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The Fallout Wasteland
Est. July, 26 2015

"War... War never changes."
In the year 2077, a nuclear war plunged America into a fiery holocaust, only to set another bloody chapter in human history. The year is 2291, and there’s always a new story in the wastes.

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The Fallout Wasteland contains 52 nations, the 406th most in the world.

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As a region, The Fallout Wasteland is ranked 5,958th in the world for Highest Wealthy Incomes.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Irradiated Wasteland of Xenophobic NeedlesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I empty my explode like a blood sausage!”
2.The Sovereign Corporation of Ivan IndustriesNew York Times Democracy“Power is Profit”
3.The Institute of Iok-SototLibertarian Police State“Mastery Through Knowledge”
4.The Dictatorship of The samuels dominionsFather Knows Best State“We can, we will, we did!”
5.The New Alban Confederacy of Grand EnclaveNew York Times Democracy“Nemo me impune lacessit”
6.The Caesar's Legion of The Rising SolarisFather Knows Best State“Aeternit imperi”
7.The Free Land of Free Economic zone of VegasCompulsory Consumerist State“What happens here, only happens here”
8.The Dominion of The Gangs of ChicagoCorporate Bordello“You ain't got the caps or cash, scram!”
9.The Shi Empire of Americas Enclave RemnantsCorporate Police State“God Bless the Enclave! God Bless America!”
10.The Most Serene Republic of Baton Rouge UnionCapitalist Paradise“You Can't Stop Progress”

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Sent To Sweep (Part of the Handcuff Campaign)
Expansion 5 of 5

The last thing Lop Bop needed was a hole in his frontline. There had been a long-ignored patch of land which stood in between him and control of the northern part of the state. With the strategic center in the hands of Revolutionary Middleland, the ideological cadres that ran the state and its military affairs decided that it would now be wise to loop back north and get rid of that bubble of hot air that was the Texan identity. The fighting had been the fiercest it had ever been, and it seemed that this strong culture was to blame. Well, Middle would crush that culture, no matter how many blows it would take trying to do so. Lop Bop would personally see to it that Middle would take these remnants- and sweep them away. Sent to sweep, lost to the irradiated winds of time.

This lone bubble was caught between Middle and the Texas Republic. It was encircled, but not encircled long enough to be starved out. However, the feeling of hopelessness among the majority rural population would prevail. Middle would take advantage of that despair and use it for its own gain. Revolutionary Middleland must prevail. It will always prevail, no matter the cost. It is inevitable, simple yet brutal. To accomplish this gain, the ideologues attempted to imitate what they did in Dimmitt, a small number of highly motorized units would be responsible for the capture of the control centers, and auxiliaries would deal with the rest. It was a relatively insignificant part of land anyways. Lop Bop would consult that heavily marked up map of the plains and look on with a smug expression of ironic satisfaction- it was almost a meta knowledge that the future for the free was grim.

Supported by 300 infantry, 600 mobile units were arranged from technical to ad hoc APC, two thirds in a vehicle and one third on a horse. They would be supported by the same seven planes from the Dallas AFB, repaired and replenished since the last battle they had engaged in. This would have to be done in under a day, to preserve the fast-acting nature of the campaign that had already dragged on long enough due to the stubbornness of the San Antonio Region fighters.

The first battle would be southbound from the Oklahoma border, on the twin cities of Nocona and Nocona Hills. Combined infantry and cavalry would quickly overwhelm the frontline city and establish a base pad to continue their fast-acting blitz. In Forestburg and Sunset, wheels would tear through the autumnal plains with the rattling of machineguns softening defenses and the infantry swooping in to consolidate power in the hamlets. Early on, there would be no mercy as backlines of cavalry escorted civilians north into revolutionary occupied territories for them to begin their re-education in the lifestyle that Middle declared as right.

The Po-2 planes would begin pre-emptive bombing of the city of Decatur, but without any proper recon, they merely bombed out things which looked valuable from above, and albeit while defenses were softened by the blasts and subsequent machinegun fire from the pullup, it would be in a similar state to what it was before. Because of the mechanization, there was no time to begin a mortar shelling. The brunt of Middle's attacking force would converge on this point, maintaining cohesion and discipline. The defenders tried their best to shoot through the windshields to disable drivers, but because not a single technical was without a rear gunner, it would be in vain. The armored vehicles lead the charge, and cavalry kept pressure on the flanks.

By nightfall, the city belonged to Middle.

After recovering a fair amount of blueprints and a heavily damaged medium factory for repair, Middle would have a net gain of 1900 people even.

Gravelton wrote:The Director shrugged and said, "It is best to mix them in with the more standardly recruited and put them through basic training. For those more akin to diamonds in the rough, the academy is always eager for willing students to teach."

The President cut it short: "We've never found someone outstanding enough in our Auxiliaries to immediately send him to officer training, maybe someday things will change.
But let's not lose our focus here: do you agree with what I said about the army joint exercises?"

FreeAmericanStates wrote:Before Secretary Pickett even arrived close to City of Greenville, of the Commonwealth of Alabama being out by a rough 15ish miles Secretary Pickett was by being held at gunpoint by Border Guards of the New American Republic stating "You are to put your hands up and put them behind your head and cooperate fully or to be assumed to be a slaver."

Poor Secretary and his couple of guards had little chance but to comply and raise their hands: "I am not a slaver, I am serving as a diplomatic emissary from the holders of the lands to the north. If you need to search us or else, we won't have problems to cooperate."

FreeAmericanStates wrote:The New American Republic began making preparations for such a meeting including spending caps for proper rooms to be provided for the Director and entourage for the meeting also that Jacksonville will be provided extra protection then its already high protection and have double the level of sniper teams on guard ready to take out any would be assassinations or any of the like by those whom might misinterpret this foreign leader to that of the foreign leader of the rumored slave state to the north of the Republic as well as to ensure that an equal amount of protection is provided to both leaders as a matter of respect.

The Director and the Emissariat/Securitate Section rode upon horses and made their way south with good time due to the road network of the UPD. When they finally crossed the border in Georgia, they began to consult maps for the fastest way south if there were no guides to help them along in their journey.

New-Confederate States wrote:The President cut it short: "We've never found someone outstanding enough in our Auxiliaries to immediately send him to officer training, maybe someday things will change.
But let's not lose our focus here: do you agree with what I said about the army joint exercises?"

The Director drummed his fingers on the table, idly sipping his tea before sitting it aside and stating, "Ah very well."

Gravelton wrote:The Director drummed his fingers on the table, idly sipping his tea before sitting it aside and stating, "Ah very well."

The President appeared glad: "Good. We'll wait for you to inform us about when your soldiers are ready. And, as I said, if all goes well we can see how to increase our cooperation."

New-Confederate States wrote:The President appeared glad: "Good. We'll wait for you to inform us about when your soldiers are ready. And, as I said, if all goes well we can see how to increase our cooperation."

The Director hummed momentarily before asking, "And the end goal of that cooperation is...?"

Expansion 45/Operation Baptism

While Commissar Whitmore and the Third Unit bargained with the Council of the League of Athens and Commissar Xiphos and his Second Unit plunged into a nightmare of their own making in the ruins of Atlanta, Commissar Giermun Gableson and the Fourth Unit marched westerly into the last northern province of Georgia, Dalton. Vanguard elements soon ascertained that the province was not controlled by either local settlements or raider gangs, but a bizarre and twisted cult that purportedly practiced human sacrifice and regularly demanded tribute in the form of supplies and young women, preferably virgins. Astonished and horrified, the Commissar ordered the Emissariat attachment to quickly move to secure the aid of the local settlements so that the cult could be eradicated within as short a period of time as possible. Unsurprisingly, the local settlements all but begged the Emissaries to aid them in their plight against the depraved marauders and the Commissar sought to fulfill the promises made to the settlers. Before this promise could be fulfilled, however, the Protectors had to find the cultists, a difficult task, and worse was the fact that the settlers themselves had no idea as the cultists came to them rather than trusting them to deliver their tribute. Inhibiting this search however was the discovery of cult sleeper agents within the local settlements and their relaying to their fellows the arrival of the Protectors and their bargain with the settlements. The benefit of this was that there was no longer any need to look for the cultists, since they were launching a full-on assault across the entire province on every single settlement.

Dalton, Georgia

It should be noted that much of the cult's prowess in subduing the local settlements and pressing them into subservience was due to their intimidating actions and ruthless reprisals against those that acted against them. Against local settlers whose biggest problem up until then was the occasional raider gang, the lack of resistance was to be expected and it had bred into the cultists a sense of undeserved superiority. Against the trained and experienced soldiers of the Fourth Unit, whose prior experience with raiders possessing above-average cruelty had rendered them resistant to such fear tactics, the cultists found themselves facing lions where before they had bullied kittens. To their credit, the cultists were no slouches in fighting, being part of a society based around human sacrifice and other such bloody conduct, yet they were for the most part warriors and not soldiers. Their organization was haphazard at best, their equipment was not standardized and for the most part cobbled together garbage and their mentality did not allow for otherwise logical and reasonable battlefield conduct. Their solution to being repulsed from a settlement was to try again, with more screaming and howling, and to a man possessed little in the way of actual tactics beyond frontal charges.

Continuous attacks had bled the cultists white and enough of their number were captured for Securitate assets to acquire information from them regarding the location of bases, armories and chem labs. With their prior strength diminished, Commissar Gableson ordered a general attack on the cult's installations and for the Fourth Unit to take absolutely no prisoners save for interrogation. Cultist leaders and lieutenants, identifiable thanks to prisoner info, were targeted in mass by Protector marksmen, vanguard elements swept through swathes of the cult's territory to burn and raze as much of their identified infrastructure as possible and center Detachments were employed to besiege and level the most fortified of their strongholds. It became general habit to find and locate the cult's altars and shrines for demolition and bit by bit, the cult began to fracture and dissipate like the nightmare they were. The last of their bases, where the remainder of their leadership had fled to, was personally stormed by Commissar Gableson wherein he dueled the cult's highest remaining leader and his personal guard handled the rest of the cult's warriors. Hours later, the cultists were left hanging from the walls of their final refuge and Commissar Gableson proclaimed the pacification of the province.

[Losses: 219 Protectors]
[Gains: 1,219 Pop]

Militaristic Pursuits

Harrison knew that the Trade Union's military would have to improve if they were expected to protect the new territory that was now under the Trade Union's flag, so Harrison decided to reorganize the army to better increase its efficiency when answering the call of duty. The Council were quick to agree with Harrison's proposal, not that he needed their acceptances but it would help in the long run, and General Shepherd was immediately called in from Williamsburg to discuss the army's reformation personally considering he was unofficially in charge of the Trade Union's militaristic branch.

It took the old General a few days to make it back to Ashton, but when he did he was met with cheers from the townsfolk who believed he was the reason the Trade Union is what it is now, some attributing him for the expansion efforts more than Harrison. Shepherd didn't particularly enjoy all the attention but he can certainly appreciate it, at least his tireless work is finally being appreciated by people other than those Council stiffs. He was immediately escorted inside and brought to the Council Meeting Hall, all of the Councilmen sitting on the sides as Harrison sits at the head with his hands folded in front of him. After a moment Shepherd quietly took his seat next to Harrison, waiting for the esteemed President to speak.

"Ladies and gentlemen-" The President began, taking a moment to scan the various faces of the Council members, "It has come to my attention that our current military system isn't going to work as needed, we have expanded too fast and sadly our army was left behind. That's why I am reforming our military-" He pauses as the room is filled with worried mutterings by the Councilmen, "Shepherd shall retain his rank of General but I shall be introducing new ranks, not unlike old world America, to better reduce the strain that Shepherd must be feeling-" Shepherd let out a grunt, so that must be one of the reasons he's doing this. He must feel threatened by Shepherd, considering the people are considering him responsible for annexing the Trade Union's new territories. Before Shepherd could continue his thought Harrison continued, "I will be enacting these reformations immediately… If any have objections then speak up now-" He asked, eyeing Shepherd for a moment before looking forward once again. At the end of the meeting no one spoke up, which meant it was finally time to move forward...

Gravelton wrote:The Director hummed momentarily before asking, "And the end goal of that cooperation is...?"

President Lee waited a second, and then answered: "Well, there are many ways to tighten our relation, incentivize trade, doing joint research, exchanging intel, proper integration of our road networks on the border, making this military exercises regular, and many other useful things for both. Even have a properly defensive pact if we see it fitting our needs."

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