Region: the Rejected Realms

T riddler wrote:"So this guy comes and says to me, well not to me but to my girlfriend cuz she was standing next to me and I guess he liked her shirt or something but I had one just like it too and I was like WHAT and it was weird because he looked kinda like her old boyfriend but he wasn't but he still asked her and she didn't say anything cuz she didn't even like her old boyfriend and I had told her he was a cooz but still she hooked up but anyway.,"

--- Actual conversation between two teenage girls on a Louisville TARC bus today, 8OCT21 at 1:30 p.m. EST.

And I wondered 1. What the hell did The Guy say, and 2. Why am I listening to a teenaged-girl conversation.

That's the miracles of headphones, you don't have to deal with thoughts like 'wtf am I doing listening to this chat'. I think you're overestimating the guys words as a factor here though.

Quitishiae, T riddler, and Ereh