Region: New World Union

Xotrayjan wrote:The Emperor leaned forward, he was like a giant, his massive frame stretched and staring towards Sheng.
"And you think the Chinese wouldn't fight back? It's been quite common for them to unite under great adversity or when others try to take them."
Emperor Constantine then leaned back, continuing to stare down upon Sheng.
"Of course... Russia doesn't want a united China, under you or anyone else.. but everything has a price. If this plan of yours were to come to fruition then you will receive my blessing in exchange for Manchuria, and...", Constantine then paused momentarily.

"Shanghai... and the territories around the Bohai Sea."

"If we were an adversary but we aren't. In years past my predecessor did much the same for the Chines people as I am now. He brough stability and safety to the provinces who agreed to uniting to become a member of the Confederacy. Improving the quality of life for those along our northern border and the provinces along the coasts and, when asked that we take a step back and allow them to govern themselves Chancellor Yamamoto accepted believing that the aid we had given would keep the people as a whole going. It is a tragedy it came to this for them but like the past I much like him will not leave our neighbor to rot till not but warlords' rule over divided city states," she said not showing an ounce of fear to the towering man. She had lived in parts of the wards that until UAFs trade agreement had been nightmares to live in. "However, I must ask why the Bay and Shanghai what significant do they hold for Russia? There are ports no doubt and Bejing but why those areas," she asked it struck her as odd that the man seemed to have designs for the areas.