Region: Inferno Stellaria

Hosa nemo wrote:can you pls make me wa delegate

Our WA delegate has already been appointed for this term, I would recommend getting involved more in our region first, whether through our Cultural Affairs, Internal Affairs, or Foreign Affairs department. Have you joined our discord yet?

Hosa nemo wrote:hey also lets raid a region

We are avowedly neutral as a region, meaning that we don't engage with the raider/defender gameplay that's possible to do in NationStates. But, if you have interest in raiding or defending, you could do what a few of us do and join other regional organizations that do R/D! For example, I am a member of The Black Hawks, who are a raiding region. Or, on the other side of things, New Melicorium is a member of the South Pacific Special Forces, who engage in defending regions against invaders. You don't even have to move your nation, all you have to do is create a puppet nation and move it to the other region.

But Inferno Stellaria itself doesn't raid or defend. We just vibe.