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Founded from the husks of Grecia and Aleria on January 10, 2019.

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Crassia contains 3 nations.

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The Most Rebellious Youth in Crassia

World Census observers counted the number of times their car stereo was stolen from outside fast food stores to determine which nations have relatively high levels of youth-related crime.

As a region, Crassia is ranked 27,374th in the world for Most Rebellious Youth.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Colony of Crassian ConservatoryInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Await patiently for the return of the Crassians.”
2.The City of ShkoderInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Rilindja”
3.The United States of Visual StatesCorporate Police State“Efficiency through Executions”

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Crassia Regional Message Board

Talia loads the last of the three jet wings in the bed of the truck and pulls a tarp tight over them. Dan helps Kapila into the back seat of the sedan as Victor finishes filling up the gas tank. Gary carries out several short rifles and places them under the seats of the sedans. The group all don balaclavas and throw on old Nogovastani woodland camo jackets with nationalist militia markings. Talia gets in the driver seat of the lead vehicle and pulls out with Varga in the bed and Gary in the cab. Victor, Dan, and Kapila ride in the second vehicle and follow Talia. Fred, Garret, and Kapena take the last vehicle with the jet wings in the back. The team stay separated enough to not be spotted together but close enough that if something goes wrong they are right there. Gary pilots the UAV to scout the path ahead. Satellite imagery didn’t show any change but foot patrols would be harder to spot.

“We have three military aged males with AKs up ahead. Just walking. Low threat.” Gary says.

“Low threat. Like there is such a thing here.” Talia replies mockingly.

Gary puts his tablet to the side as the come up on the three walking men on the side of the street. They’re wearing similar jackets to the team and are also wearing balaclavas smoking cigarettes. One waves and Gary waves back.

“What a nice guy.” Gary says.

“You mean the genocidal nationalist that would kill the guy laying in the bed of our truck because he looks different?” Talia replies.

“Hey. He did something simple as give a wave to a stranger and now I feel better. Maybe he is a terrible person but he’s not THAT terrible. Plus, this far from the front, we aren’t likely to just stumble into, say a BTR or BRDM.”

“Did you really just say that? Are you sh*tting me? Why, why would you say that?”

“I’m just saying it’s unlikely. When we get closer to the lines we will probably have to go on foot or take a back woods path. This trip is gonna be more than a day of traveling.”

“You’re right. Keep your eyes on that drone. I don’t want ANY surprises.”

Gary makes a show of pulling the tablet back out and watching it.

The Cinica Chronicle
online edition

<BREAKING>Massive Earthquake Recorded Offshore<BREAKING>

This story is incredibly new and the details written below may be innaccurate, missing, or out of date by the time of publication. As always, the Cinica Chronicle always tries to bring you the news as fast as possible while maintaining our high standards of accuracy and transparency.

The Kecil islands were rocked today by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake 70 kilometers off the coast near the area around the city of Kiama. This was recorded at 14:46 local time and a large tsunami has already hit the small island chain in the middle of the country. The rest of the western-facing side of the archipelago and parts of the eastern-facing side of the country. Evacuation orders have been dispatched by the royal government to thousands of coastal communities. If you are in need of transportation away from areas in danger, need information on free places to stay out of harm's way, or require supplies such as food, water, or medicine, you can view government and charity led options at the government's national disaster preparedness website. The government has requested that people only call emergency services as a last resort to keep the line open for life-endangering situations, and says that it is optimal to call your local non-emergency government phone number if you have additional questions.

Many have brought attention to a possible crisis at the coastal nuclear plant a little over 100 kilometers away from Kiama and that has already been heavily hit by flooding from the tsunami. The status of the reactors is unknown still as the government has yet to make a statement on them.

Trouble in Nogovastan

The royal government has announced an immediate suspension of Air Force operations over mainland Nogovastan. In its statement, the government did say that it would reorient its operations towards helping stabilize the region and will not perform offensive operations from the aircraft carrier DIS Kiama going forward.

"We provided our assistance against the the radical nationalists in Nogovastan, but we now believe our role is instead to aid our partners in the region in peacemaking rather than doing it for them." spoke the Minister of Defense at a press conference.

This all came following many posts on Nogovastan social media seemed to show a burnt out aircraft crash site that appears to resemble a NFMS-made B24 Lancer strategic bomber that is in service amongst the Dolphinesian Air Force amongst other air forces.

Project Green Peace

The royal government of The United Archipelago of The Dolphin Isles has made the claim that it has militarily intervened in the current civil war in Nogovastan in order to support the communist government as well as the monarchist government in south of the country saying that while it supports self-determination, the nationalist faction of the country has shown a massive disregard for the international rule of law and showed a dangerous return to the country's past.

This was most likely an allusion to the not so distant past when many revolutionaries in a different civil war in Nogovastan led an ethnic cleansing that especially targeted Komavi people in the country. This led to a massive repatriation effort and refugee crisis in the country as the royal government of the United Archipelago, with notable aid from Foledonia and Janusus in the endeavor, attempted to bring back all Dolphinesian nationals and offered asylum status to Komavi in the country and their families. The government seemed to change its attitude on Nogovastan especially with the new Communist government after a highly publicized, almost entirely only in the United Archipelago, press release from their Premiere with a formal state apology for the atrocities committed in the past civil war.

It should be noted that the Premiere of the government of Communist Nogovastan, Adrik Boriya, has gone missing recently along with many members of his staff and the Dolphinesian ambassador to the country. On this matter, the Communist government has remained relatively silent.

Ultimately, the royal government of the United Archipelago has announced that it is extremely willing to host peace negotiations if needed. In fact, recently, the royal government has shifted from active participation in the war on behalf of the Communists and the Monarchists to something more akin to a peacemaking force.

Protests Continue in Porpoise Isle

The numerous peaceful anti-colonial protests across Porpoise Isle have only increased in recent times calling for full and true independence. These were quickly dispersed by local police forces who restored order in the territory. However, the message of these groups still rings out.

Porpoise Isle serves several key areas for the United Archipelago. One of these areas is oil production. The home islands have almost no hydrocarbon deposits present nearby. Meanwhile, the territory of Porpoise Isle is relatively rich in these resources. This, along with geographic reasons, has historically led the United Archipelago maintaining strict control on its overseas territories. This has lessened greatly in recent years as can be seen with recent liberalization in Apellon. What remains to be seen is if the United Archipelago is willing to take such measures on such a strategically important state as Porpoise Isle.

SpaceY Anounces New Plans for Internet Access

The Dolphinesian private aerospace company, SpaceY has announced a new and ambition plan for the future of the company. The eccentric owner has announced that the company will pursue a new form of satellite internet for both the people of The Dolphin Isles and those around the world. He has also claimed to be able to provide this service for a relatively low monthly price.

Satellite internet has been a staple for many households in the United Archipelago for decades. The sheer distance of the islands from the mainland meant that it took several years before enough undersea infrastructure was laid for reliable service to the rest of the world. Meanwhile, a large number of people in remote areas of the country and those of the Kecil and and Ka Hema regions in the south of the archipelago rely heavily on satellite internet due to less developed infrastructure. This satellite internet was renowned for its slow speed and high prices.

SpaceY intends to change all of that. Using their proprietary rockets, the company plans to launch thousands of "cubesats" into orbit around Crassia in order to form a constellation that will work together to serve those under it with relatively fast and cheap internet anywhere on the planet.

Many astronomers and conservationists have raised issues with the ambitious plans saying that the constellation will blot out the sky especially for highly sensitive equipment and prove to be a hazard to future space operations due to the greater risk of collisions in orbit. However, many supporters have claimed that this is a new way to help connect the poorer parts of not just the United Archipelago, but the world as a whole to the world wide web in ways that would have been otherwise impossible. Additionally, they claim that the United Archipelago's strategic position close to the equator and in the middle of the ocean proves that the country has an extreme potential to be a leader in the evolution of the private space industry.

Either way, SpaceY has already received initial approval for the first few hundred cubesats of its proposed constellation with many more still pending. It seems time will tell whether or not this was a good decision or not.


Suprising Statistics
Current nation-wide polls conducted by the Cinica Chronicle and are displayed below.

"Do you support the establishment of a no-fly zone over Nogovastan?"
31% Yes
38% No
31% Do not know

"Do you support Dolphinesian intervention against the Nationalist forces in Nogovastan?"
42% Yes
21% No
27% Do not know

"Should Porpoise Isle be fully integrated into the United Archipelago?"
37% Yes
53% No
10% Do not know

"Do you agree with the United Archipelago's approval of SpaceY's new satellite internet constellation plans?"
36% Yes
21% No
33% Do not know

I went surfing

This is a very early updating region, and I'm a recreational update surfer so I'll be here for a bit!

General Smith of the Zekali ground forces looked out across a vast sea from his jeep. The waves lapped at the shore as he watched the sun rise over the sea. "Inshallah" he said briefly between sips.

It had only been three months, but the mighty nation of Zekalia had finally achieved its manifest destiny and reached the Saber Rattling Sea. Zekali supervision had already brought stability to the areas that it occupied filling in the void caused by the collapse of so many governments, one after another. Now, all that was left was the interior of the continent of Grecia and the holy sites of the once almighty nation of Saegan. The nation of Zekalia was a new convert, with its leadership only recently changing due to a visit from the former state. Now, however, it stood alone and was poised to fill in the place of its former mentor.

Long live Zekalia.

North-Eastern Nogovastan, Zetrgorsk, Building of National Assembly

Gathered in one of the main conference rooms, the remnants of the old communist government meets for what could be the last time to discuss what must be done to fight back against the many groups who have popped up out of nowhere. Zetrogorsk had been surrounded by small militias of nationalists at the outbreak of the fighting, driven to the surrounding mountains, they began a campaign of terror. Civilians now moved behind armored vehicles when crossing the street to avoid sniper fire, mortar rounds occasionally landed in busy areas of the city, anti-aircraft guns fired at buildings and people, police sometimes clashed with the rebels and usually lost. No one expected the war to come to the city, the army was supposed to protect the people and prevent such a thing, especially such a large communist enclave like Zetrogorsk.

Despite the dangers of meeting in one of the largest buildings in the city, the remaining members of Adrik’s government, with what loyal forces of the General Staff remain, began discussing the possible plans to save themselves... and their nation. “We meet them here, at Nogosova.” Pointed Major General Nhetviok to a map of the nearby cities. "It will allow us to open up a corridor to funnel supplies and men through to some of our cut off forces."

"This is too risky." Interrupted Vasily, one of the few remaining members of the Communist Party of Nogovastan. "If we fail to push them at Nogosova then we leave our north open to a nationalist counter-offensive." Many who were on-board with an offensive around Nogosova, were now reconsidering, wondering if maybe there was another way to open up a corridor through the nationalist controlled areas. Perhaps there could be a way that didn't involve attempting to capture such a large city like Nogosova.

"Well there's nowhere else we could possibly have the chance of making a breakthrough without diverting most of our forces. Which, need I remind you gentlemen, are already stretched thin enough as is." The General made sure to remind everyone. "This could be our only chance to turn the tide of this war, people! Nationalist forces are too caught up with dealing with other opposition groups throughout the country as is. We'll catch them off guard and unprepared, with very few losses or casualties on our end." There was a silence that filled the room as many of the party members looked to be in deep thought of the possibility of a major communist victory over the nationalists, who by now, had appeared like an unbeatable force. Nikita Fetty Slav, the acting General Premier since Adrik's departure from the country, motioned for the General Staff to exit the room while the party convened.

After about an hour, the doors to the dimly lit conference room opened up, and the General Staff as called back in to continue further discussion. Nhetviok was sat down in a chair across from Nikita and the other Communist Party members. "We have reached a decision." Nikita announced to the room, but mostly directing it to Nhetviok. "We'll go through the plan of taking Nogosova to open a corridor with our other territories-"

"I promise you won't regret this decision." Nhetviok quickly interrupted.

"Now hold on, Nhetviok, let me finish." Nikita ordered. "We're going to approve the plan only if you agree to take full responsibility for any setbacks, logistical errors and anything else that should go wrong during this operation. To put it short, don't mess this up." Nhetviok stood up to salute Nikita before shaking his hand and making his way to the door. Could this be it? Was the government Adrik left to crumble finally on the path to liberating the nation as it did those many months ago? Only time would tell. For now, preparation around Nogosova was all that mattered.

Alarms blare silos as heavy blast doors close and crew run about. Missile trains depart bases across the country and begin to travel on freight lines. DEFCON 2 is set throughout the military. SSG Thompson rushes into his launch room and dials into the tactical net of the base.
“Nogovastani irregular forces have seized control of a missile base and opened silo doors. We do not have forces close enough to preemptively strike the base before they can launch. All call signs standby to receive launch orders.” The base commander says. “A sub launch will be used first but if we don’t see the launch in five minutes on satellite we are next up. Silos one, four and six, prepare payloads to strike the north eastern sector of Nogovastan with maximum payload. Set warheads to medium circular spread.”

Thompson looks at his officer with concern. “Sir, we’re going to nuclear strike the entire north eastern corner of the country because one base was taken?”

“I don’t make the orders here I just execute them. But, from our intelligence on the situation, that base isn’t the only one that was assumed captured. It’s just the only one with open doors that we can see. Clouds cover the others so it has to be assumed they are preparing to launch.” 1st Lieutenant Williams

“But why would we have to strike them? We haven’t been involved. We aren’t a threat to them at the moment.”

“It’s part of the doctrine. Any nuclear weapons release will almost certainly trigger all other nuclear parties to release their nuclear weapons. This requires us to retaliate or preemptively strike and here we are.”

“I can’t believe this. We’re about to possibly end the world because of a doctrine? Can’t the president stop this?”

“He can. But he has the same information and might follow through with a strike if we can’t get conventional assets nearby. Normally we’d have a carrier or base near but the other regional powers have forced us to pull back out international reach. This is our only way to protect ourselves now.”

“Why can’t we rely on our missile defense? Doesn’t that protect the nation?”

“Only strategic assets have ABM sites. It’s too expensive and logistically difficult to get sites built at every city or town.”

“My God. So this is really going to happen.”

“I’m afraid so.” They both turn to their consoles and prepare for the inevitable.”

The radio comes to life again. This time a monotone General comes over the radio. “Sierra one, Sierra four, Sierra six. You are ordered to execute strike package Charlie on the north eastern sector of Nogovastan. Target is ICBM launch facilities. Prepare to receive launch authentication. November, echo, sixer, oscar, tree, fife, mike. I repeat, november, echo, sixer, oscar, tree, fife, mike.

SSG Thompson and LT Williams both open their safes and crack open the authentication packets. “I confirm this is an authentic message.” Williams says

“I concur. The message is authentic.” Thompson replies.

“Sierra one, four, and six, report status.”

LT Williams switches on his mic. “Sierra one reports message is authentic. Starting launch sequence now.”

Williams grabs the keys from his safe and inserts them into the key slots in his console. “Staff Sergeant Thompson. Insert your keys and turn them to the open position on my mark. 3, 2, 1, Mark.” They turn the keys to the open position and the silo doors slam open, exposing the tip of the LGM-104 Peacekeeper missile. “Staff Sergeant Thompson, on my mark, turn your key to the launch position. 3, 2, 1, mark.” They both turn their keys. The solid rocket engine of the missile roars to life in its silo. Thompson and Williams feel the missiles shaking the facility. On their consoles, camera feeds show their missile streaking into the sky carrying thirteen, five megaton, thermonuclear warheads.

“I’m, I’m gonna step outside for some air. Is that ok?” Thompson says as he stands up.

“That’s fine. But you know all cell signals are being jammed. So you can’t call your wife or family.”

Thompson sighs. “I know, I know.” He says as he hangs his head and slowly walks out of the launch complex to the small vending machine area outside. From his seat outside, he watches squadrons of B-24s and F-32s take off with full ordinance loads.





What is going on?

Foledonia has played the long con and now stands victorious over all of Crassia. Get rekt nerds.

May the RMB of Crassia live forevermore...

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