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1.The Ego-Posadist Utopia of DekksIron Fist Consumerists“Your fairytales can't hold back our nukes!”
2.The Neurodemocratic Collective of DankAss CommunesCivil Rights Lovefest“Everything's Better With Butter”
3.The United Kingdom of La Pays De SolielLiberal Democratic Socialists“May the Sun shine Ever down upon this United Kingdom.”
4.The Free Syndicates of WileyshireLeft-wing Utopia“The Worker Needs Bread and Roses.”
5.The People's Commonwealth of The Wind IslandsLeft-Leaning College State“We do not fear the cold seas”
6.The Federal People's Republic of The Celtic IsletsCivil Rights Lovefest“A lucht oibre an domhain, aontaigh!”
7.The Republic of AlitoneLeft-wing Utopia“We will communicate like this, 1 press release a time!”
8.The Shahdom of SirizaLeft-Leaning College State“The Only Socialist Shahdom”
9.The Holy Federal State of GylippusInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Embracing Chaos”
10.The People's Republic of NotharnaPsychotic Dictatorship“By the People and For the People!”
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Idk why it took me 7 months to copy over to a factbook my information on my nations' IGO, the Isles Compact. But here we are.

The Debtian Isles consists of hundreds of tribes and made up of 20 countries. The isles were disunified, tribal in allegiance, and wars were not considered to be uncommon.

In 1941, the Two-Year Vernalis occurred. After a period of mass increase in resource extraction and land development, a two year period of mass reforestation, animal attacks, damns and mines breaking and collapsing occurred. Thousands were displaced, injured, died, and famines occurred.

The Debtian nations would come together after this to form the Isles Compact. This treaty serves to unify the island together and to act as if they were one. With the focus of preserving nature as to prevent another Vernalis, the Debtian nations united economically to share resources and integrate each other's economies, developing an internal single market. This also marked a major change in transportation in the Isles by opening the borders between nations and allowing a free flow of resources, labor, and people across the Isles. In global trade, the Isles now act as their own trading bloc.

The Isles Compact created a collective security policy across the isles to encourage military cooperation and reduce the need for large scale military resource consumption. The Compact also united the isles in energy production and integrate the power grids of each state to support each other. The Isles Compact is not the formation of a confederation, for each nation is still independent. However, this alliance of nations has brought the Debtian states closer to each other as one body.

Read factbook

Also some news from the Isles Compact

Debtian Public Radio (Role-Play)

Rising Tides, Quieter Skies

The Isles Compact has announced a new policy of restrictions involving shipping travel and underwater resource extraction. The program, called the Energy Curtailment Health Operation (ECHO), seeks to reduce the amount of noise that is produced by sapients on the ocean. Isles Compact researchers have studied the effects of synthetic noise on the surrounding waters of the Isles and report higher levels of stress, reduced and altered migratory patterns and routes, and sometimes death of aquatic life as result of the noises we produce.

The full article is available below

Rising Tides, Quieter Skies

The Isles Compact has announced a new policy of restrictions involving shipping travel and underwater resource extraction. The program, called the Energy Curtailment Health Operation (ECHO), seeks to reduce the amount of noise that is produced by sapients on the ocean. Isles Compact researchers have studied the effects of synthetic noise on the surrounding waters of the Isles and report higher levels of stress, reduced and altered migratory patterns and routes, and sometimes death of aquatic life as result of the noises we produce.

Cavitation, the noise that is produced from ship propellers while spinning underwater, is one of the largest sources of synthetic noise that affect ocean life in the Isles and one of the main noises that ECHO seeks to reduce. ECHO requires that Debtian ships have installed noise-muffling propellers and insulated engines, as well as lifting engines off the base floor of the ship. Ships will be given a year to make these modifications and will face fines if they do not comply. However, that is not the only economic incentive made by ECHO. Following the leads of port cities like Sdlaga'Láanaa and Gantáay, ECHO also reward ships, both domestic and international, that integrate noise reduction methods with reduced harbor tax rates by up to 49% reduction. Another policy regarding harbors is also the docking process. Whereas ships usually arrive to a port at full speed and will wait outside until a dock is available, ECHO encourages ships to instead slow down their ships and travel slower into the harbor, with slower speeds creating less noise.

ECHO has also placed restrictions on both sonar testing and seismic surveying, both of which have detrimental effects on marine life, specially animals like dolphins and whale that rely on sonar and noise navigation. Sonar will be limited in its use and seismic surveying will be reduced in prevalence by making greater use of multi-client surveys instead of single-client surveys so that certain sea areas are only surveyed once.

ECHO also has banned the use of air guns in seismic surveys of the ocean floor in search of oil and other natural resources. Air guns have been shown to have devastating effects on marine life, from driving away fish stocks to killing large swaths of plankton and other microbial life. Air guns can be replaced with underwater vibrators that create a smaller sound footprint and operate at a lower peak pressure, reducing the chance of injury to marine life.

While hailed by environmental activists and fishing unions, ECHO has received backlash from the shipping industry as well as resource-extraction and energy industries who view the requirements as too short in the allotted time to transition. They also warn about high economic costs, both in the cost of modifying ships as well as the profit loss of their ships being in shipyards and unable to trade.

The Ghoul Child Trend

From Debtian Public Radio, I'm Jeremiah Hawkson. A note of warning before going into this, the story is quite disturbing.

What happens when you become too goth? A disturbing new trend has been rising here in the Isles and that is known as the "Ghoul Child" Trend. The trend refers to women becoming pregnant with men who have recently died in order to produce a child who has conceived from a living woman and a dead man and thus, by their definition, are a ghoul. To clarify on this, this is not referring to sperm that was gathered before death and injected after, but explicitly gathered after the man's death. Police have arrested over 19 people involved in this, from women who chose to be a host and to men and women who assisted in acquiring the sperm, although it is believed there are more. While most of the perpetrators would collect the sperm and impregnate through artificial insemination, there have been 2 instances of women who engaged in penetrative sex with the deceased men. In a reverse, there has also been one instance of acquiring an egg from a deceased woman and fertilizing it with sperm from an alive male and putting it in an artificial womb.

The trend is believed to be tied to a recent dark romance novel published in the Isles called "Wicker Room" that contains a story of a child that was conceived under these circumstances. As result of these instances, the book has both gone up in sales and been receiving calls to ban it due to it leading to necrophiliac actions.

Jeremiah Hawkson, DPR News

The Bewitching Appeal of Covens

From Debtian Public Radio, I'm Marilyn Louis Kennedy.

A full moon, lit candles, and a gathering of the mysterious. These are what may come to mind when one hears the term "witchcraft" or "coven". For decades now, many in the Isles have shunned the idea of magic and the esoteric, fearing any negative ramifications that it could bring. However, not everyone feels fear or anger when they think of these. One group in the nation of Dléigunaakée known as The People's Coven have been leading a campaign to challenge the image of the witch in the public mind. Through outreach programs, public relations, and advertising, The People's Coven have been introducing the idea that a witch is not something to fear but something to embrace.

"Witches are not some demon that is going to eat your kid." That is Megan Tarneqi, spokesperson for The People's Coven. "We are regular people. We are your neighbors, your grocers, your family members. We are part of the community and want what everyone else wants of a nice and kind life."

Operating out of Dléigunaakée, The People's Coven is technically an illegal group. While witchcraft was never outlawed, covens have been illegal in the nation since 1946, with lawmakers fearing gatherings of magic users and esoterics. This has been one of the biggest challenges of witches in the Isles, including The People's Coven who are working to try and overturn that law.

After much work, that is exactly what happened. A bill to decriminalize covens was put forward by representative Jim Harbern and is supported by The People's Coven. The bill would allow for the creation of covens, maintaining of covens, and, most importantly, the ability to public invite people to join the coven. Solicitation is a major hurdle for witches in the Isles, with solicitation being one of the most common charges against witches by law enforcement.

"We want to be able to grow as a coven, to find people with similar interests as us. However, we can't do that because the law effectively makes it illegal to even talk about it. Many witches are arrested on solicitation charges just for mentioning covens, not even inviting people to join. The idea of positively talking about coven is so horrific to law enforcement that they throw us into police cars just for that."

The bill has attracted a lot of attention and has some loud opposition. "The encouraging of covens would bring about the end of the Isles". That's Gregory Picair, a member of Debtian Families, an anti-esotericism group that operates throughout the Debtian Isles. The group formed shortly after the Vernalis to stand in opposition to all things magic and esoteric. "Magic is why the Vernalis occurred and brought the Isles to its knees. If we allow covens to form, that will only encourage more magic use and is a slippery slope to causing another Vernalis. Families were lost to witchcraft and continue to be today and I can't allow for that to increase."

While organized groups have come out against it, there is also a significant amount of individuals against the bill. Many people tell their stories about their personal encounters with witchcraft. Laura Petersons, a stay at home mother, had this to say; "When I was a child, my brother got involved with witchcraft and it took him down a dark path. He became aggressive, distant, and even physically attacked our dad. He ran away from home and I haven't been in contact with him since."

The bill is expected to be on the floor in the coming and will decide whether covens will be decriminalized or continue to operate in the shadows. Marilyn Louis Kennedy, DPR News

Running a campaign can be a very expensive procedure, with even local elections costing up to a million raviolis. A new form of campaigning, however, may alleviate some of that economic burden. Legislators in the Debtian state of Eechyéisʼ have passed a new bill that have set up an official website for those running in elections across the state. The website,, allows voters to enter in their residential and voting information that'll allow them to know every candidate that are running in elections that voters can vote on. This includes state elections, county elections, city and municipality elections, party primaries, even neighborhood association elections. We now go to Grant Hudson for more.

Grant Hudson: The step towards internet campaigning has been increasing in recent years, with more and more candidates having both a physical and digital presence to reach all demographics. Young voters have expressed support for this, like 22 year old Dale Brigham.

"The first time I could vote, there were so many candidates that I couldn't find anything about anywhere. The election website is great for helping in that"

The website being a central location for candidate information also allows people who cannot afford the expenses of campaigning to have a better chance. Local activist, Oliver Flaks, announced his campaign for mayor of his city after the bill was passed,

"I am a working class guy and I can't afford the million dollars needed to campaign in a city. But with this government website offering all this information, I can reach more people than I could before."

However, not everyone supports this bill. The law requires all candidates to be registered on the website, with some believing that this impedes on their freedom of choice, like Shéséet City Council Member Barbra Talsmin.

"I should be able to campaign however I like; going to events, shaking hands, having conversations, putting signs up, that's how you campaign. I shouldn't be forced to be online"

Other dissenters come from more rural areas, like farmer John Carson who has never been on a computer in his life,

"My family doesn't care for newer technologies like computers. Now I have to use one just to know who I'm voting for? This is ridiculous. Soon everything is gonna be online and I won't be able to know anything without going to my library that's miles away."

From DPR News, I'm Grant Hudson.

Read factbook

ISA Official Statement

On Monday, the Union's miniature space elevator prototype on the surface of Danae completed its circuit of trials runs and usage. The ease and speed of testing has been greatly improved by the Iskarian Space Agency's restructuring on the week of the 9th of June, with an average 982% increase in performance in comparison to the previous state of the ISA.

The trial circuit itself has been deemed a resounding success filled with useful failures which have allowed us to rigorously pinpoint faults in all stages and aspects of the elevator's production and usage. With simulations now indicating that there is no more to be gained from continued testing, the elevator prototype will be converted to a permanent scientific base on Danae's surface, with plans to place a Union observatory and scientific station to investigate habitation and adaptation in and to low-gravity environments.

The ISA now moves on to select candidate locations within the Union to begin construction of the elevator in earnest.

- Nanji Ishikawa, Iskarian Space Agency Spokesperson

Post self-deleted by Alinn.

President Sindevir signs Alinnian Election Protection Act, makes Election Day a federal holiday
Gabriel DeSanto — The Alinnian Herald

Worrying about having to squeeze in voting during an Election Day while working will now be a fad of the past. The Sentinel convened and put forth the Alinnian Election Protection (AEP) Act for executive review. President Sindevir signed it quite swiftly.

Under the new regulations of the AEP Act, all employers across the country must now shut down their businesses on election days, allowing every Alinnian a fair opportunity to vote. “The dip in the workforce participation rate as well as economic output, we feel, is well worth allowing every Alinnian an equal opportunity to have their voice heard at the polls,” commented Premier of Domestic Affairs Angelica Freeze, whose premiership is responsible for conducting elections and deal with electoral mechanics across the country. During the press conference after the bill signing, President Sindevir also commented on how the nation “will be better off losing a day of worker productivity and output because more Alinnian voices will be heard.”

As a result of election days becoming federal holidays, employers will be required to give workers the day off work and pay them 75% of their pay for the day. Salary workers’ pay must remain unaffected in any contract negotiations as a result. Companies may be excessively fined if found to have violated the statues of the Act. Premier Freeze stated that while the administration desired for a full wage replacement, “Senators close to the President advised her it would ‘harm the purpose of the legislation by potentially politicizing election day’.”

The bill did not pass without opposition, however, as Conservative senators rallied against the economic loss. Conservative Minority Leader Lorianne Huggleston lambasted that “employers already give their workers copious leeway in allowing them to leave the workplace to vote on election days” and that as a result of this bill’s passage, “Alinnian workers will lose their jobs because of an issue that is meant to be dealt with by districts vis-a-vié the Devolution Act.” The remaining eight conservative senators in the Sentinel voted against the legislation alongside Huggleston, but the bill passed with the eleven Democratic Centrist senator majority.

As Ezechard is the only nomination, they win the World Assembly Delegate election by default.

I'm going to offer a map change that is much more do-able than coast updates, and that is rivers.
If any of you think the rivers could be better or you want to add some rivers to the Bodies of Water map, DM me what you want and I can add them. Just don't go overboard with them and also make sure they work on the elevation map (can't have any rivers going uphill). Also remember that most rivers receive their water from mountains, so elevation is key

You can find the Bodies of Water map with all the rivers in the dispatch

Map Cartographer: Student Loan Debt

Next Update: August 15th


The maps of the Democratic Socialist Assembly are opt-in maps that allow nations to have defined borders and enhance their role-playing (if they chose to do so. No one is making them). To have a spot on our maps,
see How to Get on Our Maps for more details.

How The Maps Work

Every 15 days (half months), all official DSA maps are updated to reflect current stats and regional membership.

Our Maps

Base Map

Political Map: A map showing the borders and boundaries of all the nations of the DSA that are on the maps.

Iskar (NW)

Anarchist Usonta
Balkvla Islands
DankAss Communes
NPC Nation: Omnicron Dynamics (under development)
The Finno-Estonian Empire
Gallo Republic
La Pays De Soliel
Oh my god it is so hard to find a name
Solus Unus
United Syndicates of Sol

Romaxia (SW)

NPC Nation: AnPrim Nation (under development)
Democratic Republic of Cacusia
Mon Silanies
Sessnia (Cessnia)
NPC Nation: Sorsluth (under development)
The Sugaree

Debsia (SE)

DankAss Communes
Republic of Turbin
Sessnia (Cessnia)
NPC Nation: United Socialist Republics of Nalakita (under development)
Zenthen Isles

Frimunira (NE)

An Tir Glas
NPC Nation: The Bayar Desert Peoples
DankAss Communes
NPC Nation: Ozhonistan
Rkiande Anatrom
Student Loan Debt

Suceavalgid (Southern-most Cotinent)

DankAss Communes
Sessnia (Cessnia)

Climate Map: A map showing the different climates of the world. Scroll below the map to find descriptions.


Tropical Climates - Between 0 and 32 degrees N/S

Tropical Rainforest - Hot and Wet year round. Dense forests, little underbrush, poor soil quality, high biodiversity.
Real Life Examples: The Amazon, The Congo, Indonesia
Tropical Monsoon - Hot and Very Wet summers and Warm Dry winters. A transitional zone between Rainforest and Savannah
Tropical Savannah - Hot Wet summers and Warm Dry winters. Grasses and shrubs, isolated trees, droughts, and lower biodiversity
Real Life Examples: Serengeti, Thailand, Southern Mexico
Hot Desert - Very Hot summers, Warm winters, Dry year round. Sandy and rocky, low vegetation, low biodiversity.
Real Life Examples: Sahara Desert, Central Australia, Arabian Peninsula
Hot Steppe - Hot summers, warm winters, Low-Dry year round. Grasses and shrub lands, scattered trees, droughts, thorny or waxy plants. This is a transitional zone between Hot Desert and surrounding climates.
Real Life Examples: The Sahel

Temperate Climates - Between 32 and 60 degrees N/S

Mediterranean - Hot Dry summers and Warm with Moderate Precipitation winters. Evergreens, deciduous trees, plants like olive, citrus, and figs, Shrub lands, and (when it gets real hot and dry) wildfires.
Real Life Examples: Greece, Italy, California
Humid Subtropical - Hot Wet summers and Warm/Mild with Moderate Precipitation winters. Evergreen trees (Palm Trees are popular), ferns, bushes, shrubs, and grasslands
Real Life Examples: Southern United States, Eastern China, Uruguay
Oceanic (Maritime/Marine) - Warm/Mild Wet summers and Cool/Cold Wet winters. No dry seasons, narrow temperature range, conifers and broad leaves, lots of weather that's cloudy, overcast, and rainy.
Real Life Examples: Western Europe, New Zealand
Temperate Rainforest - A subclimate of Oceanic Climate with dense forests with heavy moss and ferns and ground cover
Real Life Examples: Japan, Ireland, British Columbia
Humid Continental - Warm/Hot and Moderate Precipitation summers and Cold/Very Cold and Low-Dry winters. Wide temperature range, Evergreen and Deciduous trees, grasslands and shrubs.
Real Life Examples: Eastern Europe, United States Mid-West
Cold Desert - Hot summer, Cold winter, Dry year round. Sandy and rocky, low vegetation, low biodiversity.
Real Life Examples: Gobi Desert, Southern Argentina
Cold Steppe - Warm summers, Cold winters, Low-Dry year round. This is a transitional zone between Cold Desert and surrounding climate.
Real Life Examples: New Mexico, Spain

Polar and Cold Climates - Between 60 and 90 degrees N/S

Humid Subpolar (Boreal/Taiga)- Cool/Mild and Moderate Precipitation summers and Very Cold and Low-Dry winters. Coniferous forests, poor soil quality, and little undergrowth.
Real Life Examples: Canada, Alaksa, Siberia
Polar Tundra - Cold and Low Precipitation summers and Very Cold Dry winters. Permafrost, no trees, has srubs, grasses, mosses, and lichens, low biodiversity, and seasonal bogs and lakes
Real Life Examples: Nunavut, Greenland coast
Polar Ice Caps - Low Precipitation summers, Dry winters, and Very Cold year round. Permanent snow and ice cover and almost no plants at all.
Real Life Examples: Antarctica, Greenland Interior
Highland/Alpine - Depends on elevation. Precipitation depends on surrounding climate and wind patterns (If the base of the mountain is dry, expect that side to be dry. If base is wet, expect it to be wet). Cold resistant plants like perinnials, , sedges, mosses, and lichen, and there will be a Linktree line where, once you are high enough, trees cannot survive and will not grow. Where this line is depends on temperature and latitude, with the line decreasing in height the closer you get to the Poles.
Real Life Examples: Himalayas, Andes, other mountainous areas

Topography and Bathymetry (Elevation) Map: A map showing the elevation of the land and oceans

Geographic Map: A map showing what our plant generally looks like on a satellite. Includes names for many major areas, climates, and mountains of our world.

Flag Map: A map showing the different flags of each nation

Ocean Currents Map: A map showing the ocean currents of the world and their temperature.
Blue= colder water and drier air heading towards the equator. These areas are nutrient rich and act as fishing hot spots.
Red= warmer water and wetter air heading towards the poles. In tropical waters, these are where coral reefs and coconut palm trees can be found.
Black= no significant temperature change

Bodies of Water Map: A map showing the names of major bodies of water and location of rivers

The Lakes, Seas, and Oceans are named after those who have contributed great amount of work and time to the DSA. The bigger their contribution, the bigger amount of water they get. The Ocean of Solidarity is not a player, however, but a major ocean from the previous map.

The Rivers, however, can be named anything. This is left up to the nation who has said river flowing in their lands

Drainage Basin Map: A map showing where precipitation drains to. An Endorheic Basin is a drainage basin that usually retains its water and does not let it flow out to other bodies.

Wind Patterns Map: A map showing the prevailing winds of the world, including the ITCZ, Subtropical Ridge, and Polar Front.

Time Zone Map: A map showing what time it is in different places around the world

Continental Map: A map showing the continents and any subcontinents

Plate Tectonic Map: A map showing the major plates of the world and their motions, along with where to expect most earthquakes...or would they be DSAquakes?

Volcano Map: A map showing where the volcanoes of this world are located, whether active, inactive, big, or small

Extreme Weather: A map showing where can can expect extreme meteorological (weather) events

Map of Seasons: A map showing what season each part of the world is in. These are the current seasons from June to September


Wet Season - The time of year when most of a region's average annual rainfall occurs

Dry Season - The time of year with little rainfall and little humidity

Middle Latitudes

Spring - Days and nights are around 12 hours long each with day length increasing and night length decreasing as the season progresses. Temperatures are increasing, snow melts and creates run-off, and plants begin to bloom. Storms are not uncommon.

Summer - Days are longer than nights with day length decreasing as the season progresses after the solstice. Temperatures are high, plants are in full bloom, and hurricanes/cyclones can occur.

Autumn - Days and nights are around 12 hours long each with night length increasing and day length decreasing as the season progresses. Temperatures are decreasing, deciduous trees start shedding their leaves, and the harvesting of crops are at their highest.

Winter - Nights are longer than days with night length decreasing as the season progresses after the solstice. Temperatures are low, most plants have died, animals are migrating and hibernating, water freezes, and humid areas receive snow.
Polar Regions

Summer/Midnight Sun/Polar Day - When the polar region is facing toward the sun and the day lasts for more than 24 hours, with the Sun being visible at local midnight. For specifics on how long it lasts, consult the LinkCivil Twilight Map below.

Winter/Polar Night - When the polar region is facing away from the sun and the night lasts for more than 24 hours. For specifics on how long it lasts, consult the LinkCivil Twilight Map below, but in reverse instead of it measuring twilight, it measures midnight).

Cryptid Map: A map showing the locations of reported cryptids in our world. For some description of what these cryptids are, you can find all their reports LinkOn The DSA Forum.

Reagent Crystal Map: A map showing the the location and qualities of different Reagent Crystals. In the Skill Focus System created by DankAss Communes, these are required in the Enchanting Skill.

Enchantments can be potent but temporary or weak but permanent. Enchanting requires the use of Reagent Crystals. Smaller, more potent, but quickly depleted Crystals can be found in warmer or lower lying areas. Cold areas or high elevation areas have fewer, less potent, but larger and longer lasting Crystals, some as tall as a house, available to them if they can mine them. Crystals are rarely found in temperate sea level areas.

Civil Twilight Map: A map showing where on the planet Civil Twilight (when the sun is 6 degrees below the horizon) occurs and for how long. Aka places where it stays sunset for a long time.

Aurora Map: A map showing where on the planet one can expect to see auroras

Coordinate Map: A map showing the latitudes and longitudes of the world

IGOs and Alliances Map: A map showing what nations are part of what Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs) and alliances.

Iskarian Intracontinental Union (I.I.U): The IIU is a player-made and player-run regional IGO. The IIU is a consensus based continental union dedicated to democracy, libertarianism, anti-fascism, scientific advancement, artistic exploration, and collaboration towards megaprojects. Contact DankAss Communes for more information.

The Isles Compact: The Isles Compact is a player-made and player-run IGO. The Isles Compact is a political, economic, and military union of 20 member states that are located on the Debtian Isles. The Compact has an internal single market, abolition of internal border restrictions, a common currency, united power grids, and practice collective security. Contact Student Loan Debt for more information.

Enosis of Political Integrated Churches (E.P.I.C.): EPIC is a player-made and player-run global alliance. EPIC is a religious union dedicated to supporting minority and majority churches around the globe as well as promoting religious practices held in their respective countries. Contact Liossalde or Visrava for more information.

Cessnian Romaxian Union (C.R.U.): CRU is a player-made and player-run regional alliance. CRU is a political and military union that seek to foster peace and provide foreign aid to people on the continent of Romaxia. Contact Qingling for more information.

Non-Aligned: these are nations that are not part of any IGO or alliance

Any player(s) can create their own intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) and/or alliances and have it on the map. All you need to do is have at least two players in it (or at least 2 RP nations) and contact either the Minister of Role-Play or the Director of Cartography (Student Loan Debt, that's me) about it. You do not need to have a logo or emblem for your group, but it does look nicer and more official on the map[/align]

Linguistics Map: A map showing the different languages and language families of the DSA world. This map was created by the player Mauvemarke

1 Proto-Romaxian
Proto-Deksch (Red)
-Deksch (Dutch)
-DSA Basic (English)
-Entensprache (German)

-Algkuk (Nordic)

2 Mov-liosaldic (Green)
-Movic (Godelic)
-Loquens (Latin)
-Omiloumeni (Greek)
-Jaznik (Eastern South Slavic)

3 Balklavian (Yellow)

4 Xingalese (Pink)

5 Proto-Bayar (Blue)
-Joseon (Korean)

6 Daznician (Salishan Languages) (Purple)

7 Dakani (Black)

8 Proto-Bhexian (Dark Grey)
-Tamurte (Berber)
-Bhexian (Maltese)

9 Zenith (Pale Yellow)

10 Absovenian (Maroon)

Anomaly Hotspot Map: A map showing areas of the world that express a high amount of anomalies compared to their surrounding areas (a high amount. Anomalies are not limited to these spots, they're just a lot more common here). IC, no one really knows why they are here and they're mysterious. OOC, they give the ability to enhance the RP of players as well as serve as locations where a player can work with the Anomaly skills at a higher level than other areas. Any players can interact with the anomalies found there and suggest anomalies that they find. A nation cannot be founded in one but they can expand their borders to have it.

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How to Get on the Map

If you don't find answers to your questions here, please telegram the Director of Cartography, Student Loan Debt, instead of asking on the regional message board (RMB).

Every nation that moves to the DSA has the opportunity to be added to the map upon request. The map system is designed to reward and encourage active participation and longevity with more flexibility on the map, meaning nations that remain inactive in terms of RP will likely not get everything they like in their requests.

Map Criteria/ Requirements To Be On The Map

  • You have to be a member of Congress. Read the Linkrelevant Charter pages before you opt-in (only need to read Resident and Member of Congress, which is 4 pages total) . To become a member, opt-in Linkthrough this link.

  • You must publicly post any kind of In-Character role-play within 1 month, aka within 2 Map Updates. Yes, we have an activity requirement, but it's really easy. By publicly, we mean either on the main DSA Discord Server, the Forum, or the DSA's Regional Message Board. By In-Charater, we mean from the perspective of either a person, group, government, or any organization in the RP universe. And by any kind, we mean any kind, even something equivalent to a tweet in length. If you can't post at least a 1 sentence IC post within a 30 day period then why are you on the Role-Play maps when you can't be bothered to RP?
    If your RP is entirely nationbuilding and never IC, then an easy idea is you can post it and present it like a museum guide is giving a tour. That's just one idea

  • Also, players only get 2 warnings. You will receive a warning 1 week before you might be taken off the map for inactivity. If you post something, good for you cause you can stay on the map. If you go inactive right after for another 2 map terms, though, then you will get your second 1 week warning. If you post, yay again. If you go inactive yet again, no warning. Let's see if you even notice that you were taken off the map (your warning count can reset after some time)

  • If you are taken off for inactivity, you cannot reapply for the following 15 days. All applications during that time will be rejected. For example, if you are taken off the map for activity on January 1st, you cannot apply between January 1st and 15th. This is to discourage the idea of "Oof, I was taken off. Well I can just reapply". Nope, you now run the risk of losing your spot to someone else

Opt-In To The Map

LinkOpt-In Here
  • You can either let the DoC pick where your nation will be (they base it on you Factbook, your national animal, anything and everything to try and get a good location) or you can upload an image of where you'd like to be.

  • By opting-in to our maps, you here by agree to all terms and conditions listed in this dispatch


If you would like to request a larger size (an expansion), please telegram the DoC with your new request. If they approve, you will need to opt-in to the map once again so the expansion can be properly documented.

Now, you can't just get an expansion. The map rewards activity. The more active you are in our RP, more expansions you can do. Inactive RPers can only get 1 expansion. After that, if you are not active, you cannot get an expansion. Why should you be rewarded with more RP land when you either do not do or barely contribute to RP?

To sum up
More RP=More Land

Also, No Long Chile. If you do not know about this meme, the meme involved the IRL nation of Chile. It is a long nation that occupies a large portion of South America's Pacific Coast. The Andes Mountains on it's eastern border help support them having so long of a coast line (and other factors). Long Chile is a meme where Chile occupies the entire west coast of the Americas, from the Drake Passage to Alaska. This is not something we want in our RP. There are some places that would support a Chile-like nation, like the Sinclarian Mountains or Durkheim Mountains, but a nation cannot have a Long Chile.

Aka, don't hog the coast line. If you're going to expand your nation, you can expand along the coast, but do not continually expand along the coast and block off the ability of other nations and futures nations to have a coast line. If you are a continental nation, I encourage you to expand into the continent rather than expand along the edges.

What Else Can Be Requested? What is Restricted?

  • Size of Your Nation
    You may request a specific size for your nation so long as it is below the requirements listed above. You may request a specific location, access to water, landlocked status, etc. so long as it is within reason.
    You're not going to start big. You're gonna be a normal starting size.
    LinkClick Here To See Some Examples
    Realistically, your nation isn't going to start out the size of Russia. What nation ever has?

  • Capital City and Major Cities
    Once you grow enough in population, NationStates will give you the ability to name a capital city for your nation. If you request, the DoC can add your capital to the map (indicated by a red dot and named in italics). However, the capital will only be added if you request it. If you do not say where your capital is located on the map when you request it, the DoC will place it where ever they so chose. At that time, you can also request other cities to be added to your nation on the map if you like, but the number of requests should be only of your biggest cities and be proportional to your population and nation size (a nation of 7 million shouldn't have 6 different big cities on the map, nor should a nation with a small area have a lot of cities on the map).

  • No Puppets
    To be on the map, a nation must be a member of congress. Since you're not allowed to control two nations in congress, obviously puppets are not allowed on the map. You can only have 1 nation on our maps.

  • Border-Gore
    Border-gore is allowed, although you must allow the Cartographer to decide your borders in that case. Depending on the gore, your borders could serious mess up future cartographing.

  • Exclaves and Enclaves
    Exclaves and Enclaves are allowed. If this is from an expansion, try not to have one on the opposite side of the world or something. Make it relatively close to your nation. Real life examples being the UK and Gibraltar or the United States and Alaska. Those are not too far away from each other. You can have them far away if you really want to, but I just personally prefer expansions to be more local.

  • Relocating/Moving Your Nation
    First off, please don't. Extremely rarely would an IRL nation entirely relocate their whole nation. Capitals change, yes, but not an entire country.
    A nation is allowed to relocate. HOWEVER, that comes with some rules
    (1) Only once will I allow you to relocate your nation. After that, maybe do some kind of slime mold thing of growing and contracting until you somewhere else (see expansions above to learn more)
    (2) If you have done little to no RP, then it won't be that hard to relocate you like a restart. However, the more RP you do, the harder it will be to relocate. As you do RP, you establish yourself in our world. If you relocate and you have done quite an amount of RP, you will have to have an IC reason as to why you are relocating. You can't just move and restart or carry on like nothing happened. You will have to RP your way to the new land. It can't just be "My people don't like it here anymore" or "Oops, we just nuked the area, gotta go". Nah, that's lazy and you know it. You have to make a story because relocation is a HUGE thing

    These next two don't really relate to the above, but are informational none the less

  • Distance
    Our world is 25200 miles (or 40555 km) in circumference. The map is 8000 pixels long. This means that each pixel on the map represents around 3.15 miles (5.07 km). The hypotenuse of each pixel is around 4.45 miles (7.12 km).

  • International Waters
    International waters start 12 nautical miles off the coast of a claimed territory. If you are using one of our 8000 pixels long maps, that starts 4 pixels horizontally/vertically away from you nation. Other directions depend on your angle.

The cartographers reserve the right to refuse to add or to edit any nation or feature on the regional map. They are a God with unlimited cartography power!

Removal from the Map

  • There are a few ways a nation might be removed from the map.
    1) It ceases-to-exist (CTEs, that is when a nation doesn't log in for 28 days and their nation is deleted); OR
    2) It departs the DSA for another region; OR
    3) It requests removal; OR
    4) They are removed from Congress; OR
    5) They don't fulfill the activity requirement

  • A nation that has been removed from the map and wishes to be on the map again is treated as a new arrival and must opt-in to the map once again in order to be on there.

    What if I accidentally leave the region?
    It happens. If you accidentally leave and come right back, you don't lose your spot. Although if you're gone for, like, more than a day then yeah you lose your spot

    What if I CTE but refound really quickly?
    You lose your spot. If you can't remember to log on at least once a month then you're not active and you don't get any special treatment. You would have to opt-in all over again (that includes Congress, not just the Map).

Archive of Past Maps


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From the Office of Regional Cryptozoology

Do you have a cryptid in your nation that you want to share? Do you want to tell us about the monsters that go bump in the night for your people? Well this thread is just for that! Share your monstrosities and delights here so that we can grow the DSA Cryptobiology World!

It’s a public thread to share your creatures

I'm not like the other girls, I study C r y p t o p h y t o l o g y (Cryptobotany)

As Sindevir moves forward, Senator Huggleston buckles down
Alison Ventura — The Alinnian Times

Lorianne Huggleston has always been up for a challenge. Her track record proves that. First elected to the Sentinel by the district of Tiburon in 1994, Senator Huggleston was initially heavily underestimated. Yet after her scathing remarks on the chamber floor regarding a 1995 budget bill proposed by Democratic Centrists, political pundits across the country realized this woman had no match—or at least hadn’t met one yet. Soon thereafter, conservative delegates within the party convened for their annual 1996 convention and nominated Senator Huggleston to serve as the Chairwoman and Sentinel Leader of the Conservatives in Action. She was confirmed 128-22 in October 1996 and has served since then.

Huggleston is no stranger to serving as the minority leader, nor is she treading in unfamiliar waters by serving during a DCP presidency, but President Gabriella Sindevir carries an intense and infectious momentum which propelled her agenda among voters during campaign season. It was one of the characteristics voters stated Haines-Korbin lacked; ultimately, one which proved fatal.

It isn’t uncommon for the opposition to frequently disagree with the President and their administration throughout their tenure, but Senator Huggleston has remained adamant about her perception of the current administration. The moment President Sindevir began leading the Democratic Centrist Party from within was the moment Huggleston stated she “knew she was going to be challenged in an entirely new way”. However even with this in mind, she has determined her course of action, attempting to rally conservative and moderate senators in blocking most legislation Sindevir’s administration has thus put forth.

While the dissent was expected, Premier Carmela Fresna (Communications) commented that Huggleston’s objections were “questionably frightening given the amount of influence she wields over conservative voices in the Sentinel”. Premier Fresna continued by stating she and the administration “hope for bipartisanship in efforts to progress the nation forward and that a sense of unity prevails”.

One thing is for certain. With Democratic Centrists deliberating to amend the Alinn City Accord by “upgrading” presidential terms from six months to one year and Senator Huggleston rumored to be the next conservative presidential nominee, all eyes are on Alinn (and Senator Lorianne Huggleston).

I have submitted a draft for a bill I am about to propose formally very soon. I'd like to share it here and get possible comments on how to improve it, or any other note/reflection that might help!

The aim of this amendment is to correct, refine and update the corresponding, referential to the Minister of Justice, clauses that left residues of passed legislation that have been amended since the 2nd of March 2020, namely the "Residency Requirements Removal Act - RRR Act", and hence the description of the duties of the Minister of Justice in our Charter had to be updated. The proposed changes do not affect the position, while at the same time solidify the legal responsibilities and considers all the legal territories to be used as tools in the hands of the executive, in order to provide a handful and inclusive basis for any future Minister to work with.

(I'll be glad to hear any proposals or thoughts that can possibly make this bill better. Special thanks to Dekks so far, who replied really fast and his comment led to the inclusion of the term "Terms of Residency" in the bill, which furthers the inclusivity).

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