Region: New World Union


To: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Großleithanisches Königreich | The Greater Leithanian Kingdom | Free Jovian Republic
From: The Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Berggauerische Genossenschaft | The Montgovian Commonwealth | Montgovia

On behalf of the Montgovian People, my government would like cordially invite your government to establish primary permanent diplomatic representation to the Montgovian Commonwealth in our newly designated diplomatic capital of Vienna. As we begin to re-organize our national governance structure with regards to foreign representation, we ask that foreign representative missions that have not yet received an exemption from relocation plan to relocate within 365 days. Vienna enjoys a greater infrastructure, and as our eastern social and economic capital, there lies in Vienna greater opportunities for interaction with our civil society and business community. Additionally, our Ministry of Foreign Affairs has established its second office in Vienna.

Additionally, as German is a shared linguistic heritage of both our nations, we feel that it would not go amiss to inform your Ministry of Foreign Affairs that Montgovia's and the Montovian Commonwealth's original German names are Berggau, and Die Bergauerische Genossenschaft, respectively. We ask that your government transition to using this endonym when referring to our nation, as opposed to "Gemeinwesen der Schweiz", as this has never been the name we use to refer to Montgovia, nor is it an accurate representation of our nation. Additionally, our use of "Commonwealth" to refer to the Genossenschaft is the official translation. Translating our English translation "Commonwealth" back to German may yield inaccuracies, and "Genossenschaft" remains the one official and accepted reference to our state. Next year, our post office will no longer accept mail addressed to "Gemeinwesen der Schweiz", and our business community has been instructed to revise their standards to avoid fraud, whose definition will expand to include payments wired to "Gemeinwesen der Schweiz" but accepted in the Montgovian Commonwealth. Forms referring to "Gemeinwesen der Schweiz" will also cease to be accepted within one year in Montgovian official capacities, including customs and visa applications.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to my Ministry if there should arise any questions or concerns regarding either of these changes. The ministry also maintains a running list of reputable carbon-neutral transportation companies that may help in the relocation, and the Montgovian National Estate Trust is always ready to aid those with unique requisites searching for properties in Vienna and the surrounding area.


Genevieve Dumas-Ferreitzigle
Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Montgovian Commonwealth
Place d'Eleanor Roosevelt 2, Embourgë-Saints-Engovie Le Quatrième

Minoritenplatz 8, Wien 1, Österreichischere Berggau
Bergauerische Genossenschaft