Region: New World Union

Xotrayjan wrote:Palace of Kir, Svetlytopal, Russia

Constantine stood on the balcony of his bedroom, looking out to the city and beyond.
"I know not what I'd say to my nephew. I was filled with anger when I did what I did.. and it was all for nothing.. now I'm to hear my uncle listens to him..", Constantine spoke to someone, that someone being Iemelian, standing behind him in the doorframe.

Iemelian let out a sigh.
"What is to come is inevitable.", he simply said.

Constantine turned his head slightly to look at Iemelian.
"Then alert Sir Ordric... prepare my armour.. and Sasha."

Iemelian stared momentarily before turning away to do the bidding of Constantine.


Andrei looked down at his hands.. yes British facilities were good but they still didn't feel like his own. No matter, he had a job to do. Wherever Arthur was(minus the toilet or sleeping) Andrei knocked on the door before entering. As he walked in a cape waved behind him with a signature look of superiority on his face.
"Arthur.", he simply said as his expression became grave.
"We must act before it's too late. My contacts in Russia, in Svetlytopal, we can smuggle in nesh 40 Knights to assault the Palace of Kir. Between you, me and them I have a firm belief we can end it and Russia can be restored to the state it was under Aleksandr IV.", Andrei said before stepping closer.

Unified Empiricus


"As it should be," Arthur said as he turned to Andrei, after making some mechanical adjustments to his sabre hilt, "but what happens next? If you topple a Russian Emperor, who is going to replace him? His brother I imagine, or are Russias succession laws less... stringent than ours...?" he asked.