Region: New World Union

Xotrayjan wrote:"Then make it so.", Constantine simply said before turning and proceeding back to his camp.

While the mandos prepared the rebel military installation was in a mid-tier alert after the crossing of the Volga by at least 10-15 Russian divisions and activity up and down the Trans-Siberian railway but nobody was expecting an actual assault.

General Vladimir Kelianov was dressed in green with a leather overcoat and cap overlooking the base from a control tower.
"How many men have we lost today?", Kelianov questioned one of his underlings.
"23. Half to defection, the rest to exposure. Central has been mostly silent.. what the hell is Berry doing?", the underling questioned.
"Watch your tone. 'Berry' is the boss and the communication issues are probably related to the weather and damaged lines.", Kelianov went on to say before sighing.
"Luckily however the snow is melting. Nobody can sh*t on this day."

The Kom'rk was flying low as to avoid detection inside the three bounty hunters and their twenty battle droids where all armored up and ready for a combat drop into the base. As the ship came in on the base the belly of the transport opened revealing a skyhook with a set of 16 seats all split into row of two and wielded back-to-back. From this kicking on their jetpacks as they got out of the seats and into the open-air Paz, Raz and, around fourteen of the droids all where now flying towards the base under the radar shadow of the Kom'rk. "Raz salvo send targeting data to the droids," Paz said as he brought down his range finder to help send targeting data for the missile launchers embed in the droids' jetpacks. "Missiles away," Raz said this was bound to really wake up everyone in that encampment no two ways about it.