shaped by the constant battle between our better angels and our darkest impulses. It is time for our better angels to prevail. Tonight, the whole world is watching and waiting, with one spark enough to trigger a chain of events that would inevitably lead to a conflict of unimaginable scale."

"You see, I believe in the possibility of this country. We are always looking ahead. Ahead to an nation that’s freer and more just. Ahead to a economy that creates jobs with dignity and respect. Ahead to a society that never leaves anyone behind. Ahead to an Republic that never gives up, never gives in."

*The whole chamber is silent, apart from the Prime Minister speaking, everyone's eyes are fixed upon him.

"This is a great nation."

"And we are a good people."

"This is a great world."

"And we are a good people".

"The people of this world deserve to live in peace and prosperity, not mired in division and conflict. Mithlin will not change its policy of isolationism, and if war breaks out I hope that all nations respect this policy. But we must do all in our power to avert a conflict and to bring sides to the negotiation table. I urge all world leaders, who are currently out on a ledge, to climb down from that ledge, there is a place that exists at the negotiation table, just give peace a chance and time. We are prepared to facilitate negations of any kind in Marock, and we have extended this offer across the globe."

"The divisions of the world will not be resolved over night But we here in this nation know that the effects of war, and of conflict, take longer to resolve and to fix than a difference of opinion. This government therefore urges nations to enter into dialogue, and to pull back from the brink. Peace must be the profession of the world. War must become a policy of yesteryear."

The Socialist Republic of Saian wrote:====SAIAN MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS====
[Министерство иностранных дел Сайан]
[Bộ Ngoại giao Saian[塞安外交部] Cарауа Жаув Шежа Cаян]
[Official Press Release, Foreign Ministress Office, Guangzhou, Hong Kong]

Once a formidable close ally to the Saianese people and chair member of the Union of Far East Asia Space Agency, now have turned to the evils of the imperialists west and against the people's values of Pan-East Asia.
Saian will not sit idly by as we watch our fellow comrades being butchered across Angola, and so Saian will follow suit in implementing economic sanctions on
The Imperial Japanese State of Breen. We call upon our allies of The Socialist Republic of Pamia, The Danubian Autonomous Soviets of Aner, and the workers of The Revolutionary Republic of Wanasnaswa, and Norcria to rally against the aggressive monarchs of the world, subjugating the proud, and once free workers of Angola.

Effective immediately, Breen will no longer be able to import Saianese gas minerals, agricultural products, and electrical machinery.
Furthermore, reserving our sovereign rights on our territorial waters, Breen flagged vessels will be barred from passing through the Strait of Malacca, South Saian Sea (that extends into USSR-controlled zones), and Taiwan Strait.


Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Comrade Ms. Zhuang Li Changying

Joint Statement from the Grand Marshall and the Department of Homeland and State Security

The atrocities being committed in Angola will not be tolerated by the Socialist Republic. We have been handed a document by the Department of Commerce and Economic Growth to formally impose economic sanctions on Breen. As of August 7, 2022 at 11:59 PM, Breen will no longer be allowed to import Pamian goods such as Pamian petroleum, Sauzka automobiles, NKT cellphones and other gadgets, and Pamian trout fished directly from the Laptev Sea.

We have also reached out to the Marshall of Norcria to do the same. Their response will most likely be the same.

= Darmapalha Broadcasting Service - Punjab =
Instead of the regular brightly colored room and map of the Indian Subcontinent, Amar Kuar is standing in front of a large municipal building that has several layers of sandbags piled at doorways, window sills and balconies. There are soldiers stationed at several points behind him, each carrying a large assault rifle.

“Good morning Punjab! I am your host, Amar Kuar, reporting live from in front of the Ministry of Defense building on 2nd street. Unfortunately, my colleague was indisposed to cover this story on the ground, so I have left the desk and am here to meet with Defense Secretary Marcus Kim. The gravity of the political situation dictates secrecy, so I will hand it to my friend and colleague, Tanvir Khan to talk about the weather, while I go inside to meet the Secretary. Over to you Tanvir…”

A man in a very clean suit smiles at the camera. Behind him is an animated weather map overlooking India. Although the map covers all of the subcontinent, only the North and Eastern sides of India appear to be animated past a few frames. The effect of this is that half of the map is a glitchy eyesore.

“Thank you very much Amar! Good luck with your interview. Across the vast majority of India, expect high humidity and temperatures in the upper 80s. I apologize for the clarity of the western half of our infographic, with the current political situation, several longer range radar installations have been activated for military use. Expect cloudburst and possibly several centimeters of rain in the late afternoon, coming in from the southeast. Luckily for Punjab, most of the rain should be hitting Delhi, at around 16:30, and depleting its water over the border.

The Department of Defense has issued a warning to all citizens of Darma-Punjab: Stay indoors as much as possible. The possibility of air assault, such as the one that rocked Radhiana two days ago will most likely not occur as the impending rainstorm will ground aircraft in the afternoon, but with clear skies this morning and early evening, we cannot be too sure. Repeat: citizens are urged to stay inside as much as possible.

That was the morning weather report, and this is Tanvir Khan, passing you back to Amar Kuar, who will now be interviewing the Secretary of Defense, Marcus Kim. Over to you Amar.

Marcus Kim is an aging, powerful man. His past military experience is plain on his features, as he carries himself upright and even when sitting, keeps his back straight. He is on one side of a table, across from Amar Kuar in a windowless room with a notepad and pencil in front of each man.

- Thank you for your time, Mr. Secretary.

- Thank you for coming, Mr. Kuar. I hope that I can be enlightening when talking about the current situation, both militarily and politically.

- So, jumping into things: the investigation into the attempt on President Shi’s life has been taken over by the military, what happened? Why did the jurisdiction change from the Punjabi Police to the Military Intelligence branch?

- To put it simply, it was out of their scope. The amount of evidence that was collected by the Police, and the subsequent questioning of the assassins has led to the singular fact of the matter: this was a team, perhaps one of multiple, armed by the DPRG. The assassins themselves appear to lack military training and also coordinative ability. Based upon the efforts of the Punjabi Police, we can conclude that those that were caught were part of a larger paramilitary force sent to assassinate President Shi, and possibly other leaders such as Prime Minister Khan. We can only assume that this team is one that “jumped the gun” so to speak - they acted too early.

- Can we truly decisively connect this group to the DPRG? Could it have been one of the other rebellious states?

- I have already answered this, but we can conclude that it was the DPRG. The Democratic People's Republic of Gujarat has already been in the process of readying their forces on the southern border, and the rhetoric surrounding the nationality of Darmapalha has been steadily becoming more erratic and hostile. The mass assinations of multiple governmental and military leaders would be a decapitation of military structure that would lead to full scale invasion by our neighbors to the south. Open hostility from Gujarat was expected, however what wasn’t expected was the level of recklessness shown by choosing a civilian setting for such an operation.

- And the Madyhan airstrikes? What level of retaliation can Darma-Punjab truly show towards the Madyhans?

- That is classified. However, I can promise that Darma-Punjabi justice will come swift and strong, and will ONLY strike at military targets. That is all I can say on the matter.

- Thank you for that. On the military front, what can we expect from Delhi and their decision to vote on recognition of Darma-Punjab as the true Federal government?

- A lot. First of all, the courage shown by the people of Delhi at repulsing the Madyhan incursion into the southern quarter of that region is admirable. The limited air supremacy over their own airspace, however, is what led to the bombing of civilians in Radhiana. The nature of these agreements is very classified, however the transfer of excess arms and SPAA batteries to the Delhian military is an undergoing process, no matter what the votes decision is. The close ties between Darma - Punjab and Delhi are very important, both militarily and politically. Our eastern border is secured by another true Democratic Nation. That is a rarity in this world of Authoritarianism. Darma - Punjab would do well to keep Delhi close politically, and if Delhi decides to do the same, it would benefit Darmapalha as a whole.

- So you are pro the merging of governments?

- I am pro the democratic process. I think that in these times of strife and uncertainty, we must keep our diplomatic friends as close as possible, and we have no better friend right now than Delhi. The exacerbating situation of the Delhian border with Madyha puts a constant pressure on…

Interrupted mid sentence, Marcus Kim’s phone rings incessantly as heavy and frantic knocking and shouting at the door is heard. “Sir, Sir! War! Gujarat has declared war on us!” Marcus Kim freezes and a split second after, turns off his phone alarm. He looks back up at Amar Kuar.

I believe that this interview is over. While I am on live television I urge residents to stay indoors, conserve electricity and water, and most importantly, don’t panic. Thank you for your time, Mr. Kuar.

He extends his hand to Amar Kuar, who doesn’t move, and then remembers his journalistic mannerisms.

Yes, thank you for your time as well…

Secretary Kim leaves the frame and the camera shuts off.

Joint Statement from the Offices of Grand Admiral Inokuchi and Field Marshal Yamori

    We reject in the strongest possible language the notion of war crimes being committed by the Empire in Angola. While certain amounts of violence can certainly be expected in wartime the idea that we have somehow crossed an ethical or legal line is patently absurd. Nonetheless, various nations have chosen in their arrogant pomposity to levy sanctions against our great nation (The Socialist Republic of Saian, Pamia, Wanasnaswa, and Greater Newmerican States). As a result all nations that have or will issue sanctions against our great and glorious Empire will be cut off from our exports including but not limited to semiconductors, electrical parts, and automobiles.

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