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Spoiler Alert: Review: Arthur's First Day

As a life long fan of the cartoon "Arthur," I was deeply appalled after watching the newest special called "Arthur's First Day," where, after over two decades of being in the 3rd grade, Arthur finally graduates to the fourth grade and his sister, D.W. begins her journey into the abyss that is Kindergarten. One of the things that really made me sad about this episode was how the characters totally ignored Allan also known as The Brain. He was in the episode, but he had absolutely no dialogue and was completely ignored by Arthur, Buster, Binky, Muffy, and Francine aka his friends for over two decades. How does this happen to a character that has been part of the show for years? In one scene, they are at the library and they act as if The Brain does not even exist. It was sad to see. Also in the background along with The Brain was Fern, who we just see gawking at something in the distance. Sadly, if you are a fan of the show like I am, you probably have noticed that Fern just walks by and appears to have a staring problem in most episodes. The next thing that was kind of weird was the separation of the characters. I really did not like the fact that they put Buster and Sue Ellen in a class taught by a new teacher named Mrs. Grimslid. If you have watched the early episodes of Arthur featuring Mary Moo Cow, you may have seen a similarity between Mary Moo Cow and Mrs. Grimslid. I have this weird theory that is probably not true, but I feel like Patty Jones, the character who played Mary Moo Cow may have quit that job to become a teacher at Arthur's school. Anyway, just Patty Jones's voice and the voice of Mrs. Grimslid are similar in nature, so maybe there is a connection. Could Mrs. Grimslid be Mary's sister? The last thing I did not like about this episode was the wardrobe change. Some of the characters got nice new clothes, but others just got brighter coloured versions of the same clothing which was pointless.

Aside from the dumb parts, there were some things the show got right. I like how they introduced a few new characters from various cultures and continued the show's message of positive growth through interpersonal relationships. Seeing Muffy grow into a responsible individual was also nice considering that she spends a lot of time complaining about everything in every episode. However, sadly, despite the show's good points, I could not get over the fact that The Brain was totally unacknowledged, as if he were some kind of leper destined to be forgotten. This was a truly disappointing way to end a show lasting over two decades.

What about you? Have you seen this latest (and it looks like last new episode) of Arthur? What were your thoughts? If you are not a fan, too bad. You missed out...maybe.😎