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The Amethyst Accord - An Inter-Regional Agreement

The Amethyst Accord


The Amethyst Accord is an inter-regional agreement with the goal of greater cooperation and unity between a multitude of regions. The agreement covers economic, military and social aspects, among others. The signatory regions hereby agree to the following terms and clauses of this agreement. This accord has been created with the intent of strengthening the bonds between many regions who may already be allies or who may simply wish to join this greater community. The primary focus is not in the clauses themselves, with many mainly serving symbolic purposes, but as a show of the regions' concordance with each other.

Section 1:

-Non-agression: The signatory regions agree not to engage in military actions against any of the other signatory nations. This includes operations such as raiding and Roleplay-Based Wars (Exclusion: if all parties multilaterally agree to a roleplay-conflict).

Section 2:

-Free Trade: The signatory regions agree to free trade between each other, with minimal taxation, tariffs, quotas and other limitations. Trade embargos are to be attempted to be avoided unless the circumstances are deemed extraordinary.

Section 3:

-Freedom of Movement: Citizens of the signatory regions are to be allowed to freely travel to the other signatory regions with as few restrictions as possible, unless a state of emergency is deemed.

Section 4:

-Communication: A region with the same name (The Amethyst Accord) has been set up. All signatory regions are to establish an embassy with this region for the sake of further togetherness and increased windows of communication. Having embassies with the other signatory nations is also advisable but not a requirement. Each signatory nation is to deem an ambassador(s) (with a minimum of one and a maximum of three) who should check in somewhat frequently with the RMB of that region. It is in that region that disagreements can be solved, amendments to the accord can be proposed and voted upon and general discussion can be had. The region will be administered by Glorious Ascension.

Section 5:

-Becoming a Signatory: Once a region has decided to sign The Amethyst Accord, a representative of the region is to telegram Glorious Ascension stating the name of their region, their position in the region, their official request to sign the accord and of their agreement with its terms and whom their ambassador(s) will be (and the ambassador's position in your region). They are also to send an embassy request to The Amethyst Accord. Almost all regions will be accepted provided that they send the correct information.

-Discontinuing Signatory Status: If a signatory region has decided to pull out of the accord, which may be done at anytime, all they need do is have one of their ambassadors telegram Glorious Ascension stating their official intent to withdraw their signature from the agreement and the action will be carried out.

Amendments to the agreement may be added at anytime with an official proposal on The Amethyst Accord's RMB and a simple majority of the ambassadors' votes (again via RMB) within a five-day time period.


-The Amethyst Accord:
Glorious Ascension: Founder and Regional Administrator of The Amethyst Accord; Ambassador and Moderator of The Amethyst Accord.
Signed on Thursday 13th February AD 2020

-United Christian Empires of the West:
Dominant Oppressors: Founder and Imperator of the United Christian Empires of the West; Ambassador
Xukong: World Assembly Delegate, Imperial Councillor of Economy and Narrative and Governor of the Realm of the United Christian Empires of the West; Ambassador
New jewlan: Imperial Councillor of Religion and History and Governor of the Realm of the United Christian Empires of the West; Ambassador
Signed on Thursday 13th February AD 2020

-International Debating Area:
Knechting: Admin of the International Debating Area; Ambassador
Signed on Friday 14th February AD 2020

-The Moderate Alliance:
Christian Confederation: Founder and Emperor of The Moderate Alliance; Ambassador
Signed Friday 14th February AD 2020

Zurkerx: Vice-Delegate of Zentari; Ambassador
Signed Saturday 15th February AD 2020

-Veris Administrative Region:
Veris Islands: Founder and Administrative Officer of the Veris Administrative Region; Ambassador
Signed Saturday 15th February AD 2020

-The Slide Countries:
Aussandries: Founder, Beloved Supreme and Eternal Leader, Batman, Leader of Pairti Cle and Head of the SCSA of The Slide Countries; Ambassador
Signed Saturday 15th February AD 2020

-Arconian Empire:
Arconian Empire: Founder of the Arconian Empire; Ambassador
Signed Sunday 16th February AD 2020

GoodKingWenceslas: World Assembly Delegate of Christmas; Ambassador
Yuletide Yggdrasil: Purveyor of Mulled Wines of Christmas; Ambassador
Signed Saturday 22nd February AD 2020

New alnobian founder: Founder of New Alnobia Ambassador
Sulavia: World Assembly Delegate and Minister of the Exterior of New Alnobia; Signatory
Hfhbsd: President of New Alnobia; Signatory
Signed Saturday 29th February AD 2020

-Trident Alliance:
Cisplatinaa: Embassy of Trident Alliance; Ambassador
Signed Sunday 5th April AD 2020