Region: Lazarus

Moaning Lisa wrote:Sweetie, Perhaps your IP address is linked to your ISP? That happened to me the first time I ever tried to edit an entry in Wikipedia. The Mods there accused me of malicious editing of posts, and banned me. Naturally, I appealed since it was the first time for me to ever attempt an edit, but I was Identified by my IP address, which was from a new ISP provider because I had just arrived in the area. Perhaps yours is a similar situation?

The IP address is blacklisted and off the charts for being high risk proxy i.e. 99 out of 100 threat score. Putting their IP address through and has multiple attack reports.

It would not be the same situation, as this is the automated spam protection system of the forum software blocking them before anything has been posted.

They can register through Discord though, as that is other registration option we have on the forum.