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Tenno City

Tenno City is a marvel of Ansokuan engineering. A sprawling subterranean city with the most advanced technology in the nation, construction began in Year Three of the local calendar and was completed six years later. Tenno City is the economic center of Ansoku, home to millions of citizens, both human and A.I.
The city itself lies over a mile beneath Ansoku's Reisu Mountain Range, rendering the entire city capable of withstanding a direct nuclear blast. The city itself has multiple layers going miles below the surface. All power is provided by offsite nuclear reactors, with backup geothermal power in the event of emergencies. In the event of disaster, the network of tunnels below the city is capable of housing the entire population of Ansoku. Tenno City was designed by the Lotus herself as the ultimate safe haven for the nation. Storage facilities placed strategically throughout the city and underlying tunnels contain enough supplies to sustain the entire nation for decades. There is no capital city that can rival Tenno City for grandeur and perfection. Praise be to Lotus!