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Um Dafuk, State of South Darfur, The Republic of Sudan
December, 2023 - Dead Man's Country

Amidst the country's observance of the Christian holiday of Christmas. It had seemed that the roads were mostly quiet as night falls on the Sudo-Zaire border. A group of refugees have been migrating south with the hopes of entering Zaire to avoid deportation to Chad under Operation The Queen's Tounge. Despite the ongoing French Diaspora V. Sudanese Armed Forces case in Khartoum determining the solution of Sudan's humanitarian crisis.

While drama and military action unfolds across the country, the refugees make their way to the last friendly village to Chadian refugees that sit no less than a few kilometers from the Zairean border. Amongst those refugees was a well known criminal who has been wanted by the Sudanese national police for 20 years for his involvement in the Bashir government and the infamous Janjaweed gang the has terrorised Darfur for decades. This man, a dead man walking in a country waiting to throw him in prision along with all the other enemies of the December Revolution. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo also knows we "Hemetti" was there that December night. Just 22 years since his war and genocidal driven empire was brought down by mob rule. He was there among those Chadian refugees. None of them knew who he was and where he came from he was silent. And along with them in the middle of the night he walked silently and without question into Zaire and with the help of some mysterious contacts he has managed to find himself friends waiting for him opposite of the border. And so he got on and they drive into the forest leaving his home behind. Leaving a country he will never get terrorise again. Or will he?


Have fun

Federated Arab Emirates wrote:




    | MINISTRY OF HOMELAND SECURITY, KINSHASA - WIZARA YA USALAMA WA NYUMBANI, KINSHASA | After the careful evaluation of ongoing events pertaining to the mass exodus of Chadian refugees as a result of Sudan's deportations, the northern border of Zaire has come to a state of vulnerability and concern. In the effort to remain true to the founding principles of the Bantu People's Republik, it is the priority, mission, and goal of Zaire to ensure proper and adequate opportunity for housing, education, employment, health, and prosperity for all that are born as citizens or obtain citizenship. The people of Chad that are fleeing Sudan seek a new home, of which Zaire shall provide. In coordination with the Executive Office of the Presidency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Bantu People's Republik of Zaire hereby condemn that actions to Sudan that has prompted the cultivation of mass migrations. As Zaire continues to build its infrastructure to ensure proper assistance and enhanced livelihood to the Zairean people, Zaire shall ensure the same opportunities be given to Chadian refugees seeking freedom, liberty, and safety. Additionally, the Bantu People's Republik of Zaire shall increase its border security and monitoring along the Northern border to assist with monitoring and vetting of Chadian refugees and migrants, who seek liberation from Sudanese inhumanity and maltreatment. Zaire provides its condemnation in solidarity with the Libyan government. It is the hope of Zaire that MECO will be able to provide corrective measures onto the Sudanese government to force Khartoum to address the mass migration crisis that the Sudanese government has caused on their own fruition. |

The Galla wrote:
    | Upon the Sultan's triumphant arrival to Addis Ababa, greeted with crowds of cheering Gallans and media, The Turkish visitors would soon be greeted by their Gallan counterparts. Waiting in front of the crowd, MERI Mekdella stood proud, wearing her iconic military garb. Brown, high boots with spotless cavalry breeches and a matching field jacket adorned with medals and the Imperial Flag. Her afro flowing with the wind, she was flanked by her all three of her Keepers in similar uniform although with wide brimmed safari hats. With the Turks out, she approached the Sultan with a genuine, beaming smile. |

      | MEKDELLA BREHEN, MERI of THE GALLA | "Sultan Osmanoğlu, it's my absolute honor to receive you in The Empire. Congratulations on your ascension; since then, we've been keen on having an audience with you. This is only the beginning of what I'm sure will be a fruitful relationship for the Sultanate and the Empire. As long as you're here, we are at your service."

    | A moment would be taken to allow for some photos by the press, and the Sultan and Mekdella would be guided to the vehicles that will guide them through the sprawling city to the Imperial Grand Council, where Mekdella's office is located. On the way to the vehicles, Mekdella asks...|

      | MEKDELLA BREHEN, MERI of THE GALLA | "Sultan, what is the situation like in Turkey? A smooth transition of things, I hope?"

| The Sultan smiles to the press, waving to the photographers, the sultan's top advisor was catching up next to him, Tufan Aykan, he is Hamid's oldest follower and advisor, he is also now the current minister of foreign affairs. He starts whispering in the Sultan's ear in Turkish after talking with one of the Turkish counselors...

|TUFAN AYKAN PASHA | "My Sultan, were having trouble with the Kurds! They have more arms now! And are gaining land!"

| The Sultan whispered back multiple times back to Pasha until Mekdella approaches and greets the Sultan. |

|SULTAN ABDUL HAMID III (ORHAN OSMANOĞLU)| "Thank you Mekdella, it is a great pleasure to be at Galla....The Situation has calmed down since the formation of the Sultanate, there are still uneasy situations at the south, but those will also hopefully die down. The transition of things thankfully smooth and safe."



The Border Forces of the Crown Colony of Guinea have released a statement in conjunction with the Colonial Commission that states that they shall refuse entry to any Refugees seeking to gain access to the interior of the Colony under the justification that it would reverse much of the progress Spain has made with regards to the safety and housing of Guineans themselves. Instead, Spain shall issue a monthly "Refugee Stipend" to Zaire which is currently handling Chadian Refugees, consisting of 2 million USD per 5,000 Refugees (24 million USD annually for 5,000 Refugees). Their Statement included the usual well wishing for the Refugees, but made it clear that they would have a no leniency policy towards any Refugee which breached the Border perimeter of the Colony.


    | Since The Galla rose from the ashes of the Pacification Wars of 1975-1981, a hidden cabal has been operating within the highest echelons of Gallan society. By 1981, they numbered in the hundreds, mainly wealthy individuals with an interest in uncovering what they consider to be divine, ancestral knowledge. They erected obelisks all over the realm to honor their Axumite ancestors, and, during a time when ancient Christian churches and Islamic mosques were being destroyed, ensured the survival of even more ancient sites and artifacts. Now, in 2023, they number in the millions, thanks to a combination of generational expansion and fresh families joining. Everyone who's anybody in The Galla is part of this cult... the MERI herself was born into it. Her Keepers, all born into the rituals as she was. They grew up together in closely knit communities where they worshipped and studied openly. The endgame of their studies and lifestyles have been clear from the very beginning — to spread Astroculture across the Gallan race and beyond. They are tasked with taking back the spiritual homelands of Sabia, Felitia, and Hydrimaut, and exacting revenge on those responsible for the robbery of those lands and the slaughter of their ancestors... But where does Astroculture begin? What is the source of the irredentism? A young woman, being trained as a Divinator of Astroculture, will help us find out. It begins in... |


    | Corrimia is a new region, comprised of what was once Djibouti, parts of Somaliland, and some old regions of Galla proper. The area has always been a hub for members of the Astroculture, due to its proximity to the Gulf of Hydrimia (Gulf of Aden) and the varied, isolated, pristine natural environment. Obelisks and small temples dot the jagged coast, and in these spiritual zones, young people learn about Astroculture in retreat-style trips. One young woman finds herself in the midst of one of these retreats. Her name is Masho Rada, and she's fast asleep after a long day of studies. Her dreams tonight have been strangely vivid, and out of her control. At some point during a dream, she finds herself totally unable to control it, but still having full feeling of what is happening to her... |

623 A.D.

    | Masho finds herself in a small village, somewhere in the desert. She has no idea where she is, or how she got there... She was dreaming, is this still just a dream? When she looks down at herself, she seems to be in her own corporeal self, but there's an odd blueish tint all over her. Her attention is quickly drawn elsewhere, sounds of screaming and galloping horses arrive to her. Every little sound comes to her with an echo which lingers uncomfortably. A group of woman in long dresses and veils rush around a corner, soon after a warrior on horseback appears and cuts them down with a scimitar. Masho feels as though the proper response would be to run as well, but she's frozen with disbelief. She's caught on with this sense of disconnect with her surroundings. Another horse-rider appears. They speak in a language she understands to be some form of classical, dialectal Arabic. |

    | KHALID IBN AL-WALID, Arab Muslim Commander | "Have you found the idol?"

    | ARAB HORSE-RIDER | "We have found...a woman, general. You ought to see this."

    | KHALID IBN AL-WALID, Arab Muslim Commander | "Take me to her, quickly!"

    | The Arabs turn and leave with great haste. Masho feels an urge to follow them, but as they're on horseback she loses them. Still, she runs through this village, which is burning and crumbling all around her. Despite not knowing where she is, she doesn't feel lost — the reason she was placed here is at the end of her search. Shrieks pierce her ears as she runs, growing louder as she runs further. The screaming becomes unbearable, and a disoriented Masho arrives at the village center. Immediately, the screams stop. A dark skinned woman, utterly disheveled with hair overgrown and wild, sits naked on the ground. Surrounded by the Muslim fighters and the general, she is thrashing about and cursing at the Arabs. General Khalid dismounts. |

    | KHALID IBN AL-WALID, Arab Muslim Commander | "We have found her... The idol. Al'Uzza."

    | Masho approaches the center further. Her eyes are locked onto the woman. Tears stream down her face as she realizes..the woman is clearly Gallan. Her skin, her features, all of them are undoubtedly Gallan. The Gallan woman grabbed her shoulders, gnawing her teeth, screaming uncontrollably. Her speech was utterly incomprehensible. Masho was overcome with emotions as she watched the woman. General Khalid, with one smooth motion, unsheathed his weapon decapitated the Gallan. Her lifeless body fell limp, and her head rolled off to the side. The Arabs cheered, and General Khalid triumphantly declared, |

    | KHALID IBN AL-WALID, Arab Muslim Commander | "That....was Al'Uzza!!"

    | Masho began to choke, and grasped her neck. Thick red liquid was pouring from her mouth without letup. She dropped to her knees, unable to scream despite her attempts. Her hands were covered in the stuff, slowly dripping onto the ground. The screams returned, with such deafening force that even in her dream-like state she felt in danger. Through her tearful eyes she could only look at the dead body. The Gallan's hand began to move, and the left arm of the decapitated body rose. An open palm was turned to Masho, and the blood vomit finally subsided. Masho stood herself up, but found herself only jumping out of bed with a shout. |

    | She's back in her room? Panting heavily, Masho scanned her surroundings. Yes, she's in the temple once more. Feeling something wet on her face, she patted her cheeks and realized she had been crying. Then she grabbed her neck, which indeed felt quite sore. It's 4am, and everyone in the Temple has been alerted thanks to her shout. An official enters her room, accompanied by other Divinators and priests. A woman in a long purple robe addresses her, |

    | HABTE BESSUFEKAD, Diviniator of Astroculture | "What has happened!? Masho, are you well?!"

    | Habte rushes to the bed and holds the face of the young woman. Masho responds calmly, |

    | HABTE BESSUFEKAD, Diviniator of Astroculture | "I have seen the murder of Al'Uzza at the hands of the Arabs, Mother Habte... The writings were true... She was real. Al'Uzza was Gallan. "

    | Silence befalls the entire room. |

    | HABTE BESSUFEKAD, Diviniator of Astroculture | "We must tell the others about this. Masho, document what you saw and gather your things. We are leaving for Gellia by sunrise. "

    | Habte turns and addresses the little crowd. |

    | HABTE BESSUFEKAD, Diviniator of Astroculture | "Masho has been visited by Al'Uzza herself, and has seen the killing of our Goddess! Contact the other temples with haste, we have received a blessing through Masho's projection!. "

    | By now you might be wondering who Al'Uzza is supposed to be. She was a goddess worshipped in ancient Arabia, before the arrival of Christianity and Islam. Alongside other gods and goddesses, she was also worshipped in the ancient Galla. Al'Uzza is the main goddess in Astroculture, and is a war goddess. She stands as a symbol of feminine power, and soon will be a national symbol. In ancient works, and in Gallan revival artworks, she is often depicted with her open palm facing outwards. |

Abessinienreich wrote:| The Sultan smiles to the press, waving to the photographers, the sultan's top advisor was catching up next to him, Tufan Aykan, he is Hamid's oldest follower and advisor, he is also now the current minister of foreign affairs. He starts whispering in the Sultan's ear in Turkish after talking with one of the Turkish counselors...

|TUFAN AYKAN PASHA | "My Sultan, were having trouble with the Kurds! They have more arms now! And are gaining land!"

| The Sultan whispered back multiple times back to Pasha until Mekdella approaches and greets the Sultan. |

|SULTAN ABDUL HAMID III (ORHAN OSMANOĞLU)| "Thank you Mekdella, it is a great pleasure to be at Galla....The Situation has calmed down since the formation of the Sultanate, there are still uneasy situations at the south, but those will also hopefully die down. The transition of things thankfully smooth and safe."

| Mekdella waited patiently as the Turks whispered amongst themselves. She smiled understandingly after hearing from the Sultan. |

    | MEKDELLA BREHEN, MERI of THE GALLA | "I'm glad to hear about how the transition has gone for you. Unfortunately, there's always going to be something biting at our heels, wouldn't you agree? There's hardly a quiet day in these times."

| Their convoy of vehicles makes it way to Addis Ababa, a testament to everything the Galla is about. Towering residential complexes rise over the city, and the streets are adorned with flashing neon lights, advertisements in Ge'ez, English, Italian, for products from around the world. All along the way, cheering crowds can be seen waving flags from buildings. Their route purposefully goes through some more artsy districts, where displays of Gallan Afro-Futurism are on full display on the sides of buildings. It's all very new wave art, but never without a nationalistic slant. After a bit, their vehicle finally arrives at the Grand Council building. |

    | MEKDELLA BREHEN, MERI of THE GALLA | "Sultan, come along. We'll be having the conference, and there's time for a wonderful dinner right after."

| By this time in their journey, there would be no more press or crowds. They had an uninterrupted walk into the building, and into the large conference room. Statues of the ancient gods stood at the corners of the conference room, and the ceiling was a beautiful piece of artwork representing the celestial realm — stars, nebulas, as if the entire universe was condensed into this one grand room. There were seats for the Turks and Gallans, right across from one another. Aides would pull back the seats for the visitors, offer drinks and small snacks, cigarettes, and let them be. Mekdella looked around once everyone was set.|

    | MEKDELLA BREHEN, MERI of THE GALLA | " our esteemed guests from the Sultanate, and my friends from home. Welcome to this most momentous of occasions. We've got much to discuss, so allow me to dive right into it. Our little corner of the world, Sultan, has become quite active. Sometimes, in more ways than we would enjoy. To us Gallans, it's no question that the greatest threat to our existence is Egypt. I take it, Sultan, that the Egyptians are also a thorn in your side as well. What with your.. budding Sultanate."

Philanialle wrote:

    স্বাধীনতা | The Independent
    JANUARY  —  2024

       বেঙ্গলকে বিজয় 
       Victory to Bengal! 

      Bangladeshi tariffs on Japanese products


Following the increasing of trade barriers on Indonesia by Japan despite Japan being Indonesia's second biggest trading partner behind China, the Jatiya sangsad has decided to vote to increase the tariffs on Japanese iron and steel imports which are currently worth $500,000,000 to 25% in response to the increasing of trade barriers between Japan and a fellow IPEC member Indonesia, relations with Japan and the IPDEC has always been quite frosty despite several attempts to restore good relations between the south-southeast Asian organization and Japan. It has become clear to the government of Bangladesh due to this move by Japan that the nation of Japan does not seek neutral relations but seeks  conflict which it will use to achieve it's interests even if it's method has a highly imperialistic attitude. The chairman of the Bangladesh Tariff commission Tapan Kanti Ghosh has said to Independent TV after being asked why the tariffs were raised the following
Tapan Kanti Ghosh:
 "one of the main objectives of the Indo-Pacific economic collective is to have interdependence, the collective has always promoted increased interdependence and Bangladesh is following through with that, if the government of Japan decides to lower iron and steel exports to Bangladesh then we will simply import from our close ally, neighbour and fellow collective member India." 

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