Region: New World Union

Xotrayjan wrote:(That's what I said to you when I became Russia >_<)

Siberia was a hellish wasteland, even more so in the winter.. the humans out here weren't predators, they were prey to the monsters and beasts that lurked and hunted... but once the shuttle landed in the clearing it was designated to for their assignment there was an odd silence.. then there was something large in the treeline, odds are just another monstrosity but then it became fully visible, a 25 ft(7.62 M) human in full armour along with a helm that also seemed to act like a crown, shaped like flame. In its right hand it wielded a great sword, larger than any of the Mandalorians. This.. strange man however didn't grow hostile but instead began walking over, dragging his blade in the snow, it flamed melting the snow around it.
"I am your employer, Emperor Konstantin II Avvakirskij, Heir of the Blood of Avvakir and lord of all Russias. To be frank I am unhappy with your progress."
He then pointed his blade to Fix, barely leaving a gap between it and her, the heat clearly felt.
"Only she has gained her reward, only she has hunted.", he then let his blade hit the ground before pulling it closer to himself.

"Either way... Berry is mine.", he went on to say.
"He is my kill.", once more he reiterated before continuing.
"You will now have a greater task for me to achieve this dream...7,623,410 rubles for each of you.", Constantine then paused looking down at the Mandos.
"There is a facility, an artillery base of sorts near the Lena River.", he then held out a paper with the cords.
"My operation to get Berry is tomorrow. If we use air power he'll know.. will you outsiders do this, destroy the artillery and communications? Oh and one of his top generals, Vladimir Kelianov is there overseeing operations. Kill him how you see fit for a bonus."