Region: Lands End

New Vodam, Wulff Kingdom, Tussia
11:43 AM, May 12th, 2022

Three men sat in a rented office building, one that was overlooking a highway. One of the men was sorting through machine gun boxes as another was preparing an RPG round. On the highway there was a convoy moving in, a convoy with Nikolas Wulff, the King of the Wulff Kingdom, in one of the middle vehicles.
“They’re almost here,” one of the men said.
The one with the RPG nodded and went to the window, and held it through, aiming at the front vehicle. Leading his shot, he fired. The rocket soared through the air as the lead driver swerved just before the rocket hit the road, throwing the car over. The other two men fired out of their windows onto the convoy below, with two vans that were following the convoy speeding up as a sedan rammed the car behind the King’s, throwing the car into the median and injuring the drivers. The vans opened their side doors as they pulled up next to some of the security detail, laying down fire into the sides of some cars. Three sedans also sped up as the RPG man reloaded and fired, directly hitting a security detail. Ahead, cars were driving head on into the convoy after going the wrong way up an off-ramp. The convoy soon stopped with what remained of the security detail encircling the King. One of the vans drove straight through the convoy, unsurprisingly severely damaging the vehicle before it was lit up by the security detail’s rifles, killing all the men inside of it.
Meanwhile in the Tussian National Police Headquarters in new Vodam, various officers were preparing a quick response force. Helicopters with snipers were dispatched as various armored vans left the station sirens blaring, heading towards the gunfight. The King was surrounded, and their task was of the utmost importance in rescuing him.
OOC: This is all broadcast on the news after the convoy is stopped so anyone can react.