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This region has very kindly volunteered itself as an advertising space for Lily , NationStates' most active interregional military. Don't let its efforts go in vain, and check out the cool stuff below.


Lily is an organisation for both individual nations, and regions as a whole, particularly focused on giving power to the small regions like this one. Read more about us here, and don't forget to check out the Reasons for joining Lily!

The nations to thank for bringing you this quality prime-time advertisement:
Supreme Command Sweeze
Supreme Command Frenchy II
High Command The Chariot
Sekhmet Moshir Wascoitan

Embassies: Valle de Arena and Plum Island.

Tags: Founderless and Minuscule.

Pandoran States contains 3 nations.

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The Fattest Citizens in Pandoran States

World Census takers tracked the sale of Cheetos and Twinkies to ascertain which nations most enjoyed the "kind bud."

As a region, Pandoran States is ranked 9,794th in the world for Fattest Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of New MapaliaFather Knows Best State“For the homeland!”
2.The Beautiful City at Sea of NamartisIron Fist Consumerists“From which Princess Ralea hails”
3.The Federation of Epic LeagueTyranny by Majority“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”

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Pandoran States Regional Message Board

Oppressing peoples wrote:region=the_international_polling_zone#poll New religion-based poll! Come back soon to talk about money and politics!
Hello and goodbye. This is my last post to this region for a long time. I cycle through the IPZ's embassies, and you're about to be moved off of the list for regions that I'm posting to.

I'm about to move along too. Perhaps I'll see you in another region. My SECFanatics travel schedule shows the Grand Alliance of Free Nations, but I think they are password protected, so I will not be able to enter. Next would be Indonesia, one of my favorite Islamic Regions, and I'll arrive before Ramadan ends. See you around, Oppressing peoples!

Farewell, Soga clan and Namartis. You have a very peaceful Region.

Oppressing peoples

Future Earth is finally enforcing its embassy requirements, and unfortunately this region has not met them. If you have any concerns, please telegram Renewed oceania.

Terms For Embassies
1. All requests for an embassy must require that,
- The Region must have 5 or more members
- The Region must have a clean record

2. All FE Embassies may (now or later) be withdrawn from Regions due to residential relations or Officer relations, once the embassy
is withdrawn then it may or may not be able to reapply to FE (Based on criteria from No. 1)

3. If the embassy list goes over 200, then no more requests are to be taken due to the surplus of embassies

4. If the Region is inactive or has been raided, then the FE Embassy will be withdrawn

Terms For Diplomatic Interactions
1. Spamming or disturbance of peace will result in an automatic ban on the nation and a warning to the visitor's Region. If it does not stop, then the FE Embassy will be withdrawn

2. We must have a way to contact the leaders of the Region during an emergency, important request, etc. If it is not possible, then the FE Embassy will be withdrawn

3. WIP

Read factbook

Bearded Penelope.

Enjoy our bounty!

**Sets of a large table of pancakes, waffles, pastries, butter, jam, syrup, fresh blueberries, bacon, ham, coffee, and orange juice**

Good day Pandoran States. I am here today to inform you that your region violates sections 2, 3, 6 of our new Embassy Policy. Therefore, in accordance with this policy, your region's embassy with the UNOE will be terminated effective immediately. If you wish to receive an exemption and keep embassies please TG me. Alternatively, you may meet the sections within one week and embassies will be re-established. A copy of this policy may be found here:

UNOE Foreign Affairs Ministry
New Embassy Policy
Bringing a brighter future to the UNOE via international co-operation.
Minister of FA: Ethan Mainimere
Main FA Office: The Ashmont Complex, Suite 124, Arg City, Argentinstan
Secondary FA Office: New Chicago Citadel, Complex 3, New Chicago, The United Artherian Federation

Hello citizens of the UNOE! As many of you know me, I'll skip the introductions and cut right to the chase. On NS there is a plague of spam regions. What are spam regions? you may ask. Spam regions (such as Lardyland) exist purely for the purpose of, you guessed it, spam. While funny, they make NS look like a lawless playground of twelve year old memelords who can't co-exist with the rest of society and fit in. Therefore, in my position of FA I have decided to implement a few polices.

1. Regions that are pure spam will not have embassies with the UNOE.
1a. Regions that have embassies with the UNOE and fit the above category will have their embassies terminated.

In addition to those policies these shall also be implimented.

2. Regions that request embassies with us (and vice versa) must have an active population of at least 10 unique nations.
3. Regions that request embassies with us (and vice versa) must have an active WA population of at least 2.
4. Regions that request embassies with us (and vice versa) must not be an invader or defender region.
5. Regions that request embassies with us (and vice versa) must not be associated with the R/D gameplay.
6. Regions that request embassies with us (and vice versa) must have an active founder.
As a side note Puppet storages of UNOE citizens are exempt.

Thank you for your time,
The United Artherian Federation

Read dispatch

In recent months the International Debating Area (or IDA) has suffered from low activity. It is no longer the busy and prosperous region it once was, a place where people from around the world would come to get their views challenged.

We intend to change this. Currently, the International Debating Area is undergoing its Grand Restoration as a last effort to reinstall activity and frequent debates. We would appreciate it if members from across all our embassies participated in our debates and perhaps even move a puppet to our region. Right now, we're hosting our first serious poll in a while:

Gun Control

Please vote and debate in the International Debating Area RMB.

If you feel like our region offers a lot to you or your region, don't be afraid to subscribe to the Debaters' News Outlet (or DNO). To do so, telegram DFTBA-Land.

The IDA has a rich history with many great debates. Donít let that history end today. Join our debates. Question your views. Become a part of our community!

New poll in Gypsy Lands. Merry Christmas everyone!

**Sets down a tray of sample Christmas cookies


New Poll!

The Future of the Arctic

Please Vote & Debate in the RMB!

P.S. Please also discuss about the best way to put your plan into action.

I recognize Sowlina as the WA Delegate for our region

i have endorsed the kingdom of serejino as the new WA delegate

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