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I request to see solid evidence that you have completed the region kimderlopia

Take a good look at my card collection. there should be fourteen unique nations that belong to Haslett.

I must say that it's pretty nice to have great religion scores and sci advancement scores


Because of our populations high and ever increasing IQ, we have built an institute of technological progress for scientists from all over Haslett and the world to congregate to and enhance all sapient life on our world. Also we have established an interregional advice council for you to go to and request knowledge from older people.

It didn't email me Belavya was dead, now I am no longer PM ;~;

Communism is good


All lortastickalandians are now genetically engineered to be perfect citizens in our sprawling government owned laboratories!

The undivine wolfpack

We should endorse Lortastickaland, as they are the valiant protector of Haslett.

No need to support such violent reactionaries, Alexation and Belavya will handle this.

Welcome back Belavya! Together we are strong!

V Ztrazhviy Comrade!


Ah welcome back Belavya, I see your short sighted ways are still holding after all this time.


We are now beginning a regional recycling campaign! Turn all your trouble makers and defectionaries into the Lortastickalandian government and we will reuse them in our Citizen Vat Labs to make them anew and send them to you to be the best self they can be.

Join the Haslett Nuclear Defense Board today! Guarantee the safety of the region against atomic weapons together!

Ahh fresh air. I'm back!

We the real humans of Lortastickaland have declared war on the corrupt and tyrannically heartless government we have been subject to suffer to. Long live humanity!

Holy owen empire

What's up hookers

What could possibly go wrong

Nothing Important.


We have emerged once more to the world stage!

Augh! it's deserted!

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