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Welcome, friends, to Greater Cyngland: NationStates' premier conservative region!

Founded on June 4th, 2020, Greater Cyngland is a growing region, filled with opportunities!

Ongoing Events:

Round 1 of the Cyngland Wrestling Championship tournament is underway! Next match: Bob v Ross 5/8.

Join the Federal Congregation today! Elections for Prime Congregationist will be held from 5/7 to 5/9.

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Embassies: Groovy, Zentari, KAISERREICH, The Eternal Entente, New Saxony, Albosiac, The Defenders of Nations and States, Fredonia, Dispatchia, The Western Commonwealth, The Embassy, matheo, Luna Inixia, and The Empire of Roma.

Construction of embassies with Montealba has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Sovereign Union has commenced. Completion expected .

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Greater Cyngland contains 90 nations, the 261st most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Insurance Industry in Greater Cyngland

The World Census posed as door-to-door salespeople in order to establish which nations have the most extensive Insurance industries.

As a region, Greater Cyngland is ranked 9,241st in the world for Largest Insurance Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of EpicTacoCapitalist Paradise“Kill or be killed”
2.The United States of Radioactive Vending MachineCorporate Bordello“Every villain is a hero in his own mind.”
3.The Empire of NewAidenEmpireCapitalist Paradise“You Can Stop Progress”
4.The Republic of Make money for HoloCorporate Bordello“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...”
5.The United States of NolidaCapitalist Paradise“Freedom, tradition, culture”
6.The Kingdom of DerrfesMoralistic Democracy“Lex humanum lex dei”
7.The Cyngsprotectorate of OpposetiaMoralistic Democracy“The only thing we have to lose are our chains.”
8.The Federation of RosijskajaCompulsory Consumerist State“Votka is best drink in the Whole world!”
9.The Republic of UgunnustanCorporate Bordello“By The People For The People”
10.The Empire of TrinzinskyCorporate Police State“Pride and Strength”
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Greater Cyngland Regional Message Board

Im just reading over their rmb
look what i found:

Will-Kanterlot wrote:
Sad to say, Xentrist told me this. But I didnīt want to reveael it, he said he was working with us twoards peace. and seemed to coperate,
this is why i sent messages through him.
Deutchland: Yemrod a dirty bastard! SHOULD BE BANNED FOR LIFE FOR COMMITING TREASON.

What's Up Lads?

Huben wrote:What's Up Lads?

Not much, how about you?

Petrauskas v Kravicas is underway now!

At 4 minutes and 1 second, Petrauskas won by submission in the most fiercely contested match thus far!

Izidorius Petrauskas will go on to face Cathlred Strosen in the second round on May 23rd.

And don't forget folks, tomorrow is the election for Prime Congregationist, so sign up for the Federal Congregation if you haven't already!

From the headlines of the Cyng Post International, Cyng's premier newspaper for Cynglishmen abroad:


Sceledrus III addressed the Empire this morning to inform it that a state of war has been formally declared with Abbeyverne. After years of conflict, tensions have reached a boiling point.

The Cyng told of the path that led us to this moment, stating,

"All diplomatic measures have been exhausted. There can be no negotiation with a party that wants nothing but the complete destruction of the Great Cyng and its people. If we allow these repeated threats to go unanswered, we will be surrendering our sovereignty and allowing hostile foreign forces to dictate the things we can and cannot do. They will rule over us. Our enemies will soon see, we will not allow this to happen.

It is truly unfortunate that the path has led to here. Our diplomats have spoken extensively with theirs. All attempts to mend the division between our states have been met with mockery. Threats against us are made daily. They send spies to disrupt our political system and sew anger and division among the people. The only path forward, my friends, is to stand firmly against this enemy. We will vanquish this threat just as our forefathers vanquished the great threats of their day, and went on to build the glorious Empire we enjoy today, so too will we fight the enemies of the Empire, the ones who want to take away our beloved homeland, and we will build an even more prosperous society than ever before!"

The Cyng went on to assure all Cynglishmen that the advanced defense systems of the Empire are "practically impenetrable", and that the "paltry" armed forces of Abbeyverne especially stand no chance of launching a successful attack on Cynglish land. He urged all Cynglishmen to carry on with their normal lives, for there is no threat to fear.

Tensions between Cyng and Abbeyverne began when Abbeyverne was still a member of the Greater Cynglosphere. Josephus XII, the king of Abbeyverne, made a name for himself on the world stage by positioning himself as Darechbrugn's most fervent oppositionist. As the Cynglosphere grew more tightly regulated by the Cyng, Josephus rallied several of the largest constituent nations to abandon the Cynglosphere altogether, forming a "Grand Abbeyverne Republic". Observers agree that this act of defiance made war an inevitability.

Peace talks have visibly fallen apart in recent days. Both Sceledrus and Josephus have released hostile statements denouncing each other, and the Cynglish Embassy in Abbeyverne Castle, which was under construction, was abruptly demolished.

Kaiserreich, which has acted as a mediator in the conflict, has now firmly joined the side of Cyng, following the revelation that Abbeyverne had given safe haven to traitors to the Reich, the withdrawal of Abbeyverne from a treaty of alliance with Kaiserreich, and the ejection of the Reich's diplomats from the region.

The Empire is at war once more.

From the New Konah Leader, the chief news establishment in Konahrik:

Region at War! Emperor's Response

Recent events in the interregional community have brought great turmoil and strife. Our region has recently entered into a war with the so called "Grand Abbeyverne Republic" which surprised nobody. Relations between the two regions have deteriorated and many, including interregional leaders, could see the writing on the wall. Sceledrus III of Cyng eventually issued a formal declaration of war. Alleged reports of spies ran rampant, with the regional government being put on high alert. Prime Commissioner Maximillian, from his office in Darechbrugn, had assured the regional population that a peaceful resolution could be reached before it was too late.

Maximillian sent a formal request for embassies, which Josephus XII of Abbeyverne agreed to. Construction of the embassy began immediately, but the embassy site was abruptly abolished. Peace talks had ended then and there. Maximillian kept diplomats in Abbeyverne Castle, who are still requesting audience with their king, who has yet to accept them into his court. Maximillian assured many that he was working with Sceledrus and that war plans have been made. KAISERREICH, who at first served as mediators in the conflict, instead took Sceledrus' side in the war that followed.

However, since the start of the war, Emperor Cyrus had remained quiet. This morning he made his first public address about the war. The 40-year old emperor broadcasted a speech on his throne in the throne room. He made the following remarks:

"It is no secret that we have recently entered into a state of war. Many have been sending me questions, many want to know 'is it really worth it?'. I have before you tonight to formally address the situation. You all know the saying: 'A wise king does not make war, but must always be prepared for it'. Well, I have followed this saying, and I want to assure you that we are prepared."

Then he addressed his brother:

"Even now my brother remains in Darechbrugn, conversing with the Cyng. Has my brother ever failed you? No. He has not given up hope just yet. Our diplomats remain in the Republic, ready to make peace at a moments notice. Many of you have wondered, 'does the young 20 year old Cyng know what he is doing?'. Perhaps, perhaps not. But that does not push aside the fact that it is our duty to defend our homeland."

The Emperor then addressed his plans for the war. He assured the populace again. He ended his speech with:

"I will not send young men to die unless it is absolutely necessary. Let us hope our enemies believe the same."

The question remains, how long will the war go on? Will there ever be peace? Is there a chance at victory? Only time will tell.


Iím giving a statement on behalf of Sovereign Union

Although in the past Greater Engaland has supported The Grand Abbeyverne Republic as the founder of Sovereign Union, the region will remain neutral in the GC/GAR conflict, we do not wish to show any aggression to any side, and we refuse too go to war, however we are willing to defend ourselves, only then will we go to war, but we want peace with all regions involved in the Conflict and as such we donít under any circumstances, take sides.

- Kind Regards

King Charles Of Greater Engaland

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