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~Guinea Kiribati~Guinea Kiribati~Guinea Kiribati~

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Going strong since 8th June 2020

Welcome to Guinea Kiribati We look forward to creating new ideas and concepts for the betterment of the network and also for a new and long working association


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Future, the Order of the Silver Compass, Tartaros, Fennoscandia, HoH SiS, Moneylania, The Nudist Dreamland, Altmora, Asia Proper, The Commonwealth of South Hydo Islands, Nova Universo, Montara, Novo Brasil, Schuylkill Valley, Estorica, Droughts, The City, Romanus, The Apocalypse, Dauiland, Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Great Lakes Alliance, Northeast Pacific, Jewish Autonomous Region of Crimea, Mobian Archipelago, Irken Empire, Pluviostan, New Pangea, United Imperial Union, US Zip Codes, The Glorious Nation of Arstotzka, Mavalrus, Gentu, Wanderlust, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, Punctuation Pax, The National Geographic Society, Kaliningrad Reborn, The United Empires of Carson, The Fatski Regions, United Regions, Rhodesians, ClicXYZ, Hapes Consortium, Babylon 5, Salt Lake, The Region of Lost Pizza, The Walking Land, Autarky Alliance, Federation of Free States, Ulthos, Cactus union, Osakaland, United Nations of Calebia, Bleem, Naciones Unidas Espanolas 2, Angels of Derp, GO AWAY, North West Siberia, Lands of Zephathah, The United Caribbean Island Alliance, Minskiev Puppet Storage, Sovereign Corporate League, United Factions of Greater Lands, DGO, United Nations of the Waste, The Alterran Republic, The Arch Imperium of Mystiina, Rigel Commune, The LCRUA, Entity of Violation of International Law, Nesapo, Sino, Nationalist Movement, The Moderate Alliance, Central Tokai Union, Loungershire, Interregional Defence Pact headquarters, Heliste, Associated Powers Bloc, The Almighty Allirian Empire, Philippines polomolok treatise, The Satellite of Love, Antarctica Compute Cluster, League of States, Famicon, Soda Pop, Guinea Bissau, Union of Liberal Socialists, United Otter Emirates, The Supreme Federation of New Earth, Eos, Holorania, Lorussia, Nebraska Reganto I, Campimonlands, The Artic empire, Dixie, Hellhole, Warlords United as One, Androids, Cendana Islands, Encanto, That One Place, Arbiter, Fifth Wall, Littos Coast and Maritime Possessions, Yecyma, Princess Island, The Zanctuary, The United Friendship Legion, The Sylvanian Pacific, New EHM maybe again, Kantai Collection, Seven To Many, The South West Atlantic, The Boio Alliance, Region Against Conch Kingdom, Providemist Pacific, Alleron Manchester, Vons, New Belexy, Allied States of United IWS, The Star Wars Expanded Universe, The Cretanja Queendom, United Sabluistat Fediration, Elden Ring, Evergreen Conifer, United Democratic Federation, Obama and Ringo Starr, Pristina, Kingdom of Ramility, Republic poses SixtyNine, Khuzifenq Expanded, Neon Genesis Evangelion, andromeda initiative, Forgotten Kings, Item 38690, Fleetovian Admistrative District, the Ummah, ULUGAGUANADA, URSAL, United States of Euphemia li Brittania, The Farm, Mainland, Vanaheimr, Chaer Dokan, The Siren Snarkipelago, Compton City Assembly, Fredda Internationale Community, Dog Lake, Tuscagora, Disunited States, Cote dIvoire, Turkiye, Just a Region, San Diego Tijuana, Yo Mama, Solidarity With The Raided, The Kingdom of Arendavia, OFO, FOOD DAWG GANG, The Great Storm, The Boiz, Collinica, Eggtopia, The Brotherhood of Iron, Greater Catopia, British Commonwealth of nati0ns, Blackhelm, Assassini, United Moon Pact, Femboy Federation, Discornesia, Memento Mori, Fulor, Greater Miami Shores 3, North Polia, Nations of Azurea, The Azlaaki Confederation, Fenris, Georgist Alliance, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Arclantic Puppet Storage, Praistein 2, North Pole of Mars, Persona Non Grata, Eastern European Union, The Furry Bar, The Commonwealth of Militant Realms, Gravity Falls, Cows And Fun, Royale, Puppet states of Providemist Pacific, Gay Christians, United Nations of Atlantia, Union Of The United Horkish States, The Napoleonic Patriotic and Conservativ, The democratically elected peoples repub, United Nations of Everyone, Cyleto, Iflearion, 2nd Foolian Empire but better, Sleep Above All, Rick Astely Empire, Montreal, Galactic Community, The Koprulu Sector, Central Asian Union, Dominos, New Foodia, KAISERREICH, The Phantom Thieves, Denicia, Hedonophobica, The Peoples Liberation Army, The Communist States, UCO, Black History, Chi Upsilon, The Empire of Platos Toarton, Little Pauperville, Tamil Boys, Someguy Regionland, Empire of Carte, Prague, EmbassyRegionia, Nue America, Runcina ex Praegrandis Entia, Bonger Groggian Confederacy, Furballland, The Germanic isles, Waifu Kingdom, Ted, The lands of the frees, The Community, bruh, Latino America, The Allied Northern Archipeligo, Cat Utopia, Rary, Vnukingdom, The Maisten Territories, United Socialist Bailaian Republics, Monveria, Orifnan International, Las Vegas And Spring Valley, Melosian Empire, Holy Imperial States, The Divided Nations of Northern America, Tropea, The Free Coalition II, The Southwestern Atlantic, Tsundere, Pennsylvania, James Webb Space Telescope, The Independent Newspaper, The putnan empire of nations, Lmanburg, The Mathornian Commonwealth, New Alvarez Union, Equinesapia, The Sunlands of America, The BoS, Glory Universalis, The Federation of Harditian States, The Mafia Underworld, Greater Triland, Wenlobo, Old World Alliance, Urumqi, Atlanticanan Fantasy Roleplay, Indian Region, Berlin, Holy Federation Of Earth, Checkers, The Mighty Horseland, nya Skandinavien, North West America, Saint Johns, B12 Building, The united conservative nations, Center of the Galaxy, Logang, Embassy Collectors Alliance, Wallkill, IGLESIA NI CRISTO, Alternative Geopolitics, The Great Melonian States, West European Schools, Greater Wolverhampton, The Outer Realms Of Aiuzuklthilbh, The Kaiserlicheherrschaft of Keramana, Dorwichia, Basaintco, Southern Arctic Circle, C hristmas, My Safe Haven, Romanian Defense Council, The Eighth Closet, Panasian Confederation, My Trebuchet, The New Social Movement, Russian Africa, Union Arthericano, MineKhan International Treaty Alliance, Union of Regions, Poschomenia, East Iceland, Democratic Mitteleuropa, ODISSEAN FEDERATIVE UNION, Waifu Imperium, League of Monarchists, Ergos, Myreg, Union of the Great King, Donut, Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice, The Floating Continents of Maira Dolaiea, Townhouse, Pax Ordexxj, United Liberal Nations, Apocalypso Nuclear, Karanlik Yollar, The Commonwealth of Authoritarians, Kookaria, gaming union, OMP, Russian plain, Kidanian Sovereignty Zone, The Jinxlandian Commonwealth, Sirius3108, Alesia, Kronk, STREAMGATE France, Miraculous Ladybug, The Formidable force of the West End, Core Quadrant, Glaarks Union of Glaarkian NationStates, Oikoumene, Soton, Essenora, Kathedrale des Heiligen Thomas von Aquin, Breakfast at Milliways, The Monarchist Society, The Order Of Sithis, The Greater Global Co Prosperty Sphere, Subcontinent, Seltanakorvasia, Federation of Liberty and Justice, Free Hong Kong, Rostil, Yalgac Ahane, Fatima, United States of European North America, Spaghet, The Rocky Taiga, New Vincencia, Taiwan Province, Eternal Nation, A region for Oceans, Jambudweep, Self Aligned Group, SWEDEN SVERIGE, Douglas, Republic of Pirates, Trade Federation, nothing here, Nuku Alofa, Gibraltar and Allies, EmbassyRegi0nia, Cafe, The Horizon Accord, Lands of Ceria, Greatest of Ganjas, The Delta Quadrant, Northern Mariana Islands, Unified Countries Democratic Assembly, Penguin Mafia, Holy Elysium, Irkochavim, New Fantasy World, Sect Of The Anarchist, Happyfax, South East Asian, Kowloon Bay Shipping Ports, Seahaven Island, Apple Core, The Great Aliance Of Friends, QN Stocks, Hsiao Han, Sakartvelo, Black Dragons, Purgatory, Laos, Liechtenstein, Nineteen Eighty Four, TRASH ISLAND, Siberia, League of Unitary Nations, Colchis, Algeria, Freedom country, Region of Extremely Depolarized Nations, Xinjiang, Okanagan, Lesotho, Botswana, Newlandia, Comoros, Arizona, South China Sea, Victoria, Brunei Darussalam, Newfoundland and Labrador, Two Letter, Calgary, Lilongwe, Crimea, Roseau, Mongolia, Anti Raider Union, The Free Front, The Non Aligned Movement, PollRegionia, Grand Chaos Treaty Organization, Intergalactic Peace Initiative, Orthodox Slavia, Twenteland, Holy Continent of Non Religious Nations, NASCAR, Benevolent dictatorship, The Templar Order, Cardisdia, Steel Valleys, National Miadarossi, Plie, Slytherin Fandom, Sierra Leone, Confederated Peoples Nations, Saka, Transcaspia, Anti Glasses Gang, Aerospace, Pacific Kingdoms, Association of Southeast Asia Hidden4, The Greatest Colonies, Greater Mindoor, literally just japan, southern slovenia, Southeast Asia SEA, Manscaped ad, Anarcho Capitalist Union, Saltea, First Epitome United, Egg Basket, Caeruleum, Los Santos, Almann is geil, Saint Luna Islands, The Court Of The Crimson King, The British Commonwealth of Nations, south east asia, Grand Union of European Socialist States, Hypichia, Ricktopia, Nations Alliance of Thoughts and Orgasms, Union of Democratic Socialist Republics, United Socialist Union, The Pangaean Union, Government of the Antarctic Empire, Tracke, The Ondoles Empire, Aksharitana, The Liberate Cooperation, Protectorates of Aureum Paradisum, Disunited Kitty Realms, Greater Gondolia, zlatan, Citadel Animos, The Garden of Eden, The Middle of Nowhere aka Mars, Armonia, Magna Basileia, Kamigata, Federacion de la gran colombia, Australia, Psychodelic Wonderland, Grand Imperial Alliance, The Great Outdoors, Sierra, Hulls Alt, Non Aligned Alliance, Belugian Union, Pub, The Great Land of United Emperors, Dominion of Cerberus, New Westphalia, United Mints, Peace Love Bread and Bunkers, Praia, Mauritius, CSTO, The Lands of Darryl, The Tethys, scientific countries of antarctica, Ultimate Sigma Region, The CBU, The Crusader Leagues, The Mistakes II, MAMHK, Union Global, Bhaal Sahckia, Kingdom Of England And Wales, Greater France, The Rethune Empire, Tingschtate, Calexico and Mexicali, Empire of Empires, Irthlands, The Forgotten Wilderness, Mexico City, Union Of Loth Lorien, Saul Goodman, Federation of Ukhan Republics, The Flowing Kingdom, The Great Britain, The Northean Lake, The Holy Church of Roads, The Archadien Empire, The Chiss Ascendancy, 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Guinea Kiribati contains 14 nations, the 1,167th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Publishing Industry in Guinea Kiribati

The World Census tallied social media complaints from students regarding overpriced textbooks to determine which nations have the largest book publishing industries.

As a region, Guinea Kiribati is ranked 8,614th in the world for Largest Publishing Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Loving Couple of OneTrue-PairingConservative Democracy“Lumity”
2.The Queendom of The Baba NationInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Baba Nation is Baba Friendliness”
3.The Kingdom of Thes KiricFather Knows Best State“Lighting the way”
4.The Allied States of Guinea KiribatiInoffensive Centrist Democracy“God, Homeland, Liberty”
5.The Bark of EndeavourInoffensive Centrist Democracy“HM Bark Endeavour”
6.The Republic of SawbuckAnarchy“Ten”
7.The Republic of Sming LaosAnarchy“Sming”
8.The United Kingdom of AlpinelandiaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Terra inter Montes”
9.The Nutbush of City LimitsAnarchy“On highway number nineteen”
10.The Community of Freakishly tall men on SkateboardsAnarchy“Flying Skateboards Rock and Roll”

Regional Happenings


Guinea Kiribati Regional Message Board

Hello, dearies.

Greetings, fellow members of Guinea Kiribati. I come here from Anarchic Lands, a new anarchy region I've founded.

Grandma Edna wrote:Hello, dearies.

I suppress any post I want on my region, dearies.

Meanwhile, as per the rules of my region, I don't suppress any posts on my region. Additionally, while I do eject some people from my region, I don't ban them. The only exceptions to that rule are people violating NationStates rules (a.k.a rules that can get you banned by a moderator)

I'm planning on adding a password to my region mostly because we are a very secretive region.

Do you think that the death of Harambe changed the world for the better or the worse?
Vote here!

Hello from the Red Union.

Hello! I hope you are all well, and don't mind me dropping off a Modern issue of Wild Life.

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