Region: New World Union

Kandosii wrote:Paz and Raz stayed indifferent to the berating of the towering man, meanwhile Fix was beaming under helmet she was a bit of a narcissist when it came to her sniping skills.

"Consider those guns silent," Paz said he remembered the BX saying something about having to fly around a military encampment. Very good chance that was where everything was that needed taken care of. "Raz boot up the rest of the droids have them armored up; I want this raid practically stamped with a Death Watch calling card," Paz then said as he turned back to the shuttle. Raz nodded as he headed to the crate holding the two squads of BX commando droids. They weren't as good as the real thing but in a pinch the droids could just as well supplement a team of bounty hunters.

"Then make it so.", Constantine simply said before turning and proceeding back to his camp.

While the mandos prepared the rebel military installation was in a mid-tier alert after the crossing of the Volga by at least 10-15 Russian divisions and activity up and down the Trans-Siberian railway but nobody was expecting an actual assault.

General Vladimir Kelianov was dressed in green with a leather overcoat and cap overlooking the base from a control tower.
"How many men have we lost today?", Kelianov questioned one of his underlings.
"23. Half to defection, the rest to exposure. Central has been mostly silent.. what the hell is Berry doing?", the underling questioned.
"Watch your tone. 'Berry' is the boss and the communication issues are probably related to the weather and damaged lines.", Kelianov went on to say before sighing.
"Luckily however the snow is melting. Nobody can sh*t on this day."