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Aezealia wrote:Can I become a citizen without joining discord?

No, we have a requirement for it because a lot of events, discussions and organising happens there. For example, all OOC RP stuff is discussed there.

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Aezealia wrote:Please, help me. I want to join Red Wolf Alliance without joining discord🙏🙏🙏

You can still stay, it's just that you can't participate in government or rp or any events.

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Hausklo Today

World Banquet
The Royal Family and the Ecumenical Patriarch have accepted the invitation extended by Queen Demetria of Provident nationWorld Banquet.

Pharmacy Act To Be Amended
The Pharmacy Act that controls the regulations on alcohol, tobacco, medications, and narcotics is set to be amended by the Legislative Government in the coming days.

The House of Commons has drafted and approved the proposed amendments. The amendments will go to the Synod for a vote later today. If it passes, The Knesset will vote on the amendments.



6 Aidian fighter jets of the Turmae 4 made several bombing runs on rebel formations outside Avalon. Armed with precision munitions and guided by an AWACS of the 1st Airborne Air Control Squadron "Card Counters" of the FSSDF, the Aidian fighters dropped more than 40 bombs with estimated enemy casualties over 150.

What Belongs To The Sea Can Always Return To The Sea
7:13 PM

The first explosion tore open a gash on the starboard side. Water began to fill the ship rapidly. The oil spilling out from the corvette was lit aflame, illuminating the debris scattered among the water and the rest of the chaotic scene.

The second explosion occurred only a few seconds later, occurring further above the first explosion and slightly farther aft, tearing apart the starboard autocannon.

The watertight doors lowered in the affected compartments.

The ship began listing.

The third explosion tore out more hull plating below the waterline.

From a distance, the rebels watched. The plan had been carried out accordingly.

The ship was split in half by the fourth explosion.

Southwest Naval Command Reporting Losses, Official Report

FS Gales Of The Azure - Sunk off the coast of Floyssauu during regular patrols accompanied by the Aidian vessel ARN Ragonius.

4 separate explosions were reported by the Ragonius, the first three at 7:13, and the fourth at 7:14.

The Gales Of The Azure was split into two pieces by the fourth explosion. This is likely due to the fire from the first three explosions reaching ammunition stored for both the 76mm naval gun and the autocannons.

The Ragonius saved 32 survivors out of the original complement of 114.

Hello, everyone I am Aezealia. I know that everyone could only have upto 1 puppet in Red Wolf Alliance so I made a region so you could store your puppets there.
Name: Red Wolf Alliance Puppet Storage Puppet Storage

Password: Alpha

უზოლანტ კუკაწჷნტ ჯელდჷრნინტ აჭორომ; იმჷრნინრ ჰამანტ კეჳეჳჷლ მარ ბარან ტოსსო
Uzolant Kukacynt Dželdyrnint ačorom; Imyrnint hamant kevevyl mar Baran Tosso
Former Emperor Uzola dies; his son Imyrne takes over as Head of the House

(18 DŽULA 246) | KASSYM – Former Emperor Uzola has died, a spokesman of the Imperial Family has announced. The former head of state of Ozyrnia peacefully died in his sleep, amid rumours that his health had declined in recent weeks. Although our nation has been a republic since 1962, President Imma Lokmus has declared that the former Emperor will have a state funeral anyway, as he is still a former head of state. She offered her condolences to the Imperial Family and praised the role Emperor Uzola played in ending the Cultural Civil war and the subsequent transition of the nation from an Empire to a Republic. She declared a week of national mourning.

Former Emperor Uzola was born in 1941 as the only son of Princess Eldyrne (later Empress Eldyrne V). Originally not in the picture to become Emperor, his chances to succeed to the throne increased when his grandfather, Emperor Imyrne, inherited throne and title from his uncle, Emperor Davo, in 1956. Under the latter the Cultural Civil War had started in 1953, a battle between the larger Ozyrnian cult, Kaskem (represented by the monarchy), and the other cults that it tried to dominate. Emperor Imyrne continued his uncle’s war, but died in battle already after he became Emperor. His daughter Eldyrne V succeeded him, but she was a clumsy diplomat and although she wanted to end the war, she managed to throw oil on the fire and was therefore forced to abdicate in favour of her son Uzola in 1962. Uzola reigned only for a couple of months before Ozyrnia was declared a Republic.

In 1967, the former Emperor married to Ybarne Omanne; since the Empire was abolished, she didn’t receive any Imperial title. Their two sons Imyrne and Karave however were allowed to be called Prince. Prince Imyrne (59), the eldest, will now succeed as Head of the Imperial House. He and his wife Kasme have four children: Prince Eldyrne, the new heriditary prince; the twins Prince Pagorne and Princess Ybarne, who married Crown Prince George of Bagnallia in 2023 and took the name Alexandra; and Princess Cavurne, a well known influencer on social media.

The funeral will likely take place in a week. The former Emperor was 87 years old.

The downpour of rain strengthened as I heard the crack of gunfire remain incessant, unyielding.

I stood watching as around me the world, or the tiny pocket of the world I was in, went up in flames.

Again, I heard the boom of the armored fighting vehicle not far behind me, releasing swaths of smoke.

I looked down and realized I had been holding onto my gun so tightly that my hands had begun bleeding. The creases on my fingers were cut. The sling was missing.

The constant popping of gunfire remained unabating. Every couple of seconds I saw someone fall around me, dropping onto the cold asphalt, their blood coalescing and mixing with the rainwater.

I saw planes, either Aidian or Floysarian roaring overhead. I gripped my gun even tighter, even as the cuts on my hands burned even more.

I finally rose from my cover. I didn't have the strength to hold the gun up and fire again. I felt something punch me in the chest, and everything went black.

Capital Corps, 3rd Corps Reporting Losses

1st Territorial Defense Regiment, 1st Rifle Battalion - Estimated 50 To 200 Deaths, 300+ Injuries

1st Territorial Defense Regiment, 2nd Rifle Battalion - Estimated 50 To 200 Deaths, 300+ Injuries

6th Infantry Regiment, 19th Infantry Battalion - Estimated 20 Deaths, 100+ Injuries.

National Guard Reporting Losses

3rd National Guard Regiment, 4th Patrol Company - 7 deaths, 29 Injuries, 12 Critical

6th National Guard Regiment, 13th Infantry Battalion - Estimated 20 Deaths, 50+ Injuries

6th National Guard Regiment, 14th Infantry Battalion - Estimated 20 Deaths, 50+ Injured

6th National Guard Regiment, 2nd Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Company - 1 Drone Lost (Malfunction)

Participating Units, Floysarian, Aidian, CAN

1st Territorial Defense Regiment
1st Rifle Battalion
2nd Rifle Battalion

6th Infantry Regiment
19th Infantry Battalion

3rd National Guard Regiment
4th Patrol Company

6th National Guard Regiment
13th Infantry Battalion
14th Infantry Battalion
2nd Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Company

1st Artillery Regiment
2nd Artillery Battalion
3rd Artillery Battalion
4th Reconnaissance Company

8th Armored Regiment
16th Tank Battalion
4th Combat Engineer Battalion

2nd Logistics Support Regiment
1st Logistics Support Battalion

1st Infantry Regiment
3rd Signal Company

4th National Guard Rapid Reaction Battalion (Humanitarian Aid)

10th Rapid Reaction Force
11th Rapid Reaction Force
12th Rapid Reaction Force

4th National Guard Regiment
2nd Operational Battalion
5th Patrol Company

4th Fighter Squadron

2nd Reconnaissance Squadron

1st Airborne Air Control Squadron

Legio 2

Turmae 4

APCP Hebdomes

პარლამენტანჷნ ჭჷჰეჳერე დატა კაჳერასსომ კეჳუ 2 დეწემბერ; ჯელდენჷნტ პარჷნტ ოსჷპ წარმაჳჷლ წემ გჷკარდაზგე
Parlamentanyn čyhevere data kaverassom kevu 2 december; Dželdenynt Parynt osyp carmavyl cem Bykardazge
Parliamentary election date set on 2 December; Imperial Party may enter Chamber

(12 SEPTEMBER 246) | KASSYM – Parliamentary elections will be held on Saturday 2 December, Chairwoman of the Chamber of the People Helassyt Bernaste has confirmed today. The campaign will start next week, but polls suggest that the parties that support President Imma Lokmus, the socialdemocrat SKP (currently 30 seats of 71) and the environmentalist OP (15), will be able to keep their majority, although a slight loss is predicted for the SKP while the OP may gain a couple. Should Lokmus wish to become a candidate for a third term as President, she will have little trouble getting re-elected in two years.

More surprises are expected for the smaller parties: the libertarian socialist party DPP (currently 6 seats) is struggling to reach the 5% threshold and may therefore fail to return in the next Chamber. On the other hand, the Imperial Party DžP, which has not managed to get any seats in the last 60 years, is currently polling around 8%. Analysts are calling it a morbid effect of the death in July of former Emperor Uzola, and potentially the rise to prominence of his son, the new Head of the Imperial Family Prince Imyrne, who gained an unexpected popularity in recent weeks.

6:31 AM
Skies Over Cardinal

"ETA 3 minutes, no problems so far."

"Affirmative, all APCP soldiers are within positions and ready to breach the compound."

4 helicopters roared above buildings as they cut through the morning wind. These helicopters were each carrying 6 members of the 2nd Floysarian Special Forces Squadron. They had departed from Caldus Forge, Cardinal some 20 minutes earlier.

The Special Forces soldiers sat in anticipation as the pilots and command communicated back and forth. They had been preparing for the past month for this raid. The compound had been identified as a command center for rebels in Cardinal.

They were going to be working with the elite Aidian APCP this mission.

"ETA 2 minutes."


There was one thought shared among all of the soldiers. Were they going to be coming back all alive?

"This is command, the 1st Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Company has identified unusual movement within the compound. We will be making slight adjustments to your mission plan immediately."

The compound came into view through the foggy morning, as the helicopters came further within reach.

"This is command, the 1st Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Company has identified what appears to likely be a small anti-air weapon within the compound. You are ordered to leave the area of the raid immediately."


And then a bullet struck the helicopter. They were taking fire from the compound.

"Oh God."

The Floysarian helicopters began dispersing as they began taking fire from the compound.

A bullet struck the co-pilot, and his body went limp. The pilot yelled obscenities as he attempted to keep the helicopter stable as more and more rounds scraped or slammed into the helicopter.

The sound of bullets striking the blades overpowered speech within the helicopter.

"This is command, rapid reaction forces are inbound to your location immediately. The APCP have been given the go and are now breaching the compound."

A bullet struck a vital component, and the helicopter began tumbling to the ground. The anti-aircraft weapon began focusing on the other Floysarian helicopters, but they were far out of reach.

The helicopter struck the ground with a firey explosion, and 8 souls perished within the fire.

კესსჷმრალენჷმაკ პარიკ აგაბეს ჭჷჰეჳერდე; ძელდენჷნტ პარჷნტ აწარმე ბჷკარდანდეტ სარი 7 ზჷმორკა
Kessymralenymak parik agabes čyheverde; Dželdenynt Parynt acarme Bykardandet sari 7 zymorka
Presidential parties win elections; Imperial Party enters Chamber with 7 seats

(11 DECEMBER 246) | KASSYM – As expected, the elections for the Chamber of the People hat took place last week, have secured a victory for the socialdemocrat SKP and the environmentalist OP, which increase their combined share of seats in the 71 member parliament from 45 to 49 seats (31 for the SKP and 18 for the OP), which should enable them to elect the next President of Ozyrnia in just one round, provided that they can agree on a candidate if incumbent President Imma Lokmus decides not to run again. The conservative RP on the other hand lost five seats, while the libertarian socialist party DPP fell below the threshold and was kicked out of the Chamber entirely. The socialist and liberal parties LP and DP got 4 seats each; the same amount as last time. The surprising newcomer is however the Imperial Party DžP, which enters the Chamber for the first time with 7 seats.

“The people have understood that the President’s policies, our policies, work”, a delighted Vary Gelossyk, leader of the SKP, said after the election results came in. “With the mandate we received we will be able to finish what we started and make Ozyrnia a better place for all its citizens.”

“7 seats out of nothing! That has to mean something, right?” DžP leader Hovanes Irgassy commented while being surrounded by singing fellow party members. “This country wants an Emperor as its symbolic figurehead; now, Ozyrnia lacks tradition and purpose and we will restore the things as they were before 180 IE (1962)!”

The new parliament convened on Monday 11 December. SKP member Kevy Džosntebor was elected chairman and thus succeeds Helassyt Bernaste, who after two terms decided not to run again.

As the sun slowly sets, our flag flutters in the zephyrs.

To the worker and the soldier, the message has been clear, so march alongside your comrades, to serve Floyssauu, it is your destiny!

To serve Floyssauu, this bastion of liberty!

We’ve come so far, but we must not falter,

For it is set in stone, that you must serve Floyssauu, this awe-inspiring country!

We will serve Floyssauu, this lifeboat in darkening seas,

Alongside you and me, we will serve Floysauu, in the skies and the watery deeps,

We will serve Floysauu, in the fields and the trees,

We will serve Floyssauu, on land and on the seas,

We will not falter, we remain unyielding, against any enemy because we serve Floysauu, this bastion of liberty,

We walk alongside the Goddesses who guide you and me,

There is no time to hesitate, you must do your duty, before it’s too late,

Do not let our glorious nation fall,

Even when there seems like there is nothing left at all,

Because you serve Floysauu, this awe-inspiring country,

Because you serve Floysauu, even if the darkness refuses to cease,

Because you serve Floysauu!

Hausklo Today

Pascha Is Here. He is Risen!!
Today is Easter or Pascha in Hausklo. The holiday was celebrated with pomp throughout the nation with church bells ringing and shouts of "He is risen!. The Ecumenical Patriarch blessed the holy fire at Christ The Savior cathedral and lead a chant

Nikolai and his family were in attendance at Midnight mass and the morning mass.

Tourist Season Opens For Beaches
Tourist Season opened at Romb Beach today after Pascha celebrations . Already beachgoers from across the country and a few from overseas flocked to beach towns.

ოზჷრნჷნტ ჯეგაჳჷლ კატსესტეტ, ბაგნალჷნტ ტაკ ნოტერანტ ᲙᲐᲛ-ჟალაპე გრუპონჷნსჷ რემბაზჷ
Ozyrnynt džegavyl Katsestet, Bagnalynt tak Noterant KAM-Žalape gruponynsy rembazy
Ozyrnia face Catt Thess, Bagnallia, and Notteterra in group stage of RWA Cup

(21 APRILE 247) | KASSYM – The Ozyrnian national football team has been selected in group 4 and will therefore face The Catt Thess, Bagnallia, and Notteterra in the group stage of the next edition of the RWA Cup, which will be held later this year in Nuevo Helios. According to national coach Otta Toršisor, these teams require different approaches, so the players for each game may vary, but he names Ozyrnia’s chances of reaching at least the quarter finals as ‘good’. Fans have put a lot of their hope for success on the twin brothers Hakop and Gevorik Čebervissy, who have excelled for their national teams in their roles as center back and attacking midfielder respectively in the last couple of years.

Laensterbailog, 28 July 2022

The Citizens Advancement Party welcome the outcomes of all three referenda held on July 27th. As part of the 'United for Change' camp which campaigned in favour of all three initiatives, we feel that our goals have been achieved.

Although the WA Delegacy Reform Bill failed with a huge majority for the No option, this does not mean that WA Delegacy reform is dead. We will work with all parties and listen to all critiques to formulate a proposal which is acceptable to a majority of RWA citizens. In the end, the status quo is not the best option. The people did not vote for the status quo. Rather, the people voted to reject the unnecessary marginalization of the office with the introduction of a regional puppet to fill the position.

CAP will continue to participate in the Emergency Council and will adapt to the new regulations set out in SB107. The Citizens Advancement Party believes in direct democracy and welcome the proposal to hold multiple referenda cycles. In all of which CAP will campaign and encourage citizen participation in regional politics.

With the final extension to the state of emergency, the party will now start preparations for the General Election to be held in September. Glory to the RWA!

What a wonderful region, I'd think I was dreaming if I did not know better!

Aidian Review: Quicker than a Ray of Light We're Flying.

New Section of HSR Opens
Once again, the Department of Infrastructure has announced that another section of the HSR line has opened, this time from Alai to Sinoro. This makes the HSR line run from Sinoro to Cor Urbis. The track shall continue to Taios, and then another line will split from Alai and run to Omich.

First Nuclear Test Successful, ACC Seeks Further Funding
The first nuclear test of an Aidian-made nuclear bomb has been successfully conducted underground in Sincomid. After the detonation proved to be everything they were expecting, the ACC has approached the senate to ask for more funding, but has had a very difficult time convincing them to budge.
"We have 50, why would we need more?" Senator Quartinius Taurus asked during a hearing. "Why does the world need any more of these things? We have enough to deter our enemies, and we should end here."

Plebes Senator Exposed!
Bad news for the Plebes party as one of their senators has been exposed by a whistleblower for trading stock. Senators, governors, and other state officials (along with their family and anyone financially tied to them) are banned from trading stock in Aidia, but Senator of Arci District 8 and member of the Plebes party, Didia Pulla, apparently decided that law did not apply to her and began purchasing StellaAtra stock. However, her efforts were quickly cut short as an accountant of hers quickly realized what was happening and reported her to the authorities. Didia is currently on trial for breaching AD68, Article 3, Section 4 of the constitution, and should she be found guilty, she will be fined and barred from participating in national politics again. If she has to give up her seat, it will remain empty until the election due to how close the election is.

Leader of the Plebes party, Quartinius Taurus, spoke fervently about the issue.
"The evidence is pretty damning, so I honestly don't see how she'll escape this," he stated. "She'll get no help from me or the party, that's for sure. I want the trial to be as fair as possible, and if she is found guilty, I will be relieved that we caught her before it kept going.

Election Preparations Begin!
Speaking of elections, preparations have begun! Signs now adorn walls, lawns, and windows as people begin to rally support for their favorite candidates. The Aidian Electoral Committee has declared the candidacy period open, and many have started filing across the country to try to get into the various elections.
As is tradition with the presidency election, party heads usually take the candidacy or pass it on for the party members to decide during the caucuses. As it stands, no party heads have passed the candidacy, which means they will be the candidates for president.
It should be noted that for several of our candidates, this may very well be their last chance. Most parties don't choose party heads that aren't in office, and this is the last term of many of the party heads out there.

As for who's running, unless there are any changes, we have: Geganius Cinna as the incumbent for Sociales Democratici, Quartinius Taurus for Plebes, Nasidia Canina for Democratici Aidiani, Satria Musca for Unio Rationalis, Artoria Natta for Vis, and Velia Seneca for CpNA. Of course, three other independent/lesser party candidates will be able to run under the ballot as well, and many have jumped to try to get themselves in.

While many are unsure as to who will win, everyone can agree that the election of 2030 will definitely be a close one. Only the ballots will tell if our president will keep his spot or not.

Suspicious impersonator amidst ourselves

When the red parasitic impersonation organism manifests itself as an identical replication of space men. It maneuvers throughout the ventilation system displaying skeptical behavior, thus we have reasonable suspicion to boot it out into the vast cosmos.


COUNTER 1: Threat has been designated, BRAA; 115 for 3 at 15,000, cold.

FAN 1-1: Affirmative, confirmed visual contact with designated threat.

FAN 1-2: Tally designated threat.

COUNTER 1: Affirmative. Target descending rapidly.


COUNTER 1: Target has been designated as hostile, cleared hot.

FAN 1-2: Raygun. Fox 2.

FAN 1-1: Flanking.

FAN 1-2: Hit, ascending.

FAN 1-1: Tally hostile, descending rapidly.

FAN 1-2: Splash hostile.

COUNTER 1: Continue dry.

FAN 1-1: Roger, bingo, dropping fuel tank. Requesting return to base.

COUNTER 1: Acknowledged, granted.


On 31-7-2029, Floysarian fighter jets scrambled from Avalon AFB shot down Flight 40, a Lance Airways ST430-30 passenger jet that had departed from Avalon International Airport earlier that day and was bound for Myrefall Regional Airport. Flight 40 departed at 12:30 PM FST with 137 passengers onboard. At approximately 1:10 PM FST the aircraft deviated from its expected course. Avalon ATC attempted and failed to contact Flight 40 16 times, while Myrefall ATC attempted and failed to contact Flight 40 21 times.

Flight 231, a cargo plane that had departed from Cardinal-Ryfall Regional Airport earlier that day came into visual range with Flight 40 an hour and 30 minutes after Flight 40 had departed from Avalon.

2 Echelon N40 fighter jets were scrambled from Avalon AFB and a further 4 were scrambled from Cardinal AFB.

2 hours and 15 minutes into the flight, fighters from the 7th Fighter Squadron that had been scrambled from Avalon AFB came into visual range of Flight 40. One of the fighters was able to form up next to the passenger craft and look into the cockpit of the aircraft, reporting that he sighted at least 3 unidentified individuals that did not match the descriptions of both the primary and relief crews of Flight 40.

5 minutes after fighters had established visual contact with Flight 40, the FTSB was contacted by Blaionell Regional Airfield reporting that they had received over 31 short messages from Flight 40, some of these messages contained known and common codewords that indicated a hijacking. Blaionell also reported that they were able to contact Flight 40 over 6 times but only heard indistinct background noises or unintelligible dialogue.

Fighters tailed Flight 40 for another 2 hours before it made a sharp bank towards Takuselle. Fearing the possibility of Flight 40 intending to crash into a major population area, Governor Toman ordered Flight 40 shot down.

10 minutes after Governor Toman ordered Flight 40 shot down, Corbany Regional Airfield established contact with Flight 40. Further unintelligible dialogue was heard.

4 hours and 35 minutes after Flight 40 had first departed Avalon International Airport, a fighter of the 7th Fighter Squadron fired a single infrared-guided air-to-air missile, which struck Flight 40 causing the rapid disintegration of the fuselage. One of the fighters from the 7th Fighter Squadron would later report seeing various burning human bodies falling from Flight 40 as it descended and broke up.

30 minutes after the first confirmed pieces of debris began hitting various areas around Corbany, outer Takuselle, and Amescone, search and rescue teams began searching for survivors. None were found.

Over 200 pieces of debris have been found and collected since, including burned pieces of the fuselage, half of the rudder still attached to a piece of the vertical stabilizer, various sensors, human bodies, and cargo. None of the bodies have been identified. It is expected that all 137 passengers and 8 crew have died.

List Of Those Aboard Flight 40

Captain Vratislav Kozár, 37, 6300 flight hours logged
First Officer Anna Malíková, 31, 4500 flight hours logged
Second Officer Anastázie Ondráčková
Third Officer Havel Dvořák
Flight Engineer Matouš Suchánek
Relief Captain Vojtěch Musil
Relief First Officer Alexej Tesař
Relief Second Officer Viktorie Matějková

Miloslava Kosová Ilona Neubauer Milena Pešková Matěj Truhlář Vladimíra Krausová Kateřina Bednaříková Dominik Schmidt Jakub Šilhavý Vladimír Štěpánek Stanislava Davidová Ján Sehnal Filip Vymazal Petr Tancoš Zuzana Levá Štěpánka Bubeníková Václav Dlouhý Dalibor Vašíček Radomír Tesař Marcel Oliva Iveta Hušková Karel Verner Milan Doleček Vítězslav Hendrych Šimon Hrubý Miloslava Jiříková Kateřina Jindrová Eliška Kopalová Vít Čonka Miloslava Zlámalová Patrik Sova Jan Juřík Jindřiška Hejdová Miroslava Martinková František Zelinka Richard Louda Pavla Řeháková Ludmila Vorlová Luděk Holeček Vladimíra Vernerová Viktor Látal Kristýna Jiráková Štefan Hejda Rudolf Zavřel Jakub Machač Vladimíra Hanzalová Filip Grundza Luděk Starý Dušan Šimáček Renáta Vinšová Naděžda Kohoutková Anna Kochová Ludvík Hrubý Jaroslav Teplý Radka Bártová Vít Přikryl Renáta Šmídová Ivan Holý Matyáš Kunc Renáta Jančíková Monika Loudová Marcel Sikora Viktor Řezníček Marcela Králíčková Milada Muchová Alois Prášek Daniela Stárková Naděžda Zelená Oldřich Holeček Gabriela Mazánková Patrik Patočka Helena Bečková Jiřina Vitásková Nikola Pavelová Soccorso Spitale Emily Zanibellato Ludovica Bruno Maya, Martino Roberto Giuliani Marco Romano Asia Santoro Lorenzo Bianco Filippo Serra Denise Caputo Chiara Morelli Nathan Romano Cloe Basso Andrea Conte Loris Sartori Camilla Benedetti Giulia Martinelli Isabel Vitale Elya Roux Elie Rey Charles Marchand Hector Faure Hortense Duval Nathan Baron Madeleine Caudron Thomas Brun Camille Huart Auguste Roux Justine Melgares Adčle Picard Louis Bishop Amy MacCarthy Joey O’Connell Danny Flynn Kate O’Donnell Charlotte Brown Sonny Doherty Benjamin Moran Millie McGrath Croía Farrell Daniel Hamilton Éabha O’Mahony Lucas Whelan Ailbhe Boyle Abbie O’Connor Willow O’Leary Michael Burke Sophia McMahon Sienna Keogh Charlotte Connolly Sadie Brady Duarte Fonseca Kyara Pinho Vicente Cardoso Verónica Carneiro Rebeca Valente Neuza Pinheiro Andreia Maia Melissa Vicente Vítor Miranda Nicole Valente Joana Leite Luís Fonseca Jorge Amaral Marco Loureiro Francisco Batista Jorge Mendes

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