Region: New World Union

Xotrayjan wrote:Andrei took a deep breathe before finally speaking.
"Aleksandr is sickly and most of all.. young, unfit.", he'd go on to say before being close enough to put his hand on the shoulder of Arthur.
"I'm afraid I'm the only one fit to take such undertaking. The brother of the murdered late Emperor Aleksandr and most of all experienced. I take no pride in what we have to do.. but if they do not fight then we shall not.", he then went on to explain.

Andrei then stepped closer to the door.
"I'm sure you have some Knights or elite troops in mind?"

Arthur nodded in agreement. His nations own succession laws would have seen Aleksandr become Emperor despite his age and inability, but he did privately like the idea of Andrei as the Emperor of Russia. "Yes," Arthur began in reply, "I put some of the Orders most proficient battlemasters on notice in case they had the opportunity to do what needed to be done. They will not let us down." he said, with great confidence.