Region: Lazarus

Calgasia wrote:

"The young king lifted the watch above his head, observing its details
-A fine piece it is! I'm truly marvelled with such gem of engineering.
-Your Majesty, we are happy to hear that. Following your desire, we ordered a thousand of those capitalistic watches - Responded Minister Wolfen - However, the newspapers revealed the ethics and practises of the Free Market Businesses, and there is a concern in the public opinion about whether we, as a nation, should buy these products, given the record of child labour, environmental disasters and questionable ethics of the FMB
-Nonsense! Boring propaganda from the boomers! Listen carefully, Minister. I want the thousand watches to be delivered among a selected group of friends, ambassadors and officials. Those who receive it can bear the name "Imperial Friend". And now you may leave, I have to prepare to drop my next mixtape.
-Of course, Your Majesty. Making trap songs is... erm... vital for the kingdom and its citizens.

As the minister left the royal appartments, his secretary couldn't resist to speak her mind
-This is madness! Does the king know we live in a constitutional monarchy and he has no powers! He's an idiot!
-I know, I know... But don't blame him, he's just 19. Plus, he's a Habsburg, his parents were cousins, Elsa.
Elsa regained her composure.
-I will send a gratitude letter to the Free Market Businesses ambassador, minister.

Note: it looks like the Habsburg continue their imbreeding in the multiverse

His official title is "MultiConglomerate Public Relations Representative". Also, you seem like a good country to export to.

BTW, child is relative with robot slaves, and they're only managing the human slaves who are quite old. Don't worry though, the board of directors of Innowatch is made up of robots and humans of various sorts, so no discrimination is involved. In fact they have a DiCertiCo certification of no discrimination, and DiCertiCo is the most trusted certification certifier in the certification industry!