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I'm tempted to make public nudity compulsory next time the issue comes up, just to see what happens, though that will affect my civil rights rating.

Mother tellus, Brionika, and Sunstate state of nudies

We have four nations in the top five per cent for most politically apathetic citizens: Tommy Bahama; Friends of Dorothy; Test Icicle; Plague Potion No 9.

least apathetic = the maritimes

Nudist Dreamland has an ecological star. The Onionheads in in the top 1% across Nationstates for most beautiful environment. Congratulations, Onionheads.

tommy couldn't care a xxxx about the environment

But I do care a xxxx about automobile making! :)

Tommy is in the top 5% for cars.

Despite the presence of the Choir Boy in this region, eternal damnation is not something we accept. We boast five nations in the top thousand for 'most godforsaken'. They are: TheMaritimes (da da!) (546th); Sunrise from the Sea (668th), Rainbow Beach (814th), Nudist Dreamland (871st), The Undead Sailor (927th). Two fall just outside the top thousand, Friends of Dorothy (1021st) and The Onionheads (1193rd).

Gott ist nicht tot. Meine Lieblinge, jeder ist ein Gott. Wir sind alle sch÷n.

Citizens with the most compassion are to be found in the Onionheads.

magic johnsons is amazing.. a new nation, only 79 million, that has rocketed to the top of the list in a couple of areas.. magic is 124th 'most extreme' in all of nationstates - incredible for a small nation.. we have one other nation in the top 1% 'most extreme' and that's tommy

Test Icicle is least extreme.

most beautiful environment? onionheads of course.. it always is

We're a crime ridden lot in Nudist Dreamland. Test Icicle leads our regional low-crime table but isn't even in the top 5000 across NationStates.

you're looking at this from the wrong end... we've got eight nations who have the worst possible crime rates.., best of these is sailor at 66,642nd place for "low" crime rates, with tommy getting the wooden spoon at number 68,706... how many nations in nationstates? i'd guess not many more than that... why are we so lawless?

We don't equate high crime with's freedom! :)

Kann ja wirklich gefńhrlich werden. Es ist Freitag-Abend. Ich muss schnell etwas trinken. Kauft ein stattlicher Mann mich bitte ein gro▀es Glas Milch und Honig? Danke.

not to worry dorothy, it's my round

also welcome king donnie

Good to have you with us, King Donnie. Join us for a Saturday night at Tommy's.

Danke meine Lieblinge. Er ist fabelhaft, so viele Freunde zu haben. Have a drink on me, King Donnie sweetie. Tommy has given me a platinum plus card that takes care of anything.

Is CÚline singing tonight?

Ich glaube, dass der Papagei vortńuscht, CÚline zu sein.

Gay Parrot has been known to crack a champagne glass or two with his CÚline Dion imitation.

I'll have a large milk and honey if you're buying, Dorothy.

It's not the most lively topic for Saturday night, but no-one appears to have recorded that the Choir Boy is number one in the world of retail.

Parrot, please sing 'pour que tu m'aimes encore'.

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