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Largest Black Market: 653rd Most Advanced Defense Forces: 928th Most Corrupt Governments: 932nd Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 1,097th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 1,188th Most Patriotic: 1,284th Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 1,295th Lowest Crime Rates: 1,718th Most Authoritarian: 1,759th Most Devout: 1,767th Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,896th Highest Average Incomes: 1,927th Highest Wealthy Incomes: 2,048th Largest Mining Sector: 2,130th Highest Poor Incomes: 2,166th Largest Information Technology Sector: 2,192nd Largest Governments: 2,273rd Largest Retail Industry: 2,515th Most Scientifically Advanced: 2,533rd Most Subsidized Industry: 2,710th
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Ironically one of the most democratic regions in the multi-verse. Hail the Confederation!

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  • The Confederation Government is headed by High-Direktor Sir Adalberto Fabian HCF HCIL of Jocospor.

  • Join the World Assembly and endorse High Delegate Manoel Frans HCIL of Jocospor.

  • Participate in the Imperial Senate:

This is a region of roleplay. No IRL fascists or communists.

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    Standard Specification and Guide to Motions of the Imperial Senate | CCD IS | v0.4

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    Yeet's Guide to the Imperial Senate

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    Dispatch Index

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    Confederation Cup

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    Imperial Senate Style Guide

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    Confederation Defence Forces - Active Missions within the Confederation of Corrupt Dicators

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    CSB The State of the Senate | January 2023

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    Treaty of Richtovia

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Regional Power: Very High

Confederation of Corrupt Dictators contains 314 nations, the 99th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Unexpected Death Rate in Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

The World Census paid their respects at cemeteries in order to determine how likely citizens were to die each year from unnatural causes, such as crime, preventable illness, accident, and government encouragement.

As a region, Confederation of Corrupt Dictators is ranked 3,560th in the world for Highest Unexpected Death Rate.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Holy Empire of RakBibiStanCorporate Police State“There is nothing because there was nothing”
2.The Despairs of TribaltyCorporate Police State“Loyalty, Community, Country.”
3.The Nation of Domination of WWE TownIron Fist Consumerists“I OWE YOU ONE PAL”
4.The Republic of HunemCorporate Police State“Bread and circuses”
5.The Rolls Royce of RRCapitalist Paradise“Luxury for you”
6.The Kingdom of NeverineFather Knows Best State“We Are Lizard People”
7.The Allied States of MadriyliaAnarchy“Libertarianism”
8.The Empire of ZanzanidIron Fist Consumerists“Mission Accomplished”
9.The Kingdom of IkquanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ocean Life”
10.The Free Land of Anarcho EquestriaAnarchy“No Gods, No Princesses, No Masters, only ponies”
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Das Reich

The People's Observer


Reported by Rudolf Blake of the Reich Committee of Public Information.

On September 24, 164 R.C., at the Imperial Centennial Ball at the Adalbrect Palace, a terrorist attack killed an estimated 34 attendees, including the Chancellor and the entire imperial family, from the first line to the eight line, with only the 15-year-old Prince Schneizel, the surviving heir to the throne, making him the de facto Emperor of Volzonia. The young prince is currently in exile at the Neue Land Governor-General's residence.

A power struggle now lurks across the empire, with admirals and military men in conflict with each other. Warlordistic dependencies have now been established across the empire, with high-ranking officers and governors serving as commanders of each respective warlord state, seeking control of the entirety of the empire.

Following this divide, the Imperial Military was officially dissolved. To mediate this disruption, Neue Land Governor-General, Fleet Admiral Zigmund von Richthofen left his post on Planet Earth to restore order.

A civil war now erupts within the empire. May the eternal emperor, Rudolf I, save us.


Brought to you by the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda

Read dispatch

Hail the Confederation!

"What's this all about now?"

Ioannis was sitting at the head of a table in Meeting Room 13 of the Organized Operations Association. On the table before him were several folders filled to the brims with classified documents on Opithia. Looking through them, he saw what he already knew- Corporate dictatorship, crime-ridden, atrocious civil rights abuses, that sort of thing. But a new document caught his eye: Opithian Economics: Laissez-Faire. He quickly read through it, and was shocked by what he had found. It was enough to make even a Merconian weep. Across the table sat Iossif Demallis, the head of the OOA.

"What the f***?"

"That's exactly what we wanted to talk to you about, sir.", Iossif said. "This sort of absolute debauchery was supported by the old regime. They willingly covered up the crimes that the Opithian government not only allowed, but also encouraged and participated in. It's... disgusting."

"I agree with you entirely, but why exactly are you showing me this? There's not anything we can do about it, short of an invasion, and Opithia is a League nation. We'd be kicked out instantly."

Demallis smirked. "But there is something we can do about it, Archon Milotos. Opithia is governed entirely by the Council of Magnates, the richest people in the country. All that we would have to do is form a series of companies subsidized under the table by the Corpalan government, and get them on the Council of Magnates."

Milotos sighed. "You make this sound like it's going to be easy. The amount of money that this is going to cost..." he trailed off thinking about the tax hike this would cause."

"Well, there is a much cheaper, albeit riskier option. We could buy massive amounts of stock in some major Opithian companies, and blackmail their CEOs into selling enough of their own stock to give us a majority, and then execute a boardroom coup. Then not only do we get a puppet on the Council, we also get a money-making machine!"

"And why exactly is this the risky option?"

"Buying out a ton of companies who have major influence in the Council is undoubtedly going to draw some suspicion from the government. They know that none of their members would just willingly sell most or all of their stock to some unknown entity who also happens to be buying out everyone else. If there's one thing the Council actually tries to regulate, it's threats to their power."

Milotos sat in thought for a minute. "We'll need a backup, you know. If this doesn't work, we'll have no other choice than to invade them."

"Yes sir, that is the risk."

Ioannis buried his head in his hands. Why couldn't anything be easy? After a couple minutes of internal debate, he finally broke the silence.

"We'll go with the risky option."

Demallis grinned. "That's exactly what I hoped you'd say. We'll get started right away."

The head of the OOA quickly left the room with his agents, leaving Milotos and his guard to their thoughts.

Hail the Confederation!

Salcanceacy wrote:

Orders are as followed:

1. Do not join the Confederations faction at the start of the event.

2. Ensure that you are within the Confederation Discord or the Defence Coordination Centre.

3. Join larger factions to build stockpiles and production.

4. And Remeber "Fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities. Lo! Allah loveth not aggressors."

Hail the Confederation!

N-day Event Memorandum

Attention to all within the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators and those who wish to join, in approximately several minutes the Confederation will be engaged in operations that will being about victory during N-day. During the event the Confederations borders will remain closed until the events conclusion. However, it remains paramount that all nations within the Confederation do not join it's N-day faction Joccenheimer. In leiu of this request several nations have stepped up to command and coordinate the Confederations efforts. In addition these nations are the only sanctioned entitiesthat may issue order, they are as followed;

Event Commander - The Yeetusa

Event Iman - VlaRiSsiA

Command Adjutant - Salcanceacy

Hail the Confederation

In the dim bedroom, she swayed, lost.

Her partner, a sinister silhouette.

Movements synchronise, heart races. Closer, closer.

Recognition dawns, a chilling truth.

His grip, like shackles.

Panic surges, escape impossible.

A dance of horrors, she never chose.

Frozen in fear, trapped in the rhythm.

Terror thrashes, a frantic plea.

But the nightmarish waltz endures.

Darkness engulfs, the music devours.

Haunted by the man she couldn't flee.

Hail the Confederation!

N-day Notice

Talilon Please leave the Confederation N-day faction, you don't appear to be briefed on the regions strategy for N-day.

Hail ther Confederation!

Salcanceacy wrote:N-day Notice

Talilon Please leave the Confederation N-day faction, you don't appear to be briefed on the regions strategy for N-day.

Hail ther Confederation!

I can't. I'm targeted. I didn't know anything, I'm sorry.

Hail the Confederation!

Talilon wrote:I can't. I'm targeted. I didn't know anything, I'm sorry.

Hail the Confederation!


Don't worry too much about it just defend against the incoming nukes then bail out of the facttion.

Hail the Confederation!

Salcanceacy wrote:OOC:

Don't worry too much about it just defend against the incoming nukes then bail out of the facttion.

Hail the Confederation!

I will

Hail the Confederation!

Gregor Tchotayev found himself inside a cold and dingy hell. It hadn’t been long since he had been shipped to this prison, and already he felt as though he knew every detail of the walls, floor, ceiling, door. There was nothing else to do in the cell but rot.

The cell door opened with a rusty screech, and to his surprise, the old man from the boat was thrust into the room by a guard. He collapsed onto the hard floor as the metal door clanked shut behind him.

“Lousy prick.” The old man muttered from his grey beard. “You’re alive!” Gregor exclaimed with surprise. The man’s skeletal figure implied fragility, but he had survived so much already. Gregor helped the man to his feet. “Why’d they put us together? Because we were talking on the boat?” The old man steadied himself before sitting on the thin bunk opposite Gregors’, and shrugged his arms. “I guess we both needed a cellmate.” “But I had a cellmate.” Gregor stated with the seriousness of somebody who was speaking to their cellmate only a few hours ago. The old man looked up at Gregor unsympathetically. “Then he’s dead now, as is mine.”

Gregor sat down on his bunk, across from the man. They sat together in silence, possibly considering the coincidence of the situation. “I never got your name.” Gregor said. The old man looked up at him. There was a distinct lack of feeling in his eyes.
“I am Elias.” He croaked.

Gregor had spent his short time in this prison thinking about his friends; Yasmine, Dila, and Miczel. He worried for them. They were all targets of the state now. After a while of not speaking, listening to the occasional pair of boots passing the door or a door closing somewhere in the complex, Gregor had more questions for Elias.
“When we arrived, the guards taking us in weren’t soldiers. They were mercenaries.”
Elias did not shift from his position, now lying flat on his bed, staring at the ceiling with his hands folded neatly on his abdomen. He allowed a couple moments to pass before responding.
“I know.” His voice sounded tired, like the question pained him.
“You said on the boat you knew where we were going. Hellhole, or something.”

Hellbound, Zokivka island. I knew it was a prison. I did not know about the mercenaries.”
“So why send us here? There are internment camps and labour camps everywhere now.”
Elias did not meet this question with a response. He just continued staring at the ceiling above him. The cracks in the off-white paint almost formed a spiral pattern, like an intricate web.

Elias held the side of the bed’s frame to pull himself up. He was not a strong man. About an hour had passed. Or perhaps half an hour. Or ten minutes. Impossible to tell.
“Have you got any cigarettes, Gregor?” He wheezed.
“I don’t smoke.” Gregor replied bluntly.
“Hm. Good, they’re bad for you.” Elias’ wrinkled face cracked a slight smirk between his beard. Gregor smirked back with a sharp nasal exhale in place of a real laugh. “Are they a currency in this prison? I thought they made that up for television.”
Elias leaned back against the stained wall behind him. “No point in currency here. Nobody stays long enough.” Gregor’s smile disappeared.


An alarm blared through the halls. It sounded distant but was no less piercing. A repeating flash of light shone through the gaps around the cell door. It felt as though they had only just gone to sleep. There was no sunlight creeping into the cell from anywhere.
“What’s happening?” Gregor’s unawake voice creaked out as he sat up from his bunk. Elias leaned upwards and watched the door, almost expectantly. He then returned to his position lying down as if he would attempt to go back to sleep despite the noise and lights. “Don’t do anything.” He raised his voice so that Gregor could hear him. “What do you mean? What’s the alarm for?” “We’ll be fine, just stay in the cell and go back to sleep.” Gregor was dumbfounded. “Are you mad? Can you hear that alarm?” “Lie down, Gregor, and go back to sleep.” Gunshots could now be heard across the prison. They also sounded distant, like the alarm. It was coming from a cell block further away. There was audible shouting, though you could not make out a word of it. Gregor moved his gaze from the flashing light around the door back to Elias, who was now watching him. Gregor laid back down on the bunk, and waited. After what felt like the whole night had passed, the buzzing alarm stopped, the flashing lights shut off, and Gregor passed back out in the cot.


The cell doors automatically opened. The loud electric hum woke Gregor. He opened his eyes and sat upright in the bed to see Elias leaving the cell for breakfast. Gregor threw off the cruelly thin blanket and pursued the elderly man. Elias casually walked to the hall as if nothing had happened.

Gregor sat across from Elias on the metal bench and set his food tray on the table. “Did you know that was gonna happen?” Elias continued eating without looking up. “What, the alarm?” “Yes, the alarm. Was it a breakout? I almost thought my friends had come for me!” Elias looked up at him. “Ha! If your friends even considered coming here, they’d be dead before they left the coast!” This made Gregor feel worse. The reality of how inescapable the situation may be was beginning to weigh down on his spirit. “Should I expect that alarm thing to happen often?” “Not really. Only a week or so after new arrivals. And many get sent to the camps these days anyway.” Elias returned to nonchalantly eating.
“Is it because new arrivals try to escape? Before their spirits are crushed and they stop trying?” “No, it is because they try and make you escape.” A guard patrolling the hall passed by the table on his rounds. His face was obscured, and his gear looked military quality. For a prison, it seemed overkill.
“A short time after new arrivals come,” Elias continued, “they put the ones they think are most violent into the same block. Then they lock them in.” “Don’t we all get locked in? This is a prison…” Elias almost laughed at the comment. “No, no. We get to leave our cells for food and showers. They get locked in their cells.”
Gregor seemed confused at this strategy. “So the mercenaries just leave them to starve in their cells? Can they do that?” “It’s their prison, they can do what they want. Try telling them otherwise! The ones who get locked in, they realise that they will starve, or they must break out, so they do.”

“The guards let them break out?” “Yes, yes. The guards don’t even go to that cell block once they lock them in. When the prisoners get desperate and break out, the guards come back, and they kill them for rioting and escaping. They usually get salary bonuses for preventing the escapes.”
This realisation hit him like a bus. The gunshots. A hundred or more people were killed last night, just to thin out the herd and cull the people predetermined to be nuisances.
“You are shocked by this?” Elias added. “I’m more shocked that you didn’t stop eating while telling me about it…” Elias finished his thin metal cup of water. “Only so little time we get to eat. Hurry, hurry, before they send us back to cells!”

Gregor was frozen in place back in the cell. The horror that washed over him didn’t leave. It was more of a blanket of shock than a wave.
“The alarm and gunfire sounded distant.”
“Yes, it was a cell block on the other side of the prison.” Elias was picking at his fingernails. Gregor watched him as he mangled the ends of the nails out of boredom. “If it wasn’t our block, why did you tell me to lie back down?” Elias stopped and looked up at him. “I didn’t know for certain that we would not die. I wanted to minimise the chances of us being perceived as nuisances.” Gregor did not want to not be a nuisance to the fascists. “What point was there in telling me to try and go back to sleep during all that racket?”
Elias paused for a moment.
“Because we all want to die in our sleep.”

Hail the Confederation

Hail the Confederation!

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