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Thanks for the embassy it's Awesome!

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what have I witnessed

Eripolis wrote:Um
what have I witnessed

The answer depends on this question: Have your eyeballs burst into flame? If not, the answer to your question is "not enough."


Hi, I'm West Phoenicia, the newly elected President of the Republic of Conservative Nations.
Just paying a visit to introduce myself and am open to discussing greater diplomacy interactions. Also happy to discuss ambassador exchanges in the RMB/Discord for a closer bond, treaties and interregional rp and activities.

Shoot me a message or pop over to our discord or RMB for more info.

Thank you for your time and our established embassies.

Just flying thru on our way south.

~pitches tent, lites campfire~

So........are all of you old enough to remember 1980's America?

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I'm definitely old enough to remember the actual 80s. One of the best decades. Nostalgia is most of the reason I set my nation in that time, haha

Hello, 1980s America. I'm with Geese and The Travellers.
I like your region's theme. Mullets, Cola Wars, yuppies and Ronald Reagan.

Best decade, indeed
Also travellers and nomads are no problem, it's raiders that get the boot


Just rolling around with Geese and friends road show.

Hiya! Yet another traveler touring NS with Geese and friends! As someone who is neither American nor old enough to remember 1980, you guys make it seem pretty appealing.

Just a drifter here following geese and friends!

Beep beep! Just passin’ through, lookin’ for a gas station.

Hey! Got any grapes?

Flying on.

Goodbye, 1980s America. Thanks for the leg warmers.

Time to roll on, Adios.

Goodbye! waddles away

Thanks for having us!

Come vote in our riveting new poll: page=poll/p=170409

We were having trouble telling our cookies from our biscuits. Some were even saying one was better than the other.

It came to Laraniem's attention, that this serious matter be handled properly.

Which baked good is the best?


If you're unsure if your region is supposed to receive this poll run, check our list and correct us if we're wrong

^ "You cannot vote as you are now a resident" LOL

Forgive me if I sound a bit.. well noobish, but isn't posting polls in other regions unnessecary when said regions residents can't even vote in them?


It's a shame I missed the poll.

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