Region: Inferno Stellaria

The Gilded Ray wrote:Our WA delegate has already been appointed for this term, I would recommend getting involved more in our region first, whether through our Cultural Affairs, Internal Affairs, or Foreign Affairs department. Have you joined our discord yet?

We are avowedly neutral as a region, meaning that we don't engage with the raider/defender gameplay that's possible to do in NationStates. But, if you have interest in raiding or defending, you could do what a few of us do and join other regional organizations that do R/D! For example, I am a member of The Black Hawks, who are a raiding region. Or, on the other side of things, New Melicorium is a member of the South Pacific Special Forces, who engage in defending regions against invaders. You don't even have to move your nation, all you have to do is create a puppet nation and move it to the other region.

But Inferno Stellaria itself doesn't raid or defend. We just vibe.

i dont have discord sorry