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Founded January 30, 2017

"Freedom, Justice, Reasonably Priced Love, and a Hard Boiled Egg"

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Headlines: LinkVoting in the May 2021 Union Midterm Elections is now open!

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Embassies: RGBN, Dot, Canada, The New Kingdom, The Union of Democratic States, Japan, The Western Isles, Union of Christian Nations, The Great Experiment, Warzone Europe, The Democratic Republic, Philippines, Wintercrest, The Free Nations Region, Red Wolf Alliance, Heart, and 27 others.North America, the Rejected Realms, Power, Yuno, Thaecia, New Warsaw Pact, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Union of Allied States, Hyperion, 21st Century Rome, The Allied Republic, New Western Empire, Portugal, Union of Democrats, The Consortium, Canterbury, ATOMIC, Enadia, Forest, The East Pacific, The Kingdom of Great Britain, Nova Noctua, Prudentia, Wintreath, Citizens Alliance of Democracy, Confederacy of Layem, and Institute of Cellulose.

Tags: Anime, Defender, Democratic, Eco-Friendly, Egalitarian, Enormous, Free Trade, Map, Modern Tech, Offsite Chat, Offsite Forums, Post-Modern Tech, and 4 others.Regional Government, Role Player, Social, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Moderate

Force contains 149 nations, the 146th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Cheese Export Sector in Force

Qualified World Census Cheese Masters nibbled their way across the globe to determine which nations have the most developed cheese exports.

As a region, Force is ranked 11,475th in the world for Largest Cheese Export Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Horde of Force Captain CatraInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Hey, Adora.”
2.The Democratic Republic of Sherbstopia Puppet NationLeft-Leaning College State“May We Have Glory”
3.The Constitutional Monarchy of MinatozakiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Are One”
4.The Federation of Dark Carter and MarshallAuthoritarian Democracy“You Can't Stop Progress”
5.The Most Serene Republic of VranjeAnarchy“Make Lunch Not Love”
6.The Kingdom of MistopiaaaaaCapitalist Paradise“We kill our people”
7.The Grand Empire of Dageki no yariPsychotic Dictatorship“Ehre sei dem Imperium!”
8.The Democratic Republic of OcelotnaNew York Times Democracy“Down with evilness and crime!!!”
9.The Democratic Republic of Greater CrocodiliaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Remember: If a crocodile catches you... good luck.”
10.The Federation of MarcelliInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Bjorn”
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Welcome Prusskey The Federation of Prussia The White Eagle PMC Arctic Hyperborea Nationalist Greater Hungary Ocelotna Anarchist commune of Castilla Wallanian Provisional government Thed1 Dra Sand Heaker Islands Vranje to Force!
If you've got Discord, please feel free to join! This is our server invite:

You can also take a look at our Newcomer's Guide, which will tell you what there is to do around here and how to get involved:

Link Join our LinkDiscord Server so you can get to know our community!


Hello and welcome to the region of Force! Whether you just joined NationStates, are looking for a better region, or just decided to check in - Force is the region for you! You may have joined because of the recruitment telegram or through other methods, but there’s a lot more about us than you may take away at first! From the Government and Civil Service, to Roleplay and a great Community, our region has alot to offer. But that can get overwhelming, which is where this guide comes in handy! Learn about the government, elections, people and activities, while you discover all of the perks of being a citizen!

Our community talks in three main places: On our Regional Message Board, LinkForums, and LinkDiscord Server. The latter of these has turned into one of the essential elements of life here, as it serves as the main hub for government activities, general discussion, contests, meetings, and helpful starting info. Joining the server also ensures you keep up to date with different activities, the passage of laws, elections and voting on amendments, ongoing political debates, community discussions, and more. If being an active part of the community is your thing, then there's no reason not to join our LinkDiscord.

We hope you enjoy your stay in our beautiful region!
Force was founded on the 30th of January 2017 by Founder and now-Emperor Renegalle, but it only started taking form on the 29th of April, after the creation of the first regional forums and the creation of the Ministries of Internal and Foreign Affairs. This was followed by the creation of the Ministries of Roleplay, Military, and the former Ministry of WA Affairs. Only on June 10th was the first Prime Minister elected and on July 2nd was the first Constitution implemented. And now - on its third Constitution and after thirteen Prime Ministers over seventeen terms, the Union is ever-growing and ever-changing, thanks to the people over the years who've helped it become what it is today. You can be a part of our history too, but only if you choose to work hard and get noticed!

You can find a detailed, chronological Force History Linkhere.

One of the main elements of life in the Union is its government. The Government of the Union is divided into multiple branches, each tasked with overseeing lawmaking, communications, management, moderation, and many many more. Multiple branches exist in order to allow for an effective power division, while creating a government with viewpoints and proposals from citizens with different ideas and projects. Every citizen is entitled to participate in the different parts of the government, each serving a different role.

  • The High Court - as the judicial branch of the government, the Justices of the Court are responsible to see to cases filed against individuals in the court of law, as well as decide upon the constitutionality of bills passed by the House of Representatives.

  • The House of Representatives - composed of representatives from Force, the States, and various territories, the House is responsible for all federal legislation, including constitutional amendments, which start in the House. It is the second most important branch of government, and is responsible for keep the power of other bodies in check, while working on improvements for the government based on the needs of the citizens. The House is led by a Speaker, responsible for communicating passed laws and mediating sessions, representing the House, and maintaining activity.

  • Cabinet - the Cabinet is responsible for appointing Ministers, and it is directed and overseen by the Prime Minister, the Union’s Head of Government.

  • Ministries - The Union has a wide number of ministries, each tasked with developing and reviewing a different aspect of the government. Each ministry is led by a Minister and Deputy Minister appointed by the Prime Minister. The Ministries are as follows:

    • Foreign Affairs - handles diplomatic relationships embassies and ambassadors.

    • Internal Affairs - focuses on recruitment, welcoming, government affairs, and connecting with citizens.

    • Media and Culture - directs cultural activities and events, runs national holidays, writes The Force Flyer, and produces other government media.

    • Roleplay - oversees the Union RP, including its map, statistics programs, and official RP events. It also routinely changes time periods and updates the types of stats available.

For as long as the Force Government has existed, Civil Service has served as one of its most important foundations. Our Civil Service is composed of different offices based in the Ministries, each consisting of developing a specific area or project related to said Ministry.

All citizens are encouraged to participate in the Ministries, in which they can get a shot at developing projects and initiatives from their respective area. For instance, the Ministry of Media and Culture offers positions for editors and writers for The Force Flyer and the Internal Affairs Ministry offers positions as hosts or recruiters. Ministries can only exist and work efficiently with the help of citizens, through the Civil Service, which allows anyone to seek a job in government and better the region and the Union as a whole.

You can apply for the Civil Service Linkhere!

  • The Governorship Program was created to allow citizens to govern a territory and allow them to grow a region, and consequently, a government, under the guidance and watch of the federal government. It allows you to experience firsthand the management of a region while having steady support to back you up, should you need help.

  • The Media Policy allows you to form independent news outlets which can be supported and officially recognized by the federal government, as long as their content covers happenings in the Union. It allows any citizen to make their voice heard and hold those in power accountable. A list of recognized media outlets can be found here.

  • If you have dived head-first into the Roleplay, you may be interested in joining the Roleplay Ministry, the decision making and moderation team for the Roleplay!

In many NationStates communities, one of the biggest highlights is an RP, and the Union is no exception. The Union Roleplay combines well organized political situations, diplomatic simulation and creative events. There are a few steps involved in getting into the RP, but it has become an experience no member should miss.

In order to enter the RP, you need to join our LinkRoleplay Discord Server and apply through there.

When you enter the RP, there are many things to do depending on how you want to manage your nation. Want to create a commercial empire with hundreds of trade routes? Sure! Become a warmonger and seek world domination? Go right ahead! Participate in UN debates and missions, host meetings with your fellow leaders, deal with rebellions, create ground-breaking policies, form alliances, and deal with events and foreign relationships? Why not!

The RP has something for everyone - even you!

Over the course of its 4+ year history, the Union has steadily grown to have an incredibly diverse and welcoming community. On our RMB, LinkDiscord, and LinkForums, you will have the opportunity to discuss, debate and chat with citizens from all over the world, as you share global news, discuss regional politics, and enjoy casual conversations with friends. Our LinkDiscord server is the main place you ought to be if you really want to be immersed in our community.

One of the most exciting times to be a citizen is during our elections, where voting for Prime Minister, House Reps., and Court Justices is held! Anyone in Force and the rest of the Union is allowed to run for office and vote - even as a newcomer. During the elections, candidates will engage in debates and interviews, and are encouraged to rally support with inspirational activities, posters, and other creative ways of getting out your message.

And of course, we have one of the latest elements of our community, clubs! Any citizen can create a clubs focused around an activity, interest, or piece of media, allowing you to pursue your interests and find others who share them. There are a wide variety of different clubs, such as the Anime Club, Culinary Association, and...uh...Clock Front?

Well, if you made it through this whole guide, we can safely say you know just about everything you need to know about our great Union. But, you shouldn’t stop here, because Force is a region so varied, we’d need a couple thousand extra pages to write absolutely everything down, and that would be kind of boring. The point is, the Union is about every single one of our citizens, because, let’s be real, what’s the point of having a great community if there’s no one to enjoy it?

Overall, we hope you spend a long time with us here in the Union, and if you do ever decide to leave, we hope you do so with great memories of our little piece of the world.

With Love, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Union Government ♥️

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Question: What is the least successful ideology in history?

Dalmazia Veneziana wrote:Question: What is the least successful ideology in history?

Probably pure anarchism, if we're measuring it in terms of actual implementation. While there are societies, mostly in war-torn areas, that could be characterized as anarchist, even then there tends to be some sort of governing structure. Anarchy falls apart simply because it has no real method of sustaining itself, except with the use of force or existence of authority, which is a paradox in itself.

Dalmazia Veneziana wrote:Question: What is the least successful ideology in history?


Empire of Elysium wrote:Fascism

I agree

Dalmazia Veneziana wrote:Question: What is the least successful ideology in history?

facism maybe

Post self-deleted by Sherbstopia.

Dalmazia Veneziana wrote:Question: What is the least successful ideology in history?

Total anarchy

Salibaic wrote:I agree

If not fascism then the ideology which has killed the post people and has led to every fascist nation, capitalism. Yes this includes authoritarian capitalism like China and the USSR.

Reason for this: just about every capitalist nation will eventually break down and either die out like rome, turn to fascism like Germany, turn to authoritarian capitalism like China, or do the right thing and turn to actual work place democratic socialism.

Bertilistan wrote:facism maybe

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