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The Pacific contains 7,210 nations, the 7th most in the world.

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1.The Socialist Empire of Universal Utopian StateDemocratic Socialists“Libertatem est Servitus.”
2.The Democratic States of KiavilleLiberal Democratic Socialists“One for all and all for Kia!”
3.The Federal Republic of WinklebottomNew York Times Democracy“E pluribus unum”
4.The Tyu of JaksmouthNew York Times Democracy“What are you doing here?”
5.The Republic of This was probably a bad ideaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Illegitimi non carborundum”
6.The Drakken Empire of RepitilysiaLeft-wing Utopia“Never again will the chains enslave”
7.The Federal Republic of Federation of the Astral PlaneLeft-wing Utopia“Service to all people”
8.The Empire of Korhal ILeft-wing Utopia“Death comes for all of us”
9.The Imperial Semi-Democracy of ShnailandPsychotic Dictatorship“Strength, Justice, and Prosperity for the People!”
10.The Confederacy of ZolehenDemocratic Socialists“Sidere Mens Eadem Mutato”
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Mestovakia wrote:Woo! Took me a while but I've collected the Deserts of Kharak images.

Awesome! That’s one step closer!

Kathol Rift wrote:Awesome! That’s one step closer!

A standard Imperial Carrier.

Mestovakia wrote:

A standard Imperial Carrier.

Very nice.

Kathol Rift wrote:Very nice.

I might add another carrier if I can get to it.

Mestovakia wrote:I might add another carrier if I can get to it.

Sounds like a plan

Kathol Rift wrote:Sounds like a plan

Yup; I just need to clear Mission 2 of Deserts of Kharak. I'll get around to it tomorrow.

I realized that certain divisions need more than just an Assault rifle and a Tank. Thus I added more equipment.
And now I'm about to toy with 'Unmanned Ground Vehicles'

The People's Republic of Wubdich has been held a secret from the rest of the world for most of its official existence, by order of the Soviet Gouvernment from 1925 to 1991. Most of the military equipment has accordingly also been held a secret. At the end of World War 2, a lot equipment and vehicles captured or obtained from the Axis was hidden here, if it didn't find a use for the Soviet Military. Additionally, a lot of experiments were conducted and prototypes built on the islands, part of were never used or finished during the Cold War. As of today (9th of May 2020) the Council of the People is still discussing over the declassification of a great part of its military forces and their past expirements.

Declassified information:

Ground based:
640.003 active personell (following compulsory military service)
2,4 Million reserve personell
--Main armament: Sokolov 'So-14' and Basing 'BZ-04'

(So-14 = wubdichian version of AK-12)

(BZ-04 = wubdichian version of a more modern QBZ-97)




Sokolov 'Große Wumme' GW-62

Rocket Launcher
Based on the Russian 'RPG-32'

Sokolov 'Schnelle Wumme' GS-5/4A

Grenade Launcher
Based on the Russian 'RG-6'

Sokolov 'Wütende Wumme' WW-99

Full- / Semi-Automatic Shotgun
Based on Russian 'Saiga 12'

Sokolov 'Fetzer' FZ-5T3

Based on the Russian 'OT-5000'

Basing 'Gnat' XS-010

Standard Pistol
Based on Chinese 'QSW-06'

Basing-Sokolov-Cooperation 'Sturm' BSM-77

Submachine Gun
Based on the German 'MP-7'

Sokolov 'Fliegenklatsche' SFK-01

Based on Russian '9K33 Verba'

453 Soviet-era tanks (including T-34s, T-55s and T-72s)
+100 T-55 MBTs were given as a gift by United Surabaya
--Production of Woijiennui 'WT-05' and 'WT-14-A' initiated

(WT-05 = wubdichian version of later T-90 versions)

(WT-14-A = wubdichian version of T-14 Armata)

99 Soviet-era self-propelled rocket artillery vehicles (primarely Katyushas and TOS-1s)
an unkown number of threaded and wheel-based multinational transport vehicles -- half deemed to be scrapped
--Production of Woijiennui 'WTP-20' and 'RFK-2/39' initiated.

(RFK-2/39 = wubdichian version of Russian 9A52-A Tornado)

Selfpropelled Anti-Air weaponry construction initiated with Woijiennui 'LR-44 Lucifer'

(LR-44 = wubdichian version of an improved 2K22 Tunguska)

Selfpropelled Artillery weaponry construction initiated with Woijiennui 'AFK-3' -- Construction focus --- 332 built so far

(AFK-3 = wubdichian version of the Russian 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV)




Woijiennui 'WTP-20'

Personell Carrying Truck


Based on Russian 'Kamaz Typhoon'

Zaofu 'ZFZ-023'

Infantry Fighting Vehicle


Based on Chinese 'ZBD-04'

Zaofu 'ZAC-101'

Armored Car


Based on Japanese 'Komatsu LAV'

Woijiennui 'WUT-17KU 'Uragaan''

Unmaned Ground Vehicle


Based on the Russian 'Uran-9'

Air Force:
728 fighter jets -- 948 including carrier capable crafts (primarely Zu-01)
--Production of Zu-01 initiated -- Construction focus

Based on Su-47

98 attack aircraft (pr. MiG-27s)
--Production of Su-34 initiated

27 medium bombers (17 Tu-22M and 10 Tu-160)
--Production of Tu-160 completed

6 strategic bombers (all M4 Molot)
--See above

1 tanker (Il-78)
1 AWACS (Beriev A-50)
--Production of more Il-78 initiated

6 main transport plane (3 An-124 and 9 C-1)
--Production of An-124 and C-1 (Kawasaki) completed

Archive image of Japanese C-1

6 Wolke-class Schlachtzeppeline (formerly Y-class, commissioned by the Navy)

Archive picture of original Y-class

+75 fighter jets (foreign aid by United Surabaya)
an unknown number of operational Soviet-era helicopters -- majority deemed unfit for service
--Production of Mi-24 initiated (36 crafts built so far)
--Production of Mi-28 initiated (21 crafts built so far)
--Production of Ka-50 initiated (12 crafts built so far)

10 J-30 Multirole Fighters (origin Strala)
and 10 J-23 Air Superiority Fighters (origin Strala)
--The Working and Mercantile Sneks of Strala took over the production of J-9 fighters and H-8 bombers.

6 Kirov-class battlecruiser (1 adopted from the USSR; 5 built)

3 Kiev-class air craft carriers (2 refitted after fall of the USSR, 1 built)

1 Graf Zeppelin class aircraft carrier (captured after WW2, anchored as Museum and Schoolship after service in the Wubdichian Navy)

2 Ulyanovsk class aircraft carriers

6 Sovetsky-Soyuz class battleships (2 adopted from the USSR, 4 build in own project)

1 Liaoning class aircraft carrier (gifted by United Surabaya)

7 formerly retired Sovremenny class destroyers

8 formerly retired Kashin class destroyers (considered for retirement)

16 Tashkent class destroyers

10 Krivak class frigates

5 Slava class cruisers

12 Akula class submarines

8 Takao class heavy cruisers (limited service; considered for retirement)

4 Amagi class battlecruisers (limited service; considered for retirement)

6 Wolke class Schlachtzeppelin

4 Emmanuel II class heavy cruisers (origin country: The Sovereign Domain of Cohuila Y Tejas; retired)

7 Gurrero class light cruisers (origin country: The Sovereign Domain of Cohuila Y Tejas; retired)

4 Admiral-Hipper class heavy cruisers (retired; assigned as museum and school ships)

5 Mirsky-Soyuz-class Superbattleship (more planned for future construction)

6 Pangea-Omega class Aircraft-Carrier-Submarines

6 Pangea-Epsilon class Aircraft-Carrier-Submarines

and 5 Deni-DeVito class floating weapon platforms.

Refer to:

Other equipment:
By emergency protocol reactivated Soviet Nuclear Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs): 322 out off [REDACTED]. 5 ICBMs fired when [REDACTED].
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Where did Nacoa Dya go?

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