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It has been a long journey for Grecia. From it's secession from The Five Orders and founding as a region in its own right, to the Greco-Alerian split, to the reconciliation that was Crassia, and then the Laconikas-Cadrean split. However, at long last, we have returned home. The Grecian flag waves proudly once more, and we are eager to get back to work.

All nations are welcome to Grecia, where we encourage national sovereignty and rp.

Grecia has elected to be an 1800s based region, though this may gradually change over time.

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Grecia is home to a single nation.

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As a region, Grecia is ranked 1,092nd in the world for Most Scientifically Advanced.

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General Eustace L. Roberts marched down the hall of the royal palace in Atkinsvale. Left, left, left right left. At 63 years old, Eustace was the picture of a gentleman and an officer: his grey uniform was neat and regal, his hair and beard well kept and taken care of. He marched upright with his head straight forward, his fists clenched, and his arms swinging. He marched with a purpose. This was because the emperor himself had summoned him.

He arrived in the throne room where he knelt before his majesty, the rightful emperor of all Grekania. After being told to rise, he saluted his majesty, which was returned.

“General Eustace” began Emperor John, “our nation is beset on all sides by enemies. However, the one who appears to be striking at us first is not who we expected. The Eslamic Caliphate to the west appears to be making preparations to cross the Smoky Mountains. We have already begun to muster an army in the west, and this army, the Army of the Smoky Mountains, I grant command of to you.”

“Your majesty” said General Eustace, “it would be my esteemed honor to command this force and defend our empire.”

“I am glad to hear it.” Said the emperor. “Rest assured, you will be provided with any and all resources you need.”

And with that, General Eustace was on a horse headed west to set up his headquarters in the town of Gale Springs, and to organize the force he had just been given command of. Despite his old age he was quite the workhorse; he poured over maps of the region, and would often read of the strategies and conquests of generals long dead in Grecian history. Perhaps it was his time to be remembered in history…

Post self-deleted by Volci.

Southern Coast of Atkinsvale

After over a week of travel by ship, the Komavi Corps from Utara had finally found its way to the Free Marches. With a force of around 11,000 souls, they would find themselves soon moving to the Royal Palace to defend it against the forces of Qardadiyah. Meanwhile, the Expeditionary Fleet of the Royal Fleet of Utara would move to defend the southern coasts of Grekania.

Cream Sauce and Atkinsvale


The Komavi Corps had been in Atkinsvale for a week now. General Roberts and Emperor John now stood in the courtyard of the royal palace where the foreign troops performed an open ranks inspection for the men they would be serving under. Roberts and John were impressed with what they saw. The Komavi had a somewhat poor reputation in Grecia, but it was clear that this was a professional fighting force. They would be put to good use in the war to come…

Western Atkinsvale

General Kertanegara looked over his marching column of the Utaran Komavi Corps as they marched westward after two weeks of preparations in the capital of this foreign land. They took several Atkinsvalean guides and interpreters with them as they set up battle plans against the forces of Qardadiyah to ambush and delay them in the mountains as the forces of Grekania continued to grow and prepare for war.

Komavia wrote:Western Atkinsvale

General Kertanegara looked over his marching column of the Utaran Komavi Corps as they marched westward after two weeks of preparations in the capital of this foreign land. They took several Atkinsvalean guides and interpreters with them as they set up battle plans against the forces of Qardadiyah to ambush and delay them in the mountains as the forces of Grekania continued to grow and prepare for war.

General Kertanegara looked out from his mountaintop HQ tent and down at his various encampments and ramparts of his troops. An officer came up to him.

"Sir, the heavy naval cannons are still being transported here but they should arrive in just a couple days."

"Perfect lieutenant. Make sure the artillery teams are able to sabotage their cannons in case we are overrun and double-check with Major Tran to make sure our supply lines remain coming. If the Atkinvaleans decide to stop sending supplies, we'll have to abandon all of our earthworks and return to the rail lines."

"I'll check with her."

"Perfect. Dismissed."

The officer turned back to leave as the general looked back over the mountain pass and the rising smoke from the encampment of the forces of Qardadiyah just over the horizon and over the border.


The Army had begun marching towards the passes of the Smoky Mountains. The Qardadiyans had inexplicably refused to march on the Empire, and the Komavi fortified the passes. With winter soon to set in, General Roberts hoped to quickly repel the Qardadiyans, so that the Army could be focused to the east, to the weakened Grekanian states...


“We shall export the truth to the whole world. Until the cry 'There is no god but Allah' resounds over all of Grecia, there will be struggle...”

Rising from prayer one last time they gathered their equipment and adorned their red headbands. Their commander motioned for them to begin their ascent up the mountains to face the enemy in combat just as Imam Fasrah once did centuries ago. They all knew none of them were going to make it back to their families, but this was a fact they had come to accept, for martyrdom was the greatest gift that any follower of Eslam could receive. The real Qarsi Army was still only a few days away from the mountains, led by the son of the Grand Ayatollah, it inspired the martyrs even more.


"It is the mission of our Eslamic Emirate, and all followers of Eslam, to erase Atkinsvale from the map of the region."

The distant but clear sounds of the cannons and guns soon came to a stop. Mohammad, son of the Grand Ayatollah, looked up from his Kur'ran with tears in his eyes, for he knew that the Martyrs had gone the way of the great Imam Fasrah. Quickly wiping away his tears he reached into a saddlebag and grabbed a map which showed the possible entrances and routes through the mountains to Atkinsvale. He motioned for members of his staff to come and examine the best possible way through the treacherous terrain before them, but all of them agreed that the way their brothers before them had took was the only safe way through. It worried Mohammad to have the Grand Army of the Emirate march through such an area, but his staff were correct, it was the only way. Turning to face the sea of soldiers behind him, he raised the Kur'ran in one hand, and on the other his index finger.

"Death to the the Great Satan," he shouted to them. "Glory to Allah!"

"There is no Deity but Allah!" the sea of soldiers responded.

"Our enemy, at this very moment, expects this war to end with the signing of paper and the shaking of hands. That is the way the enemy and kuffar conduct conflict. However there is only one way for this war to end for us, and that is the total annihilation of Allah's enemies!"

With that, the Grand Army of the Emirate began its march towards to the entrance of the mountain pass.



Brigadier General Nicholas Green had repelled the enemy from the mountains with naught but lightly armed troops and some volunteer militia. Luckily the Komavi provided some experienced troops, and there was cannon present on the field. The battle taught the Atkins men thus: this enemy would fight to the end no matter the circumstances, and the cavalry and artillery were woefully inexperienced. Major General Pelley begun to move the rest of the division to contest the passes in accordance with General Roberts orders. The Qardadiyans must not be allowed to cross the mountain passes...

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