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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 655th Most Nations: 796th Best Weather: 1,352nd+17
Most Inclusive: 1,581st Most Advanced Public Transport: 1,675th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 1,770th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 1,776th Lowest Crime Rates: 1,780th Most Beautiful Environments: 1,859th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,872nd Most Cultured: 1,967th Highest Poor Incomes: 2,024th Most Advanced Public Education: 2,100th Smartest Citizens: 2,116th Healthiest Citizens: 2,178th Largest Governments: 2,241st Most Scientifically Advanced: 2,301st Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 2,387th Largest Information Technology Sector: 2,428th Largest Publishing Industry: 2,444th
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Welcome to the United Council of Nations! (UCN)

Welcome to the The United Council of Nations, an alternate history RP and parliamentary government region that is expanding fast and has plenty of opportunity to get involved, lead, and engage in international diplomacy.

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The United Council of Nations contains 22 nations, the 796th most in the world.

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As a region, The United Council of Nations is ranked 5,368th in the world for Largest Retail Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The The Confederate States of TimmariaCapitalist Paradise“Success is always nessicary”
2.The Kaiserreich of New DeutschlandiumLeft-Leaning College State“Gott mit uns!”
3.The Incorporated Industries of The Malum CorporationCompulsory Consumerist State“Quoquo modo prodest”
4.The Great Lakes Union of FritteniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“This too Shall Pass”
5.The First Republic of NickeriaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Vinteren er over os”
6.The Republic of TaulandtInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Openheid is onze redding”
7.The Colony of New EmastaliaCivil Rights Lovefest“All hail the motherland!”
8.The Empire of The Eastern Roman StateLeft-Leaning College State“Βασιλεύς Βασιλέων Βασιλεύων Βασιλευόντων!”
9.The Republic of Slow DimInoffensive Centrist Democracy“WHAT WHATTTTT”
10.The Holy Roman Empire of Teutsches ReichCivil Rights Lovefest“Gott Mitt Uns”

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The United Council of Nations Regional Message Board

Syrian Forces Capitulate, Man-Hunt for Hafez al-Assad

This morning, reports from Syria have indicated that the Syrian forces have capitulated following storming of the capital, Damascus, and the two-front siege from the north and south by the Roman military. The final battle came after artillery and air barrage ceased and elite Athanatoi divisions stormed the city and engaged in urban combat with Syrian defenders. The combat was harsh and rapid, destroying much of the southern sector of the city. It is unclear at this point what collateral damage has occurred, but Roman military officials were pleased to announce the Imperial Standard flying over the Executive Building in the city.

In the north, fighting remained static as Syrian defenders held off Roman and Kurdish divisions advancing on their position. Following the capitulation of the capital, the Syrian defenders stood down and the Romans and Kurds moved in to occupy the northern portions of the country. In the South, Damascus has been named the capital of Roman Occupied Syria. General Aniketos Vitalou, who achieved note by announcing the war had turned from a restoration of order to a humanitarian struggle, has been appointed by the Emperor as Governor of the province as order is restored.

In the meantime, a manhunt for President Hafez al-Assad is on. Along with being an enemy political leader, Constantinople has issued a warrant for the President's arrest on charges of crimes against humanity and crimes against peace. If captured, he is to face judgement in Syria for his crimes. The border has been locked down and all those seeking to enter or exit the country will require explicit permission from the Roman government. No Romans nor international citizens are permitted to enter the occupied zone.

The Status of Egypt

Since the Great War when it attained independence through a revolt, Egypt has continued its existence as a rump state around the Upper Nile and the surrounding deserts. As a result of its rather compromised position, The Egyptian Sultanate has been closely and financially linked to the Eastern Roman Empire. Roman business interests from Greece and Anatolia have, over time, flooded into the Egyptian markets to extract resources and establish financial footholds. Egypt's government remains deeply skeptical of the Romans, who continue to occupy their historical capital of Cairo and the cultural site of Alexandria, which both Egypt and Rome hold as core territories.

For Egypt, the relationship is one of oppressor and oppressed. For Rome, Egypt is merely an extension of Constantinople's territories outside her territories, no different from Kurdistan or Judea. Doubtless, the system has long, disproportionately benefited the Eastern Roman Empire, who have benefitted from Egypt's natural gas and textile industries. This situation, as put by the twentieth century Roman Prime Minister Christodoulos Petras, "is wholly untennable. In time, Egypt shall either reclaim her lands, or Rome shall reclaim her." As his reign progresses into its new millennium, the crafty Basileus Konstantinos XIX seeks to finally "solve the Egyptian Question, once and for all."

The Middle Eastern reclamations now complete, Rome's attention turns elsewhere. With a loyal minister president in Tristopholus Miklinos, ever ready to steamroll the Senate in the name of Basileus and Worker, the time may have finally come to put to rest the unstable situation in Egypt...

New Hope for Persia? || Baku

Thousands of oil workers in Azerbaijan did not come to work thus, practically paralyzing the oil industry in Azerbaijan. The workers demand fairer wages and more opportunities. It was not quiet in the capital of Tehran as well. Thousands of protesters have taken it on the streets of Tehran blocking the streets and demanding better economic conditions from the government. The police used teargas to disperse the crowds.

Amidst the tense situation in the Persian state, a new political figure has been growing in popularity. Walid Reshad is a son of an oil tycoon of Azerbaijani Turkic descent. His father was an engineer and one of the primary developers of the oil industry in Persian Azerbaijan. As Persia started industiralising and the need for oil increased, the Reshad family has become one of the wealthiest and most influential families in the country. Recently in the light of the uneasy economic situation in Persian, the Reshad Foundation has been helping a lot of people and Walid Reshad saw an opporutnity to develop his political career. He has many supporters who are loyal to him and his goals are to demand justice from the Supreme Leader himself until the needs of the workers' class are met.

Die Hert over the old middle kingdom

Today marked the official start of the Taulandt administration and protection of the Guangdong, Fujian, and Hainan provinces for an undetermined and 5 year-long administration and protection over the Zhejiang and Jiangxi provinces. It was marked by het Hert being raised above the city halls of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, and Haikou marking the official starting point of Taulandt taking up the roles of administrator and protector.

With the flag now waving in the various cities and provinces, many people have been acting how a territory of around 193 million citizens, some 7.72 times more than Taulandt her population will be effectively governed, to prevent the economic decline of the region or major social upheavals. These administrative reforms are set to be introduced by late 2000 and are still to be fully developed in cooperation with local leaders. Yet these administrative reforms won’t change the provincial boundaries of Taiping and rather be an internal administrative reform, which will come with tax and law reforms to bring the provinces more in line with Taulandt common-law. These reforms are set to include retraining the already present civil service and slowly bringing into effect a new tax system focused upon lowering the taxes to increase foreign investment, and bring more money into circulation in the region. A key component of the reforms, from what has been announced so far is the creation of so-called “Special Economic Zones” yet not much more is known about them other than the name. Yet already it seems there is some political fighting in Nieuwe Haag as a leak has revealed that the Taulandt Defense Forces has proposed using taxation from those regions to fully fund new projects and to be them under semi-military administration. While already it is suspected that part of the money raised will go to the military to cover their new mission and the role it is something else that they propose to take over the administration. So far it’s not known how things will turn out but it is known that discussions are held with local leaders. Meanwhile on Hainan ships have come and gone and the region has begun its integration as a Generality land for a period of 2 years under which it is able to legally and administratively rebuilt and expand its infrastructure where needed.

Yet the revelation that there will be special economic zones to likely boost the development has already seen an influx of Taulandt investors into the region. Most notably the Shou corporation and the Diercksen corporation has announced that together with local project developers it will work on aiding the region in reaching its full economic potential. The rebuilding of the region is deemed an important priority as refugees from across Taiping have been flooding into the region that has been relatively untouched by the conflict. Thus in order to accommodate the misplaced people and not create a strain on the population that itself is growing new communities will be built and their economic potential greatly expanded. Already concept art is floating around the web showing the Pearl river delta in 2020 and the Xiamen region in 2020 to be massive urban jungles in the lines of Nieuwe Haag and Zeelandia but was a massive population. Thus the hopes of many within the region remain high for a better future.

Other news

  • Economic contracts signed with the Micronesian federation that sees the start of an extensive security arrangement and economic cooperation.

  • Huis van de Burgher and Huis van de Heeren have both approved the Air force her large-scale acquisition project simply dubbed “Boomstick 10” which has the intent to modernize the air defense fighter core and overall better the Taulandt air force her capacities across the board, rumors are that talks with the Malum corporation have already taken place for using their A-10 as the basis for a whole new CAS aircraft yet those are not yet confirmed.

  • Trouble in paradise, rumors from the Staatse Toren are that recently the Raadpensionaris and his wife had marital arguments yet nothing so far has been noted.

  • T-Drama’s seem on the rise across the world outside of Asia most notably in the Germanic markets to the surprise of many.

  • East African delegation leaves from Nieuwe Haag yet nobody exactly knows what has been discussed fueling only more rumors.

  • Taulandt football league is in talks with various Taiping coastal cities to start creating a larger football league.


North of Nanning

A group of cars came to an abrupt halt and several men all clad in military gear with no markings stepped out. They walked to one car and opened the door and pulled out several other men, gagged and blindfolded their hands tied behind their bags. They forced them on their knees and several others started to dig. It was early morning and they were in the middle of nowhere, at least 60 kilometers removed from any major settlement, their cars were nondescript Swedish imports, a model that was very popular in Taiping for some reason.

Several hours passed before the holes were deep enough and the people that were tied down screamed, it being muffled by the gags. In total 7 were gagged and waiting to be executed not that they knew as nothing had been said to them on the car ride. It was not until the last moment that one for one, the blindfold was removed and they screamed yet then went silent. Eventually the hole was full and filled up again and the cars drove away as if nothing had happened and split up going their different ways.

In one of the cars a man, who by any standard was a handsome one got a call and answered it. Someone on the other end asked questions and he simply replied

It is done ma”am

The man sitting next to him looked at him

The boss Khen ?

Khen simply nodded and the two drove on in silence, eventually they arrived at an airfield and travelled back to Taulandt to be celebrated as brave soldiers. Khen returned to a girlfriend who was hot and heavy for him and he didn’t come out of the bed room for 2 days after she met him at the airport. Yet nobody was the wiser of what had happened; only a single woman in CIB headquarters knew the full extent of the clean ups of old Taiping supporters and key intelligence coordinators, she grinned as she had crippled her opponents network and now it was her turn to take them over.

New survey reveals huge changes in religious beliefs || Bonrepolis
Il Etnos - Independent News Organization of Argentina

Argentina: the land of knights. Ruled by the Grand Ruler with a council of saints, it is considered the only knightly state which can trace its roots to the great Roman Empire having Greek and Siculo-Arabic as its languages. However, in January, a non-profitable group Dikaimata Umani conducted a research on shifting religious attitudes among the Argentina's youth.
The results confirm Argentine society’s unprecedented decline of Christianity and declining influence of the church. Our results reveal dramatic changes in Argentina's religious attitudes with a decrease in adherence of Christianity and attendnce of church.

Greater access to the world via the internet, but also through interactions with other people from around the glopbe in the last 5 years, has generated new communities and forms of lifestyles in the country. The increasing globalisation will likely exacerbate these societal transformations. Argentina, as we know it, is changing in fundamental ways.

Shipping near Las Malvinas|| Rio

An Argentine commercial fishing fleet of 70 vessels has left the port of Rio Gallegos to head towards the Falkland Islands last week. 10 of the vessels have arrived and entered the Falkands' EEZ zone to conduct fishing activities. Some of the Argentine vessels had disabled their public tracking devices and prepared to fish near the Falklands. The fishing fleet is under the watch and protection of the Dynami Air base north of Rio Gallegos, which is a home of the 4th Tactical Fighter Squandron and the 9th Interceptor Squandron of the Argentine Air Forces.

Martk van de watergeest

Zeelandia was the oldest city in Taulandt yet if one was visiting it one would not be able to see it. The city had been rebuilt nearly completely ever since the 1910s and skyscrapers were the norms and interconnected buildings. The Zeelandia Commercial district was a prime example of this as it was in essence a massive roofed shopping complex where everything ranging from clothing stores to restaurants and even several cosmetic surgeries practices. It had an indoor park and garden and there were even plans for a zoo of sorts. In one of the many cafes, a man who looked rather good and was wearing a suit was drinking a cup of coffee, reading the newspaper while occasionally looking up at the people. Until he spotted a woman walking past him and he put his coffee down and his newspaper as well, leaving behind money as he followed her.

He kept at a distance from her until she stopped to look in the window of some expensive clothing shop. He swooped in next to her and stood quite close to her and looked in front of him as if nothing was out of the ordinary. She seemingly wanted to say something but he leaned in close and said something which made her stand straight. He in turn put his arm around her and they started to walk again. If one would see them they would think that this was a couple where both of them looked rather good and likely were quite wealthy. Yet nothing out of the ordinary and as the two entered a restaurant and got to their table it continued. It was only when they sat down in the booth and He had ordered a glass of wine and she as well that he really started to talk to her.

Your latest bit of intel was indeed handy we want you to do something else for us

This made her turn her head, her face had the expression of annoyance rather than that of surprise. She took up her glass of wine took a sip before putting it and looked ahead.

The way I remember it that time was supposed to be the last time, I have paid my debt

He in turn was silent and his face did not change a single bit, he grabbed something from inside of his jacket and put it on the booth, and handed it to her. He waited for a moment until the waiter had given them their lunches before continuing to talk.

Clair I think it’s clear that your debt has not yet been paid, you almost exposed an entire operation of ours. Quite the risk to our security.

Clair wanted to say something but was prevented from saying it as the man was earlier.

While we caught you before you could expose it’s still punishable, it would be a shame for someone of your beauty to end up in a Prison don’t you think ?

All Clair could do was nod as she looked at the man, a man who was maybe in his early 40s yet still by any measure was someone that was quite handsome, his hair was originally blonde but now was getting whiter and whiter, his face showed that he had seen his fair share of action through his life. As Clair looked at him she could just nod and the man took that for a sign to continue.

In the envelope that I gave you, there will be an address when you meet Quan next time in his office for your weekly session of interviewing each other quite roughly, if my intel is correct, place it there and that is it.

Clair while often being called stupid was far from stupid and knew exactly what this meant, she had long since given up on understanding why the CIB would bug the Raadpensionaris and honestly did not care anymore, she wanted out that was all she wanted.

I will do this but then this is the last thing I will do you understand that? I want out Robb I want out of this.

The tone of her voice was becoming emotional, something that Robb had expected but maybe he thought to himself he was getting older and sentimental but he did not show it. He had a job to do and maybe would get some benefits out of all of this. She did have a point after this her value would be spent.

Alright after this you are out

With that single sentence said he stood up and straightened his jacket and left behind some money and left. Clair did not try to follow him, she had tried but he disappeared simply into the crowd she did not know how he did that but he could, to her it must have been some CIB trick. Thus she waited for her food to come and then finished and went on with her day, the envelope in her purse, she went back home and would the next day meet the Raadpensionaris for their annual extensive and rough Interview. After she left the Raadpensionaris was as usual quite smug and exhausted thus did not notice the pencil she left behind.


Khen watched as Robb left the restaurant and looked at him heading out, he turned to Loren who was eating, and knew this might be his only chance. After all his boss did not pay for this rather expensive dinner for him to miss the change. He smiled at Loren who smiled back, as he checked if the gun was in his coat. It was not hard to convince Loren to go out to Zeelandia with him, he had just returned from Taiping having been gone for a month most of their time together was mostly in the bed making their neighbors quite angry or doing nothing and watching tv. Thus when he said he had the idea to go to Zeelandia it was not hard to convince her. Getting in the restaurant was not hard either but now he had a job to do this

I will be right back in a moment I need to get something

She nodded as she was eating her food and had already begun to eat his hamburger. He was always amazed how she seemingly could eat everything but never gain a pound. He walked in the direction of the toilet but then made a turn for the exit and left, he looked around and spotted Robb. He knew that he would need to catch up and looking on the map of the building, he saw a shortcut. He turned to the left and began to run eventually catching up with Robb and somewhat following him from a distance. This went on for a while until they came to the parking garage, it was here that Khen somewhat disappeared himself and simply waited near the exit, as Robb had his car parked on the 8th floor.

He looked at his watch and then when Robb showed up he came to the window knocked on it. He lowered it and Khen knew for a fact that the Camera’s likely would see it, he tapped his watch and that would send the signal that would temporarily disable them. In this brief moment of time, he took out his pistol and shot Robb in the head before walking back calmly, not before buying something to cover up his getting something excuse. When he came back his hamburger was empty and Loren sat there drinking his wine and he rolled his eyes. But the moment when he sat down and her hand went down he forgot about everything else and the day would spend basically in a cinema and not watching any movie but rather making sure that nobody could hear the movie.

Argentina declares state of war in southern regions || Bonrepolis
Il Etnos - Independent News Organization of Argentina

Argentina's Grand Council of Saints on Sunday declared a state of war in some of its cities and regions following the British buildup on the Falklands. The last straw being the interception of the Argentine Pucara recon jet by the British.
In an extraordinary meeting, the Council of Saints passed a measure partially and temporarily restricting the constitutional and property rights and freedoms of Argentine citizens and foreigners in the country as long as the war situation continues.
Under the decision, a curfew may also be declared at certain times in some regions.

The Argentine government called back all its citizens and diplomats from New Modern England

Operation Nisos || Falkland Islands
Il Etnos - Independent News Organization of Argentina

The invasion of the Falkland islands started with the landing of the amphibious troops near Round Pond south of Stanley, under the command of the Major Commander Evripidis Gerou. The initial Argentine force was 900 soldiers strong, 400 of them consisting of elite National Gendarmerie.
The initial invasion force is fighting its way through in order to reach the capital of Port Stanley. The task force employed the drone footages made earlier in order to get acquanted with the geography of the place and a better way to reach the city.

On the west Falkland island, more Argentine troops are beginning to arrive bringing Infantry fighting vehicles as well as MIM- Hawk anti aircraft systems to counter potential aerial attacks by the Royal Air Force. The military vessels which were deployed in the Falkland EEZ earlier to guard the fishermen, are now escorting the amphibious warfare ships carrying the soldiers for the Falklands. Due to lesser population density of the western Falkland island, the Argentine troops are having an easier time setting up their defenses there.

The Argentine navy is trying to counter the British Navy by dispatching its ships to the northwest and south of the islands. Due to close proximity, it was easier for the Argentine vessels to reach the destination.
Furthermore, the Argentine submarines are heading north of the Fallands to hunt down the incoming British ships in the southern Atlantic while air defense frigates are on standby in the northwest of the Falklands with a mission to protect the invading Argentine force from the aerial attacks by the British.

The skyhawk fighter jets from the Argentine air force are bombarding the Moody Brook Barracks where the Falkland defenders are located as well as the paved runways on the Falklands to prevent more planes to land. Valuable targets include the Mount Pleasant RAF air base and Port Stanley airport.

A Military Facility Near Buenos Aires

A cargo ship bearing the "M" logo docked at the military port in the darkest hours of the night. Her hull and deck were bursting with cargo, all of which was to be offloaded here. Thousands of shipping containers with the same "M" logo. Argentine soldiers and Malum shipping employees worked together to start unloading the cargo, which would likely be a day-long operation going well into the next night.

As the unloading began, a AW109S Grand helicopter took off from the ship and landed at the heliport of the military base, where Brigadier General Zaharias Kanatis was waiting with his staff. From the helicopter emerged Malum Corporation COO Dick Cheney. The two shook hands and began talking while watching the ship be unloaded.

"We've got the material of our contract and then some. 20 F-15's, 50 M1 Abrams, 40 units of the Patriot Missle System, thousands of M4s and M16s. Everything you will need to mount a daring and competitive offensive on the Falklands in the coming days." Cheney explains.

"There is concern in our staff about handling their Typhoons."

"That is why we have chosen the F-15 for this contract. The Imperial Navy and Air Force are built for a war to defend its colonies and homeland. As such, the Typhoon is an interceptor, and one of the best in the world as well. Consequently, it lacks in the dog-fighting arena. The F-15 is made with the intention of challenging planes like the Typhoon. With a decent pilot, and running more hit-and-run tactics, your boys will have 'em. And with the patriot in your hands, your cities will be completely safe from any bombing like the Syrians received." Cheney replies.

The General smiles, watching his men upon the shipping containers to begin investigating their new military equipment.

"By the time this really kicks off, the Argentine military will look indistinguishable from the United States of old." Cheney smirked.

O Globo

The History of Marvelos


Marvelos Comics is a trilingual comic book company based in Lagoa Nova, Natal, Brazil-Iberia. Primarily known for material featuring characters formerly published by US-based company Marvel, Marvelo has garnered a reputation as being the major Lusitan comic book company. "Crossovers" have occurred with characters from the other major Latin American Spanish comic company Etcetera Entertainment, Omega Level Entertainment, and British re-adapted American Comics.


Sometime in late 1988, former voice actor turned businessman Carlos Pontón acquired the rights to several Marvel Comics characters. He then approached voice actor and close friend Jesús Barrero to create a company to publish remakes of classic Marvel tales. Barrero was initially hesitant toward the idea but eventually came around to the idea - and so, on the 15th of August in 1989, CB Comics was born, with Barrero as Editor in Chief and Pontón as a publisher. Initially, the company published redrawn, re-translated versions of classics from the Bronze, Silver, and Golden ages, using homegrown talent. Then they learned that there was new competition in town.

The Distinguished Competition

Founded in 1992, Etcetera Comics (then called "New DC") opened its Brazilian branch the following year. Though they had cordial relationships with each other, the old Marvel-DC rivalry was re-sparked, with CB Venezuela soon open for business. Etcetera, in addition to publishing remakes of old stories, also published a few new ones. This inspired CB Comics to make some new stories of their own, most which were only moderately successful. In 1995, Pontón and Barrero caught wind of Etc's latest project, Multiversity, a 12-issue event designed to bring the DC universe into the Post-Recession era and lead into a relaunch of their titles. Not wanting to be outdone by their friendly rival, but realizing that making their own 12-issue event in less than a year would be nigh impossible, the two men commissioned a five-part event to lead into CB's own relaunch, and take Marvels characters beyond the 1994 Recession. The book was written under the working title of Marvel 1994, by the time a proper name was needed, they simply shortened it to Marvel '94, which would see its final issue published on CB's fifth anniversary.

From CB to Marvelos

The months leading up to Marvel '83's release saw several changes to the company. Barrero, wanting to focus on his voice acting career, announced that he would be stepping down as Editor in Chief. Barrero then chose his successor from among the writers, Mario Estevez, who had re-translated the Death of Captain Marvel. CB then opened up branches in Chile, Columbia, and Argentina, expanding their consumer base. Finally, it was decided that with the relaunch of the Marvel Universe, and the departure of their original Editor in Chief, a new name was needed. From that day forward, CB Comic would be known as Marvelo Comics.

Success Gained

Marvel '94 proved to be a huge success, becoming Marvelos's highest selling title to date. The title saw the various hero and villains of the Marvel Universe forced to battle it out by the Star God Solaris. After defeating the Star God, several heroes received visions of Doomsday, which was to happen in a week's time. Powerless to stop it, they instead decided to ensure the survival of their loved ones and themselves. When the bombs drop, the heroes bid farewell to the old age. The title was well-received, though the ending proved a bit controversial. Nevertheless, Marvel '94 cemented Marvelo's status as Brazil-Iberia's premier comic book publisher and put them on the map in Latin America's comic book industry. In addition, Fett Comics(Which acquired the rights to Star Wars, a label for comics based on movies and television, launched its first comic which was a continuation of the Star Wars franchise. Starting with an adaptation of A New Hope, this long-running series brought a new audience to a galaxy far, far away.

A New Millenium and Ultra Comics

1999 and Early 2000 saw several hits produced by Marvelso, including Captain Marvel/Marvel Duel and The New Avengers, but that was all overshadowed by quite possibly the biggest blunder in the history of Marvelos: The New Blood event. Intended to debut a more proactive team of heroes, the event was criticized for its overly dark and violent tone, with unfeeling heroes who'd rather murder random criminals than actually do heroics. The event bombed, the comic was regulated to non-canon status, and Estevez retired in shame, being replaced by Juan Bringas.

As of February, Bringas had the idea to create a new universe, one where superheroes grew to prominence after the Doomsday event. He brought up the idea with Pontón, Estevez, and Roberto Mendoza, who decided to use pre-existing characters for this new universe. Pontón came up with a new imprint to publish this new universe: Ultra Comics. The first title published under the banner was Ultra Spider-Man #1, and the first event followed in March, Avengers Initiative. Sadly, on April 19, 2000, Edith Díaz, wife of Carlos Pontón, passed away. Carlos Pontón announced that, due to this recent tragedy, he would be stepping down as publisher and focusing on the business side of things. Mario Estevez would be convinced to come back and remain the sole publisher of Marvelos for the time being.

Etcetera Entertainment

Etcetera Entertainment (also known as Nuevo DC) is a trilingual comic book company based in Caracas, Venezuela, and a division of Etcetera Holdings. Primarily known for material featuring characters formerly published by US-based company DC, Etcetera has garnered a reputation as one of Latin America's premier entertainment companies. "Crossovers" have occurred with characters from the other major Latin American Brazilian comic company Marvelo Comics, and the Great Supers Comics in Iberia.

Argentina Condemns the Brazilian provocation|| Bonrepolis
Il Etnos - Independent News Organization of Argentina

The Argentine military this morning accused the Imperial Union of conducting “provocative” military drills near the nation’s borders, a statement that reflected simmering Argentine-Ibero-Brazilian tensions.

Col.-Gen. Omar Seineldin, the Argentine General Staff assisstant, said Argentina has sent a formal letter to New Emastalia proposing to scale down each other’s military activities for the period of the South Atlantic conflict.

Gen. Seineldin particularly mentioned recent Brazilian maneuvers near the borders, claiming that they emulated strikes on Argentine territory and the intercept of Argentine missiles. Gen. Seineldin said the drills were the first of the kind by the Imperial Union.

Bonrepolis top diplomat has warned his government would take responsive measures to the recent massive Luso-Brazilian military deployment and exercises across the regions bordering Argentina.
"We cannot ignore these activities by the Brazilian military, which are of great concern, but we will respond in such a way that does not create unnecessary risks," Seineldin added.

Relations between Argentina and the Imperial Union have sunk after the beginning of the Falklands conflict.

Argentina announces initial level of readiness for missile defense system in northern Argentine provinces || Rosario
Il Etnos - Independent News Organization of Argentina

Alexander II Pius said today that the Patriot Missile system, acquired from The Malum Corporation earlier, has reached the initial level of readiness in the northern Argentine provinces. According to him, it does not pose a threat to the Brazilian forces and is "completely defensive", but next year the Argentine Armed Forces intend to strengthen its presence in the South Atlantic Ocean.
"Today we decided to declare the initial operational readiness level of Argentina's missile defense system. This means that radars and interception systems in Argentina can now work together under unified Argentine aerial command and control,” Pius said.

Furthermore, 4 more batallions from the Argentine Army will be dispatched in Misiones Provinces, for defense purposes.

A new African policy

This morning the Schouterij van Buytenlandse zaken released a large new document simply entitled “Het nieuwe Afrikaanse beleidt”. This document in total some 900 pages in total, details Taulandt her investment and policy towards African nations which have been internally divided into 5 categories with each of the categories having a different approach. Goverment critiques, most notably the Nieuwe Patriotten party have argued that this approach could be seen as neo-colonialism and will only endanger the Taulandt neutrality outside of Asia. Others have said that this will severely drain the state coffins that are already stretched due to the new administrative burdens, as so far the taxation of the new administrative regions is not yet fully set up.

The Catagories are roughly based on each nation their economic development and political stability as well as that of their neighbors. Reading through the document it becomes clear that Raadpensionaris Quan Diercksen his cabinet and the goverment her “African policy” is a massive U-turn from what was the norm just a year prior. The policy will see Taulandt striking out into Africa, examples already are the recently signed trade deal with Rhodesia and the security cooperation and economic agreement with Seychelles. Yet it is also said by many that a specific sentence which is; “Taulandt shall do its best to protect and preserve the interests of what it considers its closely related peoples” to be blatantly pointed towards the Afrikaners which under the current South African goverment have seen a massive suppression, with farms being taken without compensation and economic activities seemingly becoming limited forcing many Afrikaners to seek their fortunes somewhere else or try and survive. The current situation has seen many pressure groups in Nieuwe Haag put pressure on the Taulandt goverment to act in one way or another. This has already happened to some extent as it has been revealed in a leak that Taulandt has offered Rhodesia aid should it need it, in regards to a possible Afrikaner refugee crisis.

Yet in the region which has largely remained silent, the Islamic Republic of Comoros has called Taulandt her recent actions clear and obvious neo-colonial actions. Yet so far Taulandt has simply ignored the republic which currently is going through its own domestic troubles, which has resulted in some of its islands being a harbor for local instability. So far however no action on the Comoros comments has been made. By any measure, this is sure to be a new era for Taulandt - African relations and one that many hope will be for the better.

Other news

  • T-pop band Boomer becomes a smash hit in China, it is the first band to sell 45 million albums in total becoming the first band to do so. Boomer is a multi Taulandt, Korean and Chinese band the first of its kind and from the DML

  • Adminsitrative reforms announced in the new Taiping regions, it will see the creation of the so-called “Pearl river province” and the “Xiamen bay province” These are the first of the administrative reforms that will come. This was announced by the joint Southern Taiping - Taulandt council.

  • A case about possible Taulandt soldier’s mis behavior in Nanning has been dismissed by the court on the grounds of a lack of evidence.

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