Region: Third Imperial Union

OF Courscant wrote:I did try to maintain Control with puppet governments in the past but in this state ill just like be Russia.

Well, if you have a decent army you could just crush the rebellions, don't you think? Who knows if this will cause a domino effect? Democracy is harmful for you. Why is my Federation alright? Because I shot who I had to shoot in the past. Because I tortured who I had to torture. The result? A place where there is actual democracy and eveyone is too scared to ruin what took them a very long time to accomplish. It's like rising a kid. If you let him do whatever he wants, he may smoke. He may drink. He may do drugs. But if you punish him for the things he has done wrong and treat him like an actual person, you would raise a very good child when he has to make his own decisions and be free. I hope I didn't offend anyone with this.