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Miri Islands wrote:They practically were mafias in the 70s
Yes, workers need a way to challenge the management and a union is a great way to do that. If a place can simply fire and hire a whole new set of workers then it simply isn't worth unionizing over. If workers feel their pay and working conditions are satisfactory and feel a union doesn't represent them then they should have the right not to pay dues. These days most unions are akin to the guilds of the feudal era

Guilds didnít act as labor unions, but cartels. The comparison is bad. It wasnít a union of workers, but the major businessmen using their power to coordinate, eliminate competition, and force all or most business to be done through them. Guilds didnít negotiate with the employer on behalf of the worker, they were the employers, who would use their monopoly to sell the labor at relatively high prices. Government regulation and a desire to keep their privileged position did lead to good products (for a time, and in the sense that you knew what you were paying for due to the standardized practices within the guild and due to its ability to acquire better material). However, the training programs of the guild promoted tradition instead of innovation, which meant that while you got a good product, it was not necessarily modern and orders would not be fulfilled within what could be done with more modern techniques. Guilds, which early on were more unspecialized and and all-encompassing, but split when things became more specialized. This usually caused competition between trades (which is bad for the economy and anti-innovative) rather than promote competition within (obviously). I remember reading recently about the Compagnonnage (Companions), a collection of French confraternities associated with particular trades that have survived into the modern age (they share many similarities with the Freemasons, including ritual and symbolism, but never divorced themselves of their trades and never became international). There are three major Compagnonnage associations and they were, at least at one time, bitter rivals and would fight each other with canes (a major identifying part of their regalia). There was also rivalry within these associations between trades.

Some trades were excluded, such as bakers, and when they tried to from their own Compagnonnage groups they were often met with harassment or violence. An example: In Toulouse, 1839, 200 bakers were attacked during a procession to church for St. Honoratusí Day (the patron saint of Bakers) by the Locksmiths, Blacksmiths, Joiners, Stonecutters, Tanners, and Carpenters for their use of the Companionsí symbols and emblems. 1 worker died and many were apparently seriously wounded, the police and a few dozen military had to intervene, arresting 28.

Guilds are not very comparable to modern groups such as labor unions.

I deliberately chose jobs in Hs and college that were non unionized

Suzi Island wrote:I deliberately chose jobs in Hs and college that were non unionized

Thatís pretty edgy bro

Highway Eighty-Eight wrote:Unions are an absolutely necessary aspect in any libertarian economy.

Glad that we agree

Skaveria wrote:I honestly didn't know Venom was still active.

Also happy May Day, just a friendly reminder that organized labor isn't inherently anti-Capitalist, at least... until they start knee-capping scabs and bombing their own protests so they can blame it on their employers.

The advent of Liberty with free and open markets was the death knell for the ancient guilds with their close alliance with state oligarchs for monopolized markets by hiding sources, methods and the free flow of information. The constitutional guarantee of freedom of association was still a hard win for craftsmen and professionals for whom old habits die hard. Anglosphere Unions originally focused on destroying the statecraft of guild restrictions in practice, evinced education (the free flow of information), focused on safety and efficiency by training and instruction, and provided a safety net for unforeseen contingencies without (at least in the US) undue interference from the state and no cost to taxpayer. What wasn't to love about them?

It is the powermad oligarchs of the proletariat whose incoherent Leftist/Regressivist illiberal unthink that have turned Unions and Free Associations from something to be admired into shells of their former selves, full of the graft, corruption, and privilege they accuse free market capitalists of being. Unconscionable Conservatives have had their fun derailing the independent organizing of self-governing professionals, tradesman, and laborers as well.

In some parts of the country local chapters of labor are still free associations whose monies go to making better qualified, more skilled, world class craftsmen who are worthy of their pay, and whose chapters help those who fall in between the cracks of the nanny state. The purse does not fall into the pockets of lobbyists and legally on-the-take politicians, or disappear into the nether. They stand up against against both corrupt corporations and corrupt bureaucracy and have my undying respect.

Unions that are for all intents and purposes just money conduits for payouts, holding a captive workforce who must jump through political hoops so as to guarantee votes for a political ruling class for the vagaries of an ill-defined livable wage have my contempt.

Yay! Yet another failed revolution for land reform where the leadership betrayed peasantry, but everyone celebrates anyway! °Feliz cinco de mayo!

Warm Greetings,

As both our regions have embassies established, we cordially invite members of this region to take part in the RCN & Friends Tri-Sport Tournament

The RCN Tri-Sport Tournament sign up has now been posted on the NS Sports Thread


West Phoenicia
President of the RCN

Narland wrote:Yay! Yet another failed revolution for land reform where the leadership betrayed peasantry, but everyone celebrates anyway! °Feliz cinco de mayo!

I thought Cinco de Mayo was about the victory of Mexican conscripts over a French army. You might be thinking of a different holiday.

Rateria wrote:I thought Cinco de Mayo was about the victory of Mexican conscripts over a French army. You might be thinking of a different holiday.

Short version: The "people's army" drove out the French Imperialists but Juarez and his cronies kept the Mexican state's imperial oppression of the other Hispanic States under their unconstitutional central authority (being illiberal while claiming to be both Liberal and Constitutional), destroying any chance of the 2nd Republic ever becoming anything more than an pseudo-republic full of corruption. Theoretically all States and Territories were equal, its just that the State of Mexico and its axis States were more equal than the other States, especially those on the periphery ) the so-called Provincials.

Its failure to destroy peonage was a direct betrayal of "Provincial" support that motivated them to engage in the revolt in the first place. They just went from being peons of under a divided sovereignty of Church or State to peons of the State itself. Yay!

I may be wrong. My memory is not what it used to be. I do not have the old Hispanic History Book (from a republican perspective any more). I have a couple from the perspective of the Marxist rewrite after WWI such as what is easily found on Wikipedia. (Historiography used to be a passion of mine).

I am pretty sure I am remembering it right -- at least from the perspective of the States of outer periphery (e.g., Nuevo Leon, Chihuahua, the Yucatan, etc.) that critically questions the State of Mexico's conquest and unconstitutional occupation of the other Hispanic States. I will take some time this week and double-check. :)

Highway Eighty-Eight wrote:That’s pretty edgy bro

That's me Mr. Edgy.

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