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In a vast and snowy wasteland on the edge of the known world is a single railway leading to a half-buried station. Inside is a comfortable, fourteen-level deep home with a radio station, Linklibrary, bunkrooms and stocked warehouse, tended to by penguins. A photograph on the wall lists two notable dates just inside the vestibule:
  • 1st Founding: Janurary 2, 2017

  • 2nd Founding: July 16, 2017

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Tags: Casual, Eco-Friendly, Enormous, Multi-Species, Neutral, Pacifist, Puppet Storage, Role Player, and Silly.

Regional Power: High

Penguia contains 313 nations, the 72nd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Wealthy Incomes in Penguia

The World Census studied the spending power of the richest 10% of citizens in each nation.

As a region, Penguia is ranked 14,930th in the world for Highest Wealthy Incomes.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Galaxus Imperium of Amardire DantareIron Fist Consumerists“The martyr's grave is the keystone of the Imperium.”
2.The Imperial Corporate Dominions of Amerikan TrumpitesIron Fist Consumerists“Strength Through Compliance”
3.The Ancient Nazerite of Thou hastCapitalist Paradise“I like to hear your reaction when I send you a telegram”
4.The Enslaved and Corrupt Nations of Governmental CorruptionIron Fist Consumerists“Slaves are this country's backbone!”
5.The Swashbuckling Privateer of Chava CalIron Fist Consumerists“The rougher the seas, the smoother we sail. Ahoy!”
6.The Jovian Guard of JarwattinreeCorporate Bordello“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”
7.The Great Spiritual Respository of Jar Wattinrae ArchivesFather Knows Best State“Save the heart of Metru Nui.”
8.The Republic of Alien LifeCapitalizt“01000001 01101100 01101001 01100101 01101110 00100001”
9.The Republic of The Last Laser MasterAnarchy“In the beginning, there was only Darkness...”
10.The United States of Trump the God EmperorFree-Market Paradise“Politicians can't manage. All they can do is talk”
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Regional Happenings


Penguia Regional Message Board

The government spends more on chasing distant comets than on basic infrastructure, commuters are denied boarding for attempting to bring packed lunches onto trains, nuclear reactors are held together with party string and Hubba Bubba, and Maxtopian villagers starve by the time Corporate Amerikan officials even file the appropriate paperwork needed to help them.

Taxpayers receive expenditure reports from the Grand High Poobah of the Order of Violet, Harry Potter conventions are closely watched by the government for any signs of 'dueling', flatulent people are left to die of cancer at the end of hospital waiting lists, and war vets look after war animals.

In life full of care there is no time to stop and stare, mandatory updates on software drivers often bring life to a halt, devotion to God is only skin-deep, and scenic beaches are now protected by massive concrete walls.

Amerikan Trumpites has been recently classified as an international menace after 'liberating' several nearby territories, urban graffiti is hand-calligraphed in perfectly kerned elegant fonts, nuclear warheads are frequently launched into space as a warning to invading meteoroids, and colonial citizens are forced to sing the praise of the "Great Corporate Amerikan Liberator".

Travelers often bring empty plastic bottles on Air Amerikan Trumpites flights to avoid the pay lavatories, murderers frequently escape punishment by claiming they were protecting their honour, metal detectors at school gates make sure that teenagers are carrying at least one sidearm, and anti-vaxxers are right about the government injecting diseases into people.

Tourists are denied entry because of a distant relative married to a Lilliputian, any girl that shows an interest in Lego is pressured to study engineering, virtually all of the country's economic activity takes place in International Contract Agency, cotton candy made from genuine cotton cellulose doesn't quite satisfy, and the government is paving paradises to put up parking lots.

Petitioners are increasingly resorting to climbing through Vladimir Clinton's window to draw attention to their issues, jaywalking is punishable by public flogging, government bureaucrats shut down teenage yard-raking businesses for being counter-revolutionary, and Animal Liberationists are regularly arrested.

Red Cross demand for body bags is rising while sutures go unused, construction of the Really Big Hadron Collider is underway, the nation's government buildings are remarkable for being ugly concrete boxes, and vacationing Corporate Amerikans expect to be treated as royalty.

All Corporate Amerikans live like kings, foreign lack of enthusiasm for Corporate Amerikan nose-flute disco metal is seen as a reasonable casus belli, the deceased are buried mostly to hide them from state-sanctioned corpse-collectors, and the "war on terror" doesn't seem to be making Corporate Amerikans any less frightened.

Laser-wielding robots are taking aim at human hearts, dark net forums trade the encryption keys to immortality, glamping Corporate Amerikans won't sleep in a tent that doesn't include a Jacuzzi, the military perceives nations hit by natural disasters as "easy pickings", and theatre may or may not be changing for the better but it is being changed for good.

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