Region: Arkonos


Tariglaive Port

The Tariglaivean port was as busy as ever. Melita Hannimara rubbed at her temples. Life was difficult enough after herr father passed away. Now she was dealing with old and outdated traditions. Now she was dealing with merchants who were after her father's business.

The Hannimara family had built a fortune in the early years of Tariglaive, supplying warehouses and security for merchants who wanted to store their cargo. Over time they invested in Silk and Porcelain. Unfortunately, her family had hit hard times and she was the only one able to take over the business, a woman in Tariglaive. While there was mobility for her into business, it was still difficult. A knock came at her door. "Enter," she called.

A short man with a thick beard walked in. He wore fine clothing befitting a merchant. It looked more functional than fashionable. Whites paired with blues. His beard reached his collar and was braided. His head was shaved bare. "Good day Mistress Hannimara," he said. Melita stood, "Jebel, what brings you by?"

"I need to talk to you about your proposal," he explained. Melita straitened herself, "What about it?" Jebel took a seat with a heavy sigh, "The Astarte Trade Union has turned you down. I am sorry."

"Oh those old, sexist bastards!" was the beginning of a long winded rant that lasted for many hours. The bright sunny day at the port has turned into a clouded one filled with bad news.