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Founder: The Considerate dictatorship of Eastern Tatarstan

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Most Nations: 1,069th Most Devout: 1,219th Most Authoritarian: 1,309th
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Welcome to Altay, a right-wing,
predominantly libertarian,
conservative-friendly, democracy!

It doesn't matter if your nation is a
corrupt dictatorship, inoffensive
centrist democracy, or an anarchy,
you're still welcome here.

Our military: Altaic Axis
Government provided citizens' puppet storage: Central Region of Puppet Nations

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Embassies: Stans, Council of Constructed Languages, The honorable Eastern Tatar company, Central Region of Puppet Nations, The Srivijayan Consortium, The Great Universe, Hollow Point, Gypsy Lands, Turkic Union, Bus Stop, The Reich, India, Union of Nationalists, Federation of Conservative Nations, International sovereignty pact, The Moderate Alliance, and 58 others.Greater Middle East, Chicken overlords, Yurdan, nasunia, THE VEDIGOTHIC IMPERIUM, Elena, Winterfell, Altaic Axis, Edmundian Empire, The Reunited Resistance Against Liberals, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, Slavija, The Alliance of Dictators, League Of Constructed Languages, Right to Life, Farkasfalka, Albosiac, Anadolu, The Great Monarchical Nations, Union of liberty, United Federation of Fascist States, J o J, The Empire Of United Socialist Powers, Republic of Conservative Nations, Raxulan Empire, Lardyland, Conquered Lands of Elena Temnikova, Fredonia, Region of kangaroos, BillyGamesCool FanClub, Alliance Of The LGBT, Coaltion Of Fascist Nations, The New World of Funiverse, SEC Fanatics, The Anti Fascism Alliances, The Wooloo Pact, Saint Margaret Mary, Vatican, Vatican II, Genua, Red Shadow, Comitern, Womania Slaves Camp, Womania Summer Imperial Palace, Just relax, Dispatchia, Iron Union, Celeasukomi, Radical Feminist Alliance, Isle Of Wooloo Kingdom, Montealba, Communism For All, Planet Balls, Union of Soviet Socialist Monarchies, Interplanar Pizza, The Embassy, The New Dynasty of Yikestopia, and EastBloc.

Tags: Anti-Communist, Anti-Fascist, Capitalist, Conservative, Democratic, Egalitarian, Free Trade, Human-Only, Imperialist, Independent, Industrial, Libertarian, and 8 others.Map, Medium, Modern Tech, Neutral, Regional Government, Religious, Serious, and World Assembly.

Altay contains 19 nations, the 1,069th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Publishing Industry in Altay

The World Census tallied social media complaints from students regarding overpriced textbooks to determine which nations have the largest book publishing industries.

As a region, Altay is ranked 14,626th in the world for Largest Publishing Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Considerate dictatorship of Eastern TatarstanBenevolent Dictatorship“Science, religion and nationalism for better life.”
2.The Sultanate of Bithynia-CrimeaFather Knows Best State“Freedom Or Death”
3.The Seventh Empire of Siebten ReichConservative Democracy“Alles unter Deutschland.”
4.The UN protected territory of Peaceful Bosnia and HerzegovinaMoralistic Democracy“Towards a peaceful society, we march ever forwards!”
5.The Novas Terras Compradas of Cidade Capitalista do SulAnarchy“Liberdade - Mercado - Riqueza”
6.The Republic of Buyuk BucakliNew York Times Democracy“Dşn, ret, yaşa”
7.The Republic of Reformed BelarusCivil Rights Lovefest“With freedom and democracy we rebuild our homeland”
8.The Democratic State of Calisto statesNew York Times Democracy“To whom we trust”
9.The Empire of J o Jian Defense Squad A4Father Knows Best State“Unity through Defense.”
10.The Neo-Liberal Monarchy of Cieszynski SlaskCivil Rights Lovefest“Ak jeden będemy nazawsze!”

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Altay Regional Message Board

Cieszynski Slask wrote:first, it started with epilepsy, then the next day, my vision started getting monochromatic and darker this continued to the rest of the day, so i went to my doctor, he made some tests on me, and appointed me to a hospital in brno specialized on eyes, so the next day i went there, and luckily one of the doctors' daughter had the same disease as me, so he made some operations on me, and fixed it, but now i have to wear special glasses, get special eye medical drops, and im colorblind from now on,


Well... that sucks. I wondered how someone born with full vision can get colorblind. I think this explains it.

Sarztoend wrote:chesineskee slooskl

Cheshinski shlunsk

Cieszynski Slask wrote:(thank god he changed the flag)
no, i dont think it was called like that

[tʃɜ's̱ɘ̃ɨ̞̯ₗski: s:lɔ̃ɨ̞̯s:k] ?

Eastern Tatarstan wrote:Well... that sucks. I wondered how someone born with full vision can get colorblind. I think this explains it.

My grandpa is colorblind since birth, but he has Tritanomaly.

Sarztoend wrote:[tʃɜ's̱ɘ̃ɨ̞̯ₗski: s:lɔ̃ɨ̞̯s:k] ?

Eastern Tatarstan wrote:Cheshinski shlunsk

Oh, I see Cieszynski slask.
Teschen Silesia.

Sarztoend wrote:[tʃɜ's̱ɘ̃ɨ̞̯ₗski: s:lɔ̃ɨ̞̯s:k] ?

['t͡ɕɛʂɨnski 'ɕlɔ̃sk] or ['ɕlɔ̃sk t͡ɕɛ'ʂɨj̃skʲi].

Cieszynski Slask wrote:Yes.
My grandpa is colorblind since birth, but he has Tritanomaly.
Oh, I see Cieszynski slask.
Teschen Silesia.

German men

Eastern Tatarstan wrote:['t͡ɕɛʂɨnski 'ɕlɔ̃sk] or ['ɕlɔ̃sk t͡ɕɛ'ʂɨj̃skʲi].

Těchen lajk!

Cieszynski Slask wrote:Těchen lajk!

Ťensk Sljesko.

New propaganda is out:

"Spring cleaning"
A propaganda poster commemorating the restoration of The New Dynasty of Yikestopia (11th March 2021)
Major General Qudaylan Karuluqushteri of Altaic Axis and Captain Stevie Roger of the Edmundian Empire

"One half to us and one half to you"
Dividing of the remaining 4 regions formerly ruled by Elena temnikova between Altay and Southern Army (25th and 29th November 2020)
Altay, Womania Slaves Camp, Womania Summer Imperial Palace, Southern Army, Womania Army and Womania Coliseum

2nd anniversary commemorative postcard (31st July 2020)
Altay, Altaic Axis, Elena, League Of Constructed Languages, United Federation of Fascist States, The Empire Of United Socialist Powers, Conquered Lands of Elena Temnikova, Eastern Tatarstan, Yanab, Cidade Capitalista do Sul, North Sachalin, Entimide, Ulaanstan, Tengeruunistan, Western Tatarstan, Bukharan Republic, Tungustan, Siebten Reich, Peaceful Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vietidielieneshchina, We have mutual friends, Not china i swear and EBISh

Army day commemorative postcard (27th May 2020)
Altaic Axis and the colonies of Elena, League Of Constructed Languages and the United Federation of Fascist States

Illustration from operation Shock 20 draft announcement (24th January 2020)
A random Altaic Axis soldier.

1st anniversary commemorative postcard (31st July 2019)
Altay, Eastern Tatarstan, Yanab, North Sachalin, Entimide, Ulaanstan, Tengeruunistan, Western Tatarstan, Bukharan Republic, Tungustan, Siebten Reich, Da bush, Qazaq argentinasi, Karijin and EBISh

Read dispatch

RIP, Austro danubia.

Welcome, Buyuk Bucakli!

Warm Greetings,

The RCN is hosting their 1st year anniversary on the 2nd of May.

From the 30th of April to the 2nd of May we shall be hosting a three day festival of fun, games and other events.

We cordially invite members of this region, as we share embassies to partake in this special event.

West Phoenicia:

President of the Republic of Conservative Nations.

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