Region: The Bar on the corner of every region

Definitely toby

is it safe now... I still feel... bad... oh well, gotta leave at some point...

a rope falls from the ceiling

slides down
Hello! It's your favorite person in the world... ...not. I was charged with giving out awards for the contest, and I will do the hated loved duty.

Third place goes to Alta Sil!

Alta Sil wrote:Toby-dearest, light of my life, I profusely apologize for any ills my existence has caused you. Give me third place and Iím sure we can move past this bump in long and fruitful road to eternal friendship and happiness. I have slipped you a very nice lint ball I found in my pocket to show my good will. Green pastures and sunflower fields are surely ahead of us, and I hope we can come together stronger than before to form a bond so unbreakable, it will give the charred ribs here a run for its money.

I promised to give them third place. Here it is. I'm gonna give you... this Justice League sticker book.

Will tell you 1st and 2nd soon. Like give it a few hours. BRB

goes back to the beams