Region: New World Union

New Kaon

It was the usual buzz of activity in the command center of the Decepticon Terran base. Megatron was in his frequented spot in the room that being a rather large throne like chair sitting before a inter galactic map on it showing both the galaxy where Cybertron called home and the milky way both areas that were highlighted on the map where comparably of similar size. What also was show were possible hide outs of the scattered Autobot forces that had fled after they lost the war for their homeworld.

"Yes, what is it Soundwave," Megatron said to his most loyal of supporters.

"Our workings in the east are under threat," the edited mess of different voices said.

"Can we keep them safe without overt intervention in the area," Megatron said sitting straighter in his chair.

"Negative," came the single reply.

"Then liquidate the assets there tell all mining crews to rig everything for destruction before they leave and, terminate the mines," Megatron said getting a nod in return from Soundwave.

destroying the mines set up in the once unstable country was as a way to ease production pressure here in the exculsion zone but since the mines in the Sagittarius arm where no longer working at a deficit the smaller mines where no longer need on this planet. So best to cut loses by making sure the lesser mines would never run again.