Region: Nudist Dreamland

THE FUNERAL OF NELVANA III or Walking the Plank in Shark-infested Waters

The cold corpse has been cried over all night by wailing grannies, whilst cheerleaders cheer and turn cartwheels. The procession has now minced its way from the Dunes to the pier at Shark Harbour.
Grannies continue to wail, choir-children try to look serious and Gay Parrot marshals the solemn parade that weeps for Nelvana III. At the dockside, Pope Frankie drones on and on, but it's a funeral so people have to put up with it.

POPE FRANKIE Nelvana III will mince in newness of life, nishta anything shall separate him from the love of Gloria, which is in Crystal Josie, our Duchess.


POPE FRANKIE Oh for goodness sake, just say amen.

PEOPLE (chastened and obedient) Amen

CHOIR BOYS ♫ Be aware, what lies beneath
Razor sharp and pointy teeth
Walk the Plank!

Our dear, beloved Nelvana III is tipped into the briny deep and by noon today will be shark poo.

Cheerio, Nelvana, bye bye Grave Raven. Miss you !!! If you come back to us we’ll say the funeral was all a dream.