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Gooutofhere wrote:You can't blame wokeness on them being not as good as the originals.
It's been 40 odd years since the originals came out people's attitudes have changed , so they have to produce a story that
reflects that. People would complain about it either way.
Movies are a global market and Starwars is a global brand now. If they were made for a niche market, that would be like
Communism and that doesn't work. They need money to be viable. Capitalism.

I do agree with you the sequel saga film series was executed badly to a certain extent. It started off OK but the second one
was when it started to go badly wrong. Carrie Fisher dying didn't help and the director of the second pretty much seemed to do his own thing and left the 3rd film with alot to sort out. So everything plot wise, seems rushed and shoved into holes with the last one and not explained properly. Like Rey and her amazing power levels.
But that's Star wars for you, it's always been either a triumph or a bit of a disaster.
Jar-Jar binks for instance.

The very first one was a disaster until George Lucas's wife at the time edited it and tightened it up.
She won an Oscar for that. She has been called his secret weapon.
They divorced in 1983. You could say Star wars has been trash since then honestly.
Out of the Star wars movies, how many of them have been actually been really good ? 2 maybe.
And let's not get started on the Ewok movies and the holiday special 😀

Wokeism was a major reason the sequel trilogy was so bad, especially the second film. It wasn't the only reason but it was a major one. The main reason was the fact it was totally disjointed and clearly had no direction or story whatsoever. It started off pretty decent with TFA, then TLJ came in and ruined it totally, with the failures from that seeping into other projects that in their own right were actually good. Had it been a standalone film it would be alright. Then because of that TRoS was an absolute, utter, total disaster all the way through. They had to get an original character that was well written and completely screw him up.

The Prequels and Sequels can't be compared properly, they are totally different things. Which is the problem, they shouldn't be, they should both be easily identifiable as Star Wars, which the Prequels are but the Sequels are not. The dialogue in the Prequels is what let it down. Other than that, anyone who looks at it enough can and will see that the Prequels are genius storytelling. The transformation and downfall of a galactic democracy into a totalitarian fascist state, the story of how liberty dies. Most of the critics of the prequels come from people who just see them as movies for entertainment, instead of being a deeper insightful story. That's more what the Original trilogy was about.

And then there are the Sequels. Which are just all-around terrible. Not even identifiable as Star Wars either emotionally or culturally, other than the appearance of the original characters, which they utterly disrespected.

This is a pretty good breakdown of the politics of star wars, I don't usually watch things this long but its captivating enough that I did: