Region: New World Union


"Demolisher give me an ET on finishing those charges," said Scrapper. Not too far away Demolisher a Constructicon was working on putting the finishing touches to the detcharges that were spread throughout the mines of Tauras. Due to growing hostile activity between the locals Megatron had decided that the mines be detonated to keep any Cybertronian tech no matter how civilian from getting into someone else's hands.

"Almost, there. Soundwave groundbridge to my location Tauras mines are going sky high in 10 nanoclicks," Demolisher said. Behind the two Constructicons the portal opened.

"Go! GO! GO," Demolisher said as he hit the detonator sending the blue fire of ignited energon swarming and clawing its way through the caves and out of the mountains leaving behind a mushroom cloud to fill the air.