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Welcome to RGBN, founded on a beautiful Alpine Retreat on 4/13/2017. Featured on 3/13/2019.

A State of the Union of Force

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RGBN contains 95 nations, the 217th most in the world.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Disputed Territories of ViktorovitchCivil Rights Lovefest“We are all islands - in a common sea.”
2.The Grozze Theokratizke Reik of Krovx BelgiumFather Knows Best State“Belgian Lives Matter!”
3.The Empire of Firecon LionsPsychotic Dictatorship“Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
4.The Military Colonist Autocracy of NexcruzmasFather Knows Best State“War, is the only choice when forced”
5.The Golden Empire of Sol Y SangreFather Knows Best State“Adversus solem ne loquitor”
6.The Imperial Republic of ReberydinigzadalandDemocratic Socialists“We have not come all this way to be destroyed by you!”
7.The Bundesrepublik of MyldermNew York Times Democracy“What do president suppose to do again?”
8.The Federation of New ArindiaLeft-wing Utopia“Centre of the Four Seas”
9.The People's Republic of CooperslovakiaLeft-Leaning College State“Prosperity is Perspective”
10.The Sic semp Imperium Illuminati of PlaugetopiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“sola mors et tributa certa sunt iuxta bellum”
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Corner RP
Due to the war against the orbs we have withdrawn all assets to protect ourselves, this means we will not be assisting in this war unless you give us a very good deal.

Reberydinigzadaland wrote:yes
So you want us to donate animals?
Ok well I'll get them to land soon then
also my internet has gone out due to wiring problems so I can only be on for 2 days unless it gets fixed soon

Ja, but we also need the plants from their natural habitats too to ensure their quality of life, and a proper diet. As said, we will be more than happy to work with non-profits and conservation programs, and we'll be able to start endangered species breeding programs at some point.

Kreigvolksland wrote:Heinlein Wildlife Refugee Initiative

In order to preserve the great outdoors of Kreigvolksland, and educate about it, a program has been announced to bring this wildlife to Heinlein. This Initiative will be partnered with the Heinlein Agricultural Project, which seeks to improve agricultural quality and output.

The HWRI will oversee the construction of a wildlife conservation facility on Heinlein. This compound will consist of four 02 buildings, each containing many mocked up habitats for animals to live in, almost akin to a zoo. However, these habitats will strictly follow regulations to ensure the wellbeing of the animals. They will have enough space, food, and other requirements depending on the animal in question. If an animal needs companionship, it will be provided. Priority will be given to Kreigvolk animals first, then foreign endangered species, then foreign non-endangered species, until the four buildings are full. In addition to the 02 buildings, an 03 building will be used for support facilities such as storage, veterinary facilities, and research. It shall also contain a seed and genetic code vault to house all the seeds and genomes of plants and animals in the facility. This building will also be used for a breeding program, firstly to ensure the HWR is stocked up, and to help stave off extinction for endangered species. An 04 building shall also be included, for administrative purposes, as well as to include a gift shop and welcome center for visitors. Additional housing for workers may be provided as needed. Finally, the compound will be enclosed by a 3 yard tall wall, to ensure the safety of the animals and researchers.

The animal buildings will be open to the public, with a small visitation fee of $10 per adult, $7 per student (including school-aged kids AND college students), with those under 5 free. Veterans, the elderly, and academics will have the price cut to $5. Family, couple, and individual memberships will be available, either monthly or yearly. Members will also receive, in the future, the ability to obtain a personal pet license, which will allow them to obtain a small animal from the list of acceptable pets from the HWRI. This should hopefully allow people to have pets in the future. Free will donations will also be accepted, and certain monetary goals, once reached, will allow more animals and possible future expansion.

Business and academic tours to the science building may be offered, as well as internships and part time/summer jobs in certain positions.

Once facilities are constructed, and the program is off to a start, the HWR and HWRI will be turned over to a nonprofit organization, the Heinlein Wildlife Research Institute, with government oversight by the Game and Fish/Agricultural department of the Heinlein government. Any misuse of appropriated resources or money will result in a minimum of  6 months in prison, a fine totaling 150% of misappropriated assets, confiscation of misused assets, as well as a ban on working for any government services. Alternatively, for a clean record, enlistment with a honorable discharge in any armed forces is acceptable. If the fine is unable to be paid, property may be confiscated.

Facilities will be constructed in Byseon, the settlement across from Federatsiyagrad in Weinbaum crater. If this program is successful, and Byseon population grows to a significant amount, the Heinlein government has indicated that they would be willing to allow establishment of a University for higher education there, with land granted. If such happens, this University would be expected to work with the HWRI.

Donations of animals, plants, or money are heavily encouraged and appreciated, so we may all preserve nature's beauty together, for generations to come. We will also cooperate with endangered species breeding programs, and nonprofit charities.

Heinlein has also announced plans for construction of hunting and fishing lodges, for entertainment. A lodge, constructed out of a 02 building, with strengthened bulletproof walls, will be split into four sections, each reinforced. Firstly, a range/gun shop/equipment shop where liscences may be purchased, then a bird hunting area, for grouse/pheasant/turkey/partridge/quail, a land game area for deer, rabbits, squirrels, and furbearers, and finally a fishing pond. For safety reasons, only one group up to five people will allowed in each hunting area, assuming proper liscensing, equipment, and training, while up to 25 people will be allowed to fish assuming a fully stocked pond.

A lodge will be constructed in Heinleinville, Federatsiyagrad, and Byseon. For now, they will be stocked by the HWR, until private contractors are found or government sources are made.

Heinlein Agricultural Project

In order to provide a sustainable food source for Heinlein, the HAP has been announced. Start-up agricultural companies and farms may apply for a year of waived fees and taxes, in order to encourage growth of the agricultural industry. Businesses may also apply to be ranches. Provided there is enough space, and proper facilities, ranches may receive small starter flocks/herds of livestock consisting of a few breeding pairs from the HWR. This should introduce a better quality of life, by providing a variety of food bettered by the introduction of meat to diets, rather than subsisting on merely fish and grown crops.

Large companies however, are ineligible for benefits, as they should be able to pay their own dang bills and taxes. No corporate bailouts here buddy.

Orchards are also expected to be available for tree and bush fruits, though most likely at a premium cost compared to the more accessible aquaponics fruits. Soil, however, may be a problem, as the Martian soil will need to be converted to soil that is healthy for both plants, and animals to live on, so the dust doesn't cause respiratory problems.

Home gardens are being encouraged, with a greenhouse expansion for plants, and maybe soon, pets, to live in. This expansion will be able to attach to a 01 house, and be able to host either aquaponics, hydroponics, or an animal habitat, again, for the future promise of pets. The attachment is now being produced and marketed on both Heinlein and Arrakis. For those who live in 03 CBs, this attachment is unaccessible unfortunately, though a small tank may be purchased to supplement bought food and grow spices and herbs.

Miscellaneous Mars Madness

Heinlein has announced their intentions to construct a high speed railway, with three main components.
1. Encircling both craters and linking all 15 towns
2. To the Hellas Basin, which has been marked for possible expansion.
3. To the other 3 sides of the Promethei Terra area.

The winner of a design and cost contest shall be given a contract to build these railways, and lay phone/internet lines as well. These high speed rails must be partially or fully underground and enclosed, to ensure a breathable environment and to protect them from dust storms, as well as being, well, a high speed rail. After these three lines are complete,  branching lines may be built to link to certain other craters.

Yes, you read that right. Heinlein has officially claimed the entirety of Promethei Terra, now designated simply as Heinlein. Heinlein-Weinbaum shall fall under authority of Heinlienville as the first territory. (And before y'all complain, I did some calculations, while they aren't exactly super accurate, Promethi Terra AND Hellas combined are only about the same landmass as Isreal. That's just total landmass however, not even all of it is usable. Let's face it. I need to get my people off RGBN earth, it's getting too crowded for me, considering I have atleast a billion people, AND I'm trying to take in refugees from other countries. I don't have enough space, I need to ship em to Heinlein. Y'all have a problem, y'all can tell that to my military. I assure your complaint will be swiftly answered :)

A modified version of the Arrakis House, Town, and Business act has been adopted to make settlement easier. Once railways or even air lines reach other craters, settlement will be expanded to those areas. A simple elected government will be established in each, with commissioners who will represent each crater on a board in Heinleinville. These commissioners will essentially be akin to magistrates. Trained in law, they will serve as a judicial and executive authority over their crater, in conjunction with either a sheriff or territorial defense force.

Below this, at the city and town level, it will be up to the residents to decide how to run their towns, provided there is atleast an elected mayor and a police force.

Any haters shut up. I'm making the space wild west, and y'all ain't stopping me. SPACE COWBOY TIME MOTHER TRUCKERS!

And anyone else can help out too!

Everyone can help right?

We do have many animal here, and also grizzly bear, then again, I'm not quite sure how to transport one of the most dangerous animal in the world without ending up killing someone child.

Mylderm wrote:Everyone can help right?

We do have many animal here, and also grizzly bear, then again, I'm not quite sure how to transport one of the most dangerous animal in the world without ending up killing someone child.

We can help you.

Kreigvolksland wrote:Ja, but we also need the plants from their natural habitats too to ensure their quality of life, and a proper diet. As said, we will be more than happy to work with non-profits and conservation programs, and we'll be able to start endangered species breeding programs at some point.

So could we donate marine and aerial animals aswell? If yes we would happily donate a couple of Reberish Falcons but they are carnivores so I don't know if you would accept them.

According to Nationstates Statistics Reberydinigzadaland is a Socialist Monarchy.

Yo, what did I miss


Fire Ant Barbarians wrote:AHHHH F#$K

The ant completely gets knocked unconscious

Noo stop not my Ants

Plaugetopia wrote:Yo, what did I miss


The 10th rike RGBN wrote:corner RP
let the chaos run over you
A man yells in agony. His uniform stained with both blood and vomit from the torture. Another asks "where are they?" The man's say "I'm Corporal [redacted] of the [redacted], *deep breaths* go fûck yourself!" The other frowns he was hoping to have a quick and mostly clean interrogation, but instead it had been days now and the room once gray, was now Red and mix of yellow,green, and brown along with several teeth, fingers and nails, bloodied, wrench's,scaples,knives and a car battery all drenched in sweat and blood.the other then grabs a tin can almost like one with Baked beans or other canned vegetables he put on a gas mask, and said "last chance " a predictable response"go to hell" "so be it" he poured the liquid on him that quickly turned into gas and left the room.

6 hours later

The other came back in still with the gas mask on the former man that was once in good shape and alethic was now loose skin and bones almost all his muscles were gone or decaying his eyes bloodshot,his mouth drooling hair and scalp gone and finally most his skin was black and red now. He was a dead man the Other asked "ready? I have the cure ,*motioning a syringe in his hand* talk and live, you only have 3 hours tops." The man modded while trying to talk but it sounded like a baby "y-y-y-y-e-e-s-s" the Other gave a small dose about 1/8 of the syringe just enough so he can talk long enough. After 3 hours and getting all he needed he gave the man the rest. The man asked "what now?" Being fully healed the Other then smiled and said "you die" as he said it he pulled out a older Glock 19x and with one shot to the heart killing the man.he left the room on his right shoulder was a flag of the Rike and the man he interrogated was a scavenger who had previously killed a platoon escorting a VIP, and tortured then killed said VIP.
Now a small map on a table showed a map of a house with an x on a storage closet next to the kitchen.


Disclaimer made in rush please correct if there are any mistakes

And Nexcruzmas torturing a poor ant

Nexcruzmas wrote:Brng them in…containment cell 4, they will be questioned of their original base.
The ant gets thrown in a containment cell, the walls are pure red house centenium, and the window glass is harvested from the holy ceramics of the living room.

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