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Hollip wrote:Once again I have not been considered for CFO...

There's no point even holding an election, my friend, your victory was assured.

A new CSP has been posted on the wiki, CSP-085! Go check it out!

CSP Foundation

CSP-001 - Class Πόρτης
Immortal Stalin

CSP-001, Codenamed 'Immortal Stalin' is a Class Πόρτης entity, meaning they are hard to contain without significant resources and manpower along with being overall hostile to all staff. CSP-001 is currently contained in the Πόρτης wing of the Heavy Containment Zone of ACA-08 (Armed Containment Area 08).


CSP-001 was discovered in The Most Serene Kingdom of Arstotskiano after CSP-001-2 out of a portal in CSP-067s chamber, along with sixty CSP-001-2 entities, codenamed 'The KGB', a task force was deployed into the site to secure CSP-001. That task force, was Omega-01, codenamed 'Rapid Response' which was formed at a moment's notice for CSP-001, as it had it's CSP-001-Bs attack staff, it was meant to be a temporary task force, but was renamed to 'Commune Away' after the Dimension F expeditions. It is thought that CSP-001 came from 'Dimension F', filled with countries such as 'Germany', The 'Soviet Union' and 'United States'. It is thought that the entity we know as Stalin (CSP-001-1) is the leader of said Soviet Union, and the entities we know as the KGB (CSP-001-2) are the intelligence agency of the said Soviet Union, it is known after a deployment that the 'Soviet Union' is a communist nation that is now being targeted by direct assassinations of Soviet leaders until Dimension F's 1988 after Mikhail Gorbachev dodged eight assassination attempts by foundation forces and began democratic reforms, he was put under heavy foundation surveillance, with foundation forces in the (non-anomalous) KGB, the (non-anomalous) Red Army and the (non-anomalous) Red Carrier Fleet, specifically the LinkMoskva, LinkLeningrad, LinkKiev and LinkMinsk. In current times, the foundation still has achieved a way to get Gorbachev into our dimension, dimension prime, and he has now being stored in ACA-08 in the light wing as an Όρις class entity, this is because after we were able to make him have contact with CSP-001, CSP-001 gave Gorbachev a flask of tea, which he drank, trying not to be rude, and is now considered immortal. The flask was designated as CSP-001-3, it is currently considered to be terminated as it is unknown if CSP-001-1 can produce more. Mikhail Gorbachev is now marked as CSP-085.

Special Containment Procedures

CSP-001 is to be kept in the unclaimed mountains of Crepuscula in ACA-08 to make sure it is away from any major life in the case of a breach. CSP-001 is contained along with entities like CSP-097 and CSP-002. CSP-001 is to have ten separate chambers, designated CSP-C-001-1 (50M by 50M by 50M), CSP-C-001-2 (All of the following are 40M by 40M by 40M), CSP-C-001-2, CSP-C-001-2, CSP-C-001-2, CSP-C-001-2, CSP-CP-001-3 (10M by 10M by 10M), CSP-C-001-4 (75M by 75M by 75M), CSP-C-001-5 (100M by 100M by 100M) and CSP-C-001-6 (Coastal Crepuscula Containment Area CSP-001-6, which is dedicated to containing the Red Carrier Fleet, Also known as CSP-001-6.) All tests are required to be authorised by the Overwatch Command.


On the 19th of December 1992, twenty-five CSP-001-4 instances, known as the 'Red Army' were found in CSP-001-1's chamber being briefed for an assassination of the German Leader [REDACTED] in 1943, all instances of CSP-001 are currently in the thought that they are in the Soviet Kremlin in the time period of Dimension F's 1940s period, the CSP-001-4 units then burst out the chamber in Soviet Special Forces (SSF) equipment, shot the lead researcher, along with security on the way, and ran back to CSP-001-4 for a debrief. Omega-01 was unavailable, and as such the OSTF (On Site Task Force) rushed into the site, as they mainly stay outside it took them 15 minutes to get to the chamber, and secure the instances. The task force was Iowa-88. There was then a chamber build for the captured 14 instances that survived, it is in the style of a 1948 Red Army barracks, it is unknown how these instances arrived in the site.


On the 30th of April 2001, five CSP-001-5 instances appear in the chamber of CSP-001-1, being manned by 6 CSP-001-4 instances each. Before an major breach occurred due to the tanks, they were it was discovered said tanks could climb walls, they seemingly were all caught, and there was a new chamber built in the style of a 1946 Soviet tank workshop, the 30 CSP-001-4 instances were placed with the rest.


On the 20th of April 2019, Arstotskianian shores were bombarded by CSP-001-6 instance's planes and helicopters, before being intercepted by foundation destroyers in a battle where they were escorted to the Coastal Crepuscula Naval Base, which was then converted to the Coastal Crepuscula Containment Area. The Red Carrier Fleet has since been fully inactive.

Authored by Arstotskiano
Co-Authored by Arstotskiano

















































CSP-050 - Class Αντίνα
The Magic Dolphin

CSP-050, codenamed 'The Magic Dolphin' is an Αντίνα class entity, due to CSP-050 being Αντίνα class it is unpredictable and may be a danger to staff. CSP-050 is currently contained in Aquatic Containment Area 62, in the Αντίνα wing of the Light Containment Zone.


CSP-050 is a spirit that was originally discovered in The Aroace Paradise of Dolplandia by CSP foundation agents from the Arstotskiano branch of the MoIA (Mobile Intelligence Agency), CSP-050 seemingly takes the shape of a dolphin, but is noticeably yellow. CSP-050 has the ability to control one person at a time when there is nothing blocking the way to them, and as such multiple people are to enter the containment chamber at once if required, for a test or otherwise. It is advised to be four at a time, as CSP-050 mainly uses this ability for harm. CSP-050 can be stunned if it is exposed to a bright light, and as such, while no testing is occurring, the large light at the top of the chamber is to be on at all times, in the event of a powercut, personnel assigned to CSP-050 are to leave for the breach shelter, this is incase of a breach in containment.

Special Containment Procedures

CSP-050 is to be kept in a 20M x 20M x 20M glass box at all times, said box is to be full of water. The outer waterway of the chamber is to be padded with steel and have extremely bright lights attached. Due to the threat of breach, the waterway into the chamber is to be drained unless a test is ongoing, IF somebody wishes to enter the chamber, they must go through a filled waterway into the airlock, water is to be drained after they leave. In the event of a containment breach of CSP-050, Mobile Task Force Gamma-98 also known as "Water Be Gone" is to be deployed to the containment site to drain the waterways around the location of CSP-050 in the control room in the Command Sector, After draining the waterways around CSP-050 so it cannot escape, Gamma-98 is to move in to catch it in a large metal box after stunning it, CSP-050 is then to be taken back to it's chamber and let back in. The waterways are to be reflooded after recontainment.

Authored by Dolplandia
Co-Authored by Arstotskiano



































CSP-085 - Class Όρις
Mikhail Gorbachev

CSP-085, codenamed 'Mikhail Gorbachev' is a Όρις class entity, meaning it poses little to no threat to staff and can be contained with minimal resources. CSP-085 is currently contained in the free roam containment zone of ACA-08, in the unclaimed mountains of Crepuscula.


CSP-085 was not initially an anomalous entity, it was on an interaction with CSP-001-1 and CSP-001-3 that CSP-085 became anomalous. Gorbachev became immortal like CSP-001. CSP-085 is the leader of the ‘Soviet Union’ in Dimension F from 1988 to 1991 when the ‘Soviet Union’ collapsed. CSP-085 is very friendly and talkative with staff during periods of free-roam around the Free Roam Containment Zone.

Special Containment Procedures

CSP-085 is permitted to free roam in the FRCZ for at a maximum of 12 hours a day, due to an incident where CSP-085 collapsed in the middle of the hall due to a lack of rest. CSP-085’s containment chamber is to be the size of the Premier’s office in the building known as the ‘Kremlin’ in Dimension F, furnished as a bedroom with office space by request of CSP-085, and approval by Site Oversight Manager Adams. On Sundays medical personnel are to enter CSP-085’s chamber for a checkup in the rest period. Logs are to be kept throughout the checkups.

Authored by Arstotskiano
Co-Authored by Arstotskiano

















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May 2nd, 2022
Tussian Broadcasting Corporation


While an investigation is currently under way, a new group called the Tussian Republican Army has claimed responsibility for the massacre and robbery at the Fifth Precinct station in Athenia. The group claimed that they fight for liberty for Tussian people and wish to see a republic rise in Tussia, replacing the current Imperial system.

As of current, reports within the Tussian National Police state that the Tussian Republican Army will likely be labeled a terrorist organization as the police station massacre claimed over 30 lives, three of which were terrorists and wounded many others.

Free Biggonian News

Creation of the 'United Command for the Liberation of Biggonia'
Today, Empress Ricardina of the Commonwealth of Biggonia created the United Command for the Liberation of Biggonia, shortened as UCLB. The UCLB is supposed to bind together both the Reisburg army, composed of regulars, with the various militia and resistance groups which now find themselves under the banner of the Commonwealth. In order to differentiate Reisburg's troops from other commonwealth units, as well as possible defecting divisions from the Empire, the Reisburg army is now marked as "those who were recruited and equipped in the territories of the Principality of Reisburg."

At the same time, the Commonwealth Army has been formed. This is all soldiers who are part of units formed by the commonwealth and not from Reisburg. Currently though, this army only exists in name. Therefore, the UCLB has 3 branches; the Reisburg branch, the Commonwealth branch and the Irregular branch. Organisation and communication still seems to be a large problem, but Empress Ricardina believes that by placing herself at the top of all the command chains, she will be able to enhance cooperation.

Politically, this move enhances the Empress' power from figurehead to a more active role. Once the commonwealth begins recruiting from occupied territories, especially those in Grenzland, Ricardina will also have military power she can wield herself in the event of a crisis. Most Reisburg generals and nobles, however, recognise these are necessary concessions for their own survival.

May 2, 2022
Authoritismian Underground Liberation and Emancipation Movement

We, the liberators of Authoritism, are pleased to announce to the international community that we have gained in numbers since our last broadcast. Over 250+ men & women have joined our cause.
We would also like to announce our rebranding. Now, we shall be known as the Emancipation Assembly of Authoritism (E.A.A.).

The E.A.A. does not yet ask for international recognition, as this could lead to the crackdown and demise of our organization by the tyrannical government.

May 3, 2022
Government of Authoritism

The Government of Authoritism yet again asks for all foreign nations of the world to return escapees. They are being treated with the upmost dignity and respect.
We are also pleased to announce that our seas around the Bay of Authoritism can be used for international maritime transport again. NO foreign ships within 75 kilometers of the coastline.

Hansa Federation wrote:A Sith Lord on the board there is

A jedi on the board there is.

I sense a disturbance in the region...

He's too dangerous to be left alive!

I Love Democracy

Hey all, From monday next week I'll be completely unavailable. Sorry.

Some say clones are meant to be expendable. Well, not to me.

Beep boop bop? Bop beep!

Pantsville wrote:hello there

General Kenobi

May the fourth be with you all.

Post self-deleted by Authoritism.

666 News
The newspaper starts with Katie introducing herself.

Katie: Good night, I'm Katie Killjoy!
And then Tom.

Tom: And I Tom Trench!

Katie: The elections ended with the Hazbinian Conservative Party (HCP) winning with 47% of the votes, the largest party in parliament. And to the delight of the people, Mr. Quincy Endicott (HCP) was elected as Hazbin's new Prime Minister.

Tom: And to the people's sadness, the terrible serial killer Juliet Evans is still on the loose in the city of Pentagram, 3 deaths have already been confirmed that it was her own doing. The Imperial Police are already on the case and they say they are already close to capturing her.

Katie: The government has released a note that it will accept even more refugees to come to Hazbin and that it will not deport anyone who seeks asylum and who does not feel safe returning home. That's it for today, stay with the next schedule, bye.

The Times of Darcania
4 May 2022
Man claiming to be reincarnation of Emperor Cornelius runs for Mayor

A man named Sergio Salvioni has decided to run for Mayor of Darcania. Sergio Salvioni, during his running speech, claimed to be the reincarnation of Emperor Justinius Cornelius Merula. He has made similar claims in earlier speeches.

Darcania has a history of strange candidates running in municipal elections, including movie characters as well as self-proclaimed divinities.

Intergalactic Times
Earthern-Estarusian Government Meeting

The Earthern and Estarusian Governments held a meeting on 4 May, 2022 to discuss about strengthening bilateral ties between both the nations and about increasing co-operation in the military and industrial sectors. According to Earthern Government officials, the two-hour long talks, held at the Brahmandapur Karyalay building, went very well and were followed by the signing of the Suvarnapur Treaty by Estarus to join the MCTO.

Earthern Prime Minister, Beet Joshibearia, who held the talks, told reporters that Earthern companies were invited by the Estarusian Government to set up new infrastructure projects in Estarus and that taxes on fish imports from Estarus would be reduced. Estarus's accession to MCTO will also result in increased co-operation between Earthern Alliance and Estarus in military research and development. Earthern Defence Minister Hattu Joshibearia has told that the Earthern Alliance is also ready to sell Earthern aircraft to Estarus to help strengthen its air force.

You turn on DolpTube and go to the news section
"Hi! This is DolpNow! I'm Teresa Scott. Today, the government is sending aid to help the civilians in Biggonia. They will send medical supplies and volunteers to aid them. This is DolpNow!"
You turn it off

Port Prichalibirsk, Relykstrana
6 May, 2022. 0200 Hours, Local Time
It was a pretty normal night, all things considered. A grainer, headed West, had cleared the harbor about an hour prior, dodging traffic thereby. There was nothing major expected in before daylight; couple of small craft of course but nothing anybody really had to worry about.

It wasn't even anything particularly high-end, either. Just a little forty-foot fishing boat, registered to a local businessman. Ordinarily they wouldn't even have done a deep inspection, but there was nothing else going on tonight and the guy had been an jerk on the radio. The Navy Lieutenant in charge of the customs party asked the crew to vacate the craft, and present identification; one of them promptly did, providing of all things an Artevenian passport; the other two were unable to provide much of anything, and as such all three of them were promptly escorted off to a "Waiting Room" while Navy personnel attempted to resolve the issue of who in the world they were.

In the meantime, two customs officers and a LifeBoat Service Petty Officer boarded the craft; the latter to check seaworthiness and the former to check, well, Customs Things. As they approached the door into the aft cabin, however, it was thrown open, and somebody inside held down the trigger on a submachine gun. Relykstranan Customs Officer First Class Lari Salkova was killed instantly; her partner, Officer Antonovich Erdeli, had time to grab frantically for his radio mic before he, too, was shot to pieces. LifeBoat Service PO2 Leonid Merkulov grabbed for his own radio and his sidearm as he ran for the gangplank; his shouted alarm, and Erdeli's hotmiced burst of automatic weapons fire, would send security forces scrambling.
Merkulov, too, would be cut down by the mysterious assailants as the boat's engines roared to life and somebody on board cut the ropes, freeing the craft to make a hard turn to port and begin to make a run clear of the harbor. To attempt such a run, anyhow - even as they began to pick up speed, shore militia were scrambling aviation and a Navy jetboat turned their direction at speed. Her crew had no intention of taking prisoners.

Frantic phone calls and messages were passed; the Captain in charge of Naval Station Prichalibirsk was awoken and it took her about thirty seconds to go from barely awake to furious, authorizing deadly force even as the first shots were fired between the aforementioned jetboat's crew and whoever the hell was on that fishing boat. A running gunfight would ensue, at twenty-six knots; bullets pinging off the jetboat's superstructure and the fishing boat's aft cabin and steerhouse. Somebody on the fishing boat was injured; the blood was visible when the spotlights hit it right, but those on board didn't stop.

In fact they seemed determined to escalate. When the spotlight next caught one of those onboard he was holding an RPG-7; the boat hit another trough in the water but when it rose again he fired, sending a rocket through the railing around the jetboat's aft deck, missing one of the sailors thereaboard by only a few inches. With that, the jetboat's commander made the decision to break off; it surged ahead and away, opening the distance even as small arms fire continued.

Unbeknownst to those on board; escalation suited the Relykstranan Navy just fine. The destroyer Incarnate was moored within easy gunnery range of the fleeing fishing boat; her aft missile system was already tracking, just waiting to be given the go-ahead... And now it came. While the missiles she carried may well have been intended for anti-aircraft work they were more than capable of blasting small craft to pieces, and so they did. Two missiles, because the operator had been... More than friends, with Officer Salkova.

As for the three crewmen who had allowed themselves to be escorted away from the vessel by customs officials? That Navy Lieutenant had put a pistol to the head of one of them and demanded to know what was going on. His frantic admission of arms shipments and cocaine onboard was rewarded with handcuffs and being unceremoniously thrown to the ground.

One thing was for sure... A quiet night, this was no longer.

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