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Since there's no delegates nominating each other, no one, I think. You guys may want to coordinate some sort of contingency plan like I did for Titan.

I refuse to join the WA again. <_<

Surely you two can figure it out though?

The candrian empire

I don't want to mess with WA stuff. If someone is elected delegate, would they be able to leave the WA afterwards while maintaining that control?

The candrian empire

back again... feels good.

Who is gonna be the delegate?

My protestation from half a year ago of UN tyranny remains. :E

The candrian empire

I wonder who's active enough for the delegate role, really.

The candrian empire

ahhh yus top in... welfare?

oh. ok.

The candrian empire

Looks like the attack/defend bs is happening again.

The candrian empire wrote:Looks like the attack/defend bs is happening again.

Fine and dandy, but as long as none of us talks nobody is getting in, yes?

Not dead yet

I think 6 is the most nations we've had here in a while. It has also frustrated my intention to be the last one standing. :V

Haha, this counts as a massive increase in activity.

cba to recover my flag on my main yet... iíll do it later


I figured that you guys might want to do something about this terribad Liberate Haven 2.0 proposal.

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