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Mirror World - An alternate history world, set up in the 1980/90s.

Please read the pinned dispatches for more informations.

MISSION STATEMENT: This is a region in which everyone should feel comfortable and safe. We love character roleplay, trade and diplomatic issues. There will be wars but if your main interest are expansions and land gains (land grabbing) or vassalize other nations, then you'd better move on and look for another home.

Please join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/kUvTHV9

Current time: January 1984
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Mirror World contains 44 nations, the 519th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Publishing Industry in Mirror World

The World Census tallied social media complaints from students regarding overpriced textbooks to determine which nations have the largest book publishing industries.

As a region, Mirror World is ranked 5,880th in the world for Largest Publishing Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Realms of DennizonaNew York Times Democracy“Motherland”
2.The Democratic States of GetoffmylawnsvilleLeft-Leaning College State“Si vis pacem, para bellum”
3.The Keninginryk of FriesenlandCivil Rights Lovefest“Eala Frya Fresena”
4.The 2nd Arcadian Empire of Long GravidaNew York Times Democracy“Dóxa stin Aftokratoría Dóxa stin Arkadía”
5.The Federation of OvoshchnoyCapitalizt“The PZ orders, we follow.”
6.The Kingdom of CiciliaNew York Times Democracy“Cicilia Patria Mia”
7.The Nomadic Peoples of Region TravelerInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Region by Region, forward!”
8.The Imperial State of New Northern EuropeansInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Onwards, Finns!”
9.The Kingdom of AuiaFather Knows Best State“Naatsa Tamas, Shoignea Wol”
10.The Federal Republic of OstenniaDemocratic Socialists“Unity, Justice, Liberty”

Regional Happenings


Mirror World Regional Message Board

Integration of Tabuk

Representatives of the Tabuk province met in parliament to announce that Tabuk would be adopting all federal laws and integrating its armored forces into the Federal army. This marks the third province to do this.

First Arabian move of Imperialism

Today, with the assistance of the newly formed Arabian Navy, an attack was launched on Non-Arabian soil. The Suez Canal would fall to our hands. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th infantry divisions landed along the coast of the Sinai Peninsula. The 2nd at Sharm El-Sheikh, the 3rd at Ras Sedr, and finally the 4th at the city of Suez. The landings had varying degrees of success, the 2nd hit their first hour goals with no unforeseen issues, the 3rd took more casualties than foreseen, however, the 4th faced no resistance. Nothing but the Suez police force held stood to stop them. And they stood no chance. The police were forced to surrender after the city was nearly completely occupied by the 4th, men, women, children all fell... blood ran through the streets as a deafening silence echoed throughout the city. Reminding all of the violence that had just taken place.

Upward thrust
Forces along the Arabian border with Jordan were slammed into via 5 divisions from Tabuk pushing across the border with haste. By end of day, the unprepared locals of the area fell, leaving nothing but blood staining the sand. Speeches on the situation were said in parliament. Prime Minister Lawrence Abadi said of the events "Whilst tragic we had to move to such extents, tis' essential to ensure the nations survival. With the addition of such an important area to the Parliament, we will now be a major player on the world stage when it comes to trade." Whilst parliament member Louis Kingston (known as the representative of Christians for the nation) said essentially the opposite, "It is a disgrace what took place today. This parliament was established as a peaceful solution to this peninsula's divided nature, we've united so many through the promise of a good, peaceful life. How can a nation, formed upon the promise of such a thing, justify these actions?"

My mother and father told me a story about Shangri-La. A mythical land that was filled with gods and riches. I never truly believed them and thought of it as a child’s story. However, my king sent me, Kalinag, to the other side. I began my search 10 years ago walking through the mountains, desert, plains, jungles, forests. Encountering foes, I never imagine seeing, and meeting people with unique abilities. I was in the great range of Sagarmatha. The largest mountains in the world going above the clouds, I look down and see several crimson cracks. I soon realize I have found it, Shangri-La.*
I soon dead the leap of faith down the mountain range, it felt like hours of diving until I finally went through the cracks. I waited for the severe burns or my bones being destroyed from jumping at such heights but instead I’m under water. Surrounded by fish swimming in circles around me, I looked up and saw the surface and a path they have created for me. I swam up, going higher and higher realizing the water was turning from a midnight blue to a wine-red color. My head pierced the silky and shining wine-red water. I looked around and it looked marvelous.

The entire view was covered in red, the leaves on the trees were red, the grass was red, the sun had a crimson color, and the sky had hints of red to it. I swam to the shore and picked up several flowers with a white and red combination of colors, even the stem was red. I stood up and walked down the path, looking at the Newari structure, the roof having a horn at the top, made up gold. Each corners of the roof pointing upwards. I saw several of these gray structures, no bigger than a human, marking the path of the trail. I continued walking down the path, listening to the wind chimes hanging from the trees and the rustle of red leaves flowing past me, with few being orange and blue. As I walked down, I noticed a new path, a recent one.

This path was made of red liquid, blood to be more exact. I looked closer and it followed the trail I was on. I followed it and noticed some trees, bushes, and even grass cut oddly. I was fairly confident the monks living in Shangri-La always kept the world clean. The trail soon stopped, leading to a pond of blood. It shocked me seeing a Khukuri deep inside one of the most important beings the world. In front of my, the guardian of Shangri-La, Gauptna, was wounded on a rock in middle of the pond. We both stared at each other not knowing who would move first. I always believed Gauptna was a human deity, but I was wrong. He wasn’t human, instead he was an ancient [REDACTED] FILE HAS SEVERAL DOCUMENTS MISSING PLEASE FIND THE OTHERS TO CONTINUE

Hello to the region of Mirror World it’s my honor to congratulate you on being the Featured Region of the day!
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A Giant Meteor blazes through the sky overhead; leaving a trail of sparks in the sky above your region; those sparks seem to fall in a particular pattern, spelling out the words:


before the meteor vanishes over the horizon; leaving the sky dark and empty as it passes through.

Wow! Thank You! Featured, yay!

It is an honor to be featured! We still have much space for good quality nations on our real life map! Please take a look, we have much to offer!

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Congrats on being featured! Anyone seen a carrot?

Thanks a lot! We have tons of carrots in Mirror World!

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