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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 28th Most Nations: 73rd Most Influential: 106th+22
Largest Black Market: 640th Most Corrupt Governments: 814th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 904th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 908th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 972nd Most Patriotic: 975th Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 1,180th Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,185th Lowest Crime Rates: 1,447th Highest Wealthy Incomes: 1,512th Highest Average Incomes: 1,625th Most Authoritarian: 1,697th Most Devout: 1,770th Largest Information Technology Sector: 1,797th Largest Mining Sector: 1,914th Largest Governments: 1,969th Highest Poor Incomes: 2,021st Most Scientifically Advanced: 2,104th Most Subsidized Industry: 2,433rd Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 2,522nd Largest Retail Industry: 2,595th Greatest Rich-Poor Divides: 2,640th
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A New Year dawns; a new journey begins. Hail the Confederation!

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  • The Confederation Government is headed by High-Direktor Sir Adalberto Fabian HCF of Jocospor.

  • Join the World Assembly and endorse the Lady of Loathing of ShrewLlamaLand.

  • Participate in the Imperial Senate:

    • Government: Coalition (ISV-HORSE-VIP) | Opposition: United Party

    • President: The Hon. Sir Andreas Bombarone HCS SU of Ridnez

  • Foreign delegations should contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under Valerox.

This is a region of roleplay. No IRL fascists or communists.

Embassies: Abydos, The Slide Countries, Confederacy of Layem, The New Empire of Bunicken, Raxulan Empire, Vangmar II, and Union of Allied States.

The embassy with Confederacy of Layem is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Tags: Anti-Communist, Anti-Fascist, Anti-World Assembly, Enormous, Featured, Isolationist, Liberated, and Totalitarian.

Regional Power: Very High

Confederation of Corrupt Dictators contains 293 nations, the 73rd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Best Weather in Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

The following nations were determined to have the best all-round weather.

As a region, Confederation of Corrupt Dictators is ranked 25,640th in the world for Best Weather.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Federation of MarthuaniaDemocratic Socialists“Glory to Marthuania!”
2.The Empire of MastabaCorrupt Dictatorship“Don't mention the war.”
3.The Empire of TertaniaDemocratic Socialists“Failure is not fatal.”
4.The Socialist Peoples Republic of DaulmarkPsychotic Dictatorship“The Sun Shines Hope Upon Daulmārk”
5.The Nation of BalqiaPsychotic Dictatorship“Kelqa ir Kota”
6.The Domain of Richard NixonopolisIron Fist Consumerists“We are not crooks.”
7.The Empire of Of the war hammerInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We must always go forward”
8.The United Imperial State of Cape CanavralIron Fist Consumerists“Patria una, sub Imperatore.”
9.The Dictatorship of HrodgardPsychotic Dictatorship“We believe in God, but We don't trust Him”
10.The Dictatorship of Sherman MannorIron Fist Consumerists“You're going to love it here”
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Confederation of Corrupt Dictators Regional Message Board

Official Congratulations To Sir Andreas Bombardone and Dame Aurora Spencer From Senator Darcy J. Hill

"Let me be the first, bedsides the High-Direktor, to extend my sincerest congratulations to Sir Andreas Bombardone of Ridnez on his appointment as Lord Chancellor of the Ministry of Home Affairs, and furthermore, let me extend my most heartfelt congratulations to Dame Aurora Spencer of Nova Occidens on her appointment as Lady Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Time and time again, you have both proven your undoubtable loyalty to the Confederation, His Supreme Majesty, The Emperor, and the Confederation's humble dictators. I believe, with all of my heart, that the only outcome of these appointments is one of good fortune for the Confederation, The Emperor, and the common dictators that are the backbone of our great Confederation. Truly, I do not believe we can fully imagine the greatness they will bring to us, the common dictators of the Confederation.

As such, I, on behalf of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Dashiharu of Johill, and the Imperial Family of Johill, extend our most belated congratulations on both of your appointments!"

Power Through Unity, Weakness Through Division!
For A United Confederation!
Supremacy, Nobility, Camaraderie!
Hail the Confederation!

(National Anthem Plays)

Damas y Caballeros...
¡Bienvenidos a La Estación Nacional de Noticias!
Presented by Rosa Madrigal

"Imperator of the Imperatum nowhere to be found at international summit hosted in Nuevo Madrid"

“Today, His Majesty Andrés Juan-Francisco de la Cipriano held an international summit to discuss the future of nationalism, but to his surprise, the would-be star of the summit, His Excellency Viktor Arcen of the Imperatum, was nowhere to be seen! Madrid officials searched the Summit Hall in Palacio de Su Majestad and tried calling the Imperator's office for over 2 hours before giving up and calling off the summit. There is now a growing stigma surrounding the government of the Imperatum, as reports come in from Neu Bösehaven stating that government offices are vacant and other high-ranking Darkian are also missing.”

"It certainly is a worrying time for our two nations, but through the will and might of His Majesty, we will persevere gloriously!"

More to come shortly!
¡Más por venir en breve!

Hail the Confederation!


"Mr. Oofler you are accused of the following;

- Planning, preparation, initiation and waging of a war of aggression against the Feuraxian nation

- Murder, ill treatment, deportation and genocide of Feuraxians in the northern strip and occupied territories

- Wanton destruction of towns, cities and causing widespread devastation

- Use, and threatening use, of chemical WMD’s to cause maximum civilian casualties

How do you plead?"

"Not guilty."

The defense will now make an opening statement...

Hail the confederation!

Inspirational corporate music plays.
A presentable young woman in a business suit is shown against a sleek, clear backdrop.

"Hi! We here at the Alpha-827 Colony would like to present the newest member of your regional senate! Meet Anzen!"

The video cuts to an attractive 30-year-old man in a 3-piece suit sliding his hand across a conference table.

"Hello, my name is Anzen, and I will be representing the colony of Alpha-827 on future regional affairs. Using our skills and working together, hopefully we'll be able to change our Senate for the better. But we'll have to work together, even when things get rough."

The video cuts to Anzen walking down a bustling street next to the entrances of numerous corporate office buildings and shops.

"In Alpha-827, the key factor in having a great economy is unity! Our whole city is one big family! If we want to encourage prosperity, we must learn to put our differences aside and work as a team. You may see me at the next Imperial Senate meeting, working hard on keeping us together."

He stops next to an ice cream booth, and pulls a few coins out of his pocket. The shopkeeper delightfully hands him a strawberry ice cream. He turns to the camera, raises the ice cream and winks. The video fades to black, and the words "Unity in Flesh" slide to the center of the screen. The same woman from before's voice reads the words out loud, and the video ends.

Hail the Confederation!

Diplomatic Crisis!

Following an escalation of the Manoblancan refugee crisis that started in 2015, the President of the Federation of the Mirindads has insulted the government of Manoblanca for being unable to stop the refugees.

“These people are crawling into our country, causing the Federation millions each year this continues, all because the government of Manoblanca has fallen apart!” The President angrily claimed in a recent press conference.

In response, President Joaquin C. Juárez of Manoblanca shot back, calling the Manoblancan refugees “not true Manoblancans” and blaming the Federation for being unable to cope with the situation.

Tensions have recently escalated further following the detainment of a Mirinian coast guard ship by Manoblanca. When the Federation demanded a reason for this detainment, Manoblanca claims that the ship entered Manoblancan waters and refused to leave when ordered to, resulting in its detainment.

The Global Cooperation Organization has been called upon by both the Republic of Manoblanca and the Federation of the Mirindads to solve this issue, and a special session of the Assembly of Nations is being planned for the near future. One can only pray this escalation does not end in war.

Hail the Confederation


Prosecution bought up public statements that Oofler made to the CCD about the time of the Second (Oof)surgency as evidence for crimes against peace, and waging of a war of aggression;

"...I send forth my legions to eradicate the Feuraxian plague...", "...we will show the world that we are their masters, they shall bow to us or cease to exist...", and "...we will turn their cities into graves and their countries into wastelands..."

Defense rebutted these statements as admissible evidence since holding Oofler guilty on public statements alone is a violation of the right to free speech.

Another case was made by the prosecution to hold Oofler accountable for his deployment of WMDs to maximize civilian casualties. Oofler indeed did make statements threatening the use of Fluoroantimonic acid chemical weapons against Feuraxian cities. He also proclaimed the end of humanity from a Noobloxian space station apparently fitted with a particle accelerator superweapon, which he did fire.

Defense hit back, arguing that threats of deploying WMDs are not the same as actually deploying WMDs. There is no evidence to suggest Oofler EVER deployed a chemical weapon, and the supposed 'particle accelerator superweapon' was simply a science fiction gimmick designed to scare the Feuraxian government.

Yet another case was made by the prosecution to find Oofler guilty on planning, preparation, initiation and waging of a war of aggression. Oofler did indeed incite both (Oof)surgencies with a large entourage of violence, devastation, displacement of civilians and seizing of Feuraxian territory.

Defense pushed back, commenting that prosecution was not taking a wide enough scope history. Oofler's lawyer took a revolutionary angle arguing that the Feuraxian civil war of 1999-2004 NEVER ENDED, as a peace treaty was never signed and ratified by the WA. This meant that the Oofsurgencies of 2006 and 2010 were simply APART of the much longer civil war between the Noobloxian separatist faction and the Bank of Feuraxia, with long periods of ceasefire in between. BECAUSE of this revelation, the Oofsurgencies CANNOT be classified as wars of aggression, and are therefore NOT crimes against humanity.

Perhaps the most critical case made by the prosecution against Oofler was his genocide of the Feuraxian population. It started with chilling public statements such as "The Feuraxians are the most disgusting and miserable peoples... ...we shall do them the mercy of unexistence..." and followed through with deportation, persecution and mass shootings of Feuraxian civilians by the NLA.

Oofler's lawyer presented a very different narrative of events. "Oofler's war was a war of liberation for enslaved Noobs everywhere under oppressive Feuraxian overlords. Certain actions were taken out of necessity to rid ourselves of rich Feuraxian overlords. Will we forget how NOOBS were detained by the Bank during the liberation of the Northern strip? I would like to see those Feuraxian military police commanders be held on trial for THEIR atrocities. Justice in this country is a double standard! One law for Feuraxian, another for Noob. Prosecution ignores the fact most Feuraxian civilians in conflict zones owned firearms, and had to be treated as enemy combatants. Oofler never issued a DIRECT COMMAND ordering the mass indiscriminate killing of UNARMED civilians. As for the small number of 'incidents' that did take place, remember the NLA was nothing but a large de-centralized mob of ideologically feverous noobs. Mobs are prone to mob mentality, and INDIVIDUALS are held accountable for INDIVIDUAL crimes. Oofler had NO CONTROL, and is therefore WELL DISTANCED from whatever 'incidents' happened on the ground.

IN SUMMARY, Oofler did not deploy WMDs, did not commit genocide, and did not incite a war of aggression. Oofler’s only crime is waging a war against the Bank of Feuraxia government; which no longer exists. Therefore Oofler is innocent of ANY CRIME against this current republican government, and any accused war crimes listed by the prosecution."

Hail the Confederation!

The Governor-General’s report for May 14 has been issued.
Hail the Confederation!

Tensions Increase!

President Amparo Salinas of the Federation of the Mirindads has accused the Republic of Manoblanca of using the refugee crisis to destabilize her country. In response to this claim, President Joaquin Juárez dismissed them as “ridiculous conspiracy theories” and called President Salinas “a very unstable woman”. President Juárez has also accused the Mirindads of scouting the islands of Manoblanca for an invasion.

“When the Mirinian coast guard vessel was detained, as per protocol, the vessel was searched. Inspectors found surveillance equipment, such as cameras, and maps of the Manoblancan islands. I feel I do not need to further elaborate on what I think the Mirindads were planning…” President Juárez said in a recent televised statement.

The Global Cooperative Organization has called for peace from both sides until the special session of the GCO, which is planned to occur next week in the United Malginan States.

Both the Mirindads and Manoblanca have received vocal support internationally. The Mirindads are supported by the Panan Republic and the Royal Commonwealth of Tilan, while Manoblanca has been supported by the State of Alexaskevi and the Socialist Republic of Sastian.

Hail the Confederation

When will the election results be announced we have waited too long now.
Hail the confederation

Laula Suist wrote:When will the election results be announced we have waited too long now.
Hail the confederation

The election results have already been announced over discord. An official post will come out when the Lady-Chancellor deems the time right.

Hail the Confederation!

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