Region: Arkonos

Post by Janonak suppressed by Rolais.

The new law that the president of Janonak said “equal rights for all” which the wealthy did not agree on and said that ”This is going to kill economic trade with other countries” with king Janonak replying that “YOUR ECONOMIC TRADE BUT NOT THE COUNTRY!”. Although poor people accepted the law and then voting was held to make the saying the law. The wealthy immediately bought votes but then the national court of the brains or (NCB) found the buying and so immediately they were sentenced to 20 years of prison and so only 10% of Janonaks economy fell because according to the law “any wealthy who committed crimes will have their money taken and distributed to the country” And so the votes were continued with the final polls reaching 74.23% agreeing to the law and so it was implemented. With a bang of hammer saying the following words “By the power of justice I court Justice officially implement the law of equality as done!” and so with wealthy people shocked and the poor people joyful they partied men, women, elders, and children were now all equal and as they joyed criminal rates dropped as they were happy and equal. With equal pay, equal rights, and equal freedom. There was no real reason to do a crime. But it made more reserved and less active military personnel as they were low crime rates and so Janonak’s army decreased. And many people used the law as an excuse to blackmail people and so the Janonakian government had to make a choice either to keep the law or remove it. Of course, the law was still accepted as an actual law but was really deeply ratified or checked and finalized and so with the king’s speech “It is finished it is done the peace and equality is finally here”