Region: Lazarus

Free Market Buisnesses wrote:Eh?

{OoC: About 5 weeks ago, Lazarus played a raid war in Warzone Airspace. An authorized nation hit our inboxes with a recruitment effort. After a great deal of cajoling, I joined by quitting the WA on this main, joining with my warring puppet, and transferring the puppet over there. About 3 weeks ago, a few of us on the forums used RP to ask how long we're going to be there. I even inboxed a few people about it. I got exactly one reply, and it was to wait. Yesterday, I got downright mouthy about it on their RMB, and I got nothing, not even so much as, "Stfu with your sass." I'm not the only one leaving in protest -- that's also plainly visible on their RMB.

This was sloppy. There was no communication. If you're going to have a raid, at least get entertaining with some RP. Don't just tell a bunch of us to go sit on our thumbs and ignore us. If you need to step away from it because of IRL demands, pop in long enough to say so and hand it off to someone else. Idk what happened there, but I'm frustrated at how it shook out, and I'm using RP to say it.

TL;DR: I'm not raiding for Lazarus again, and any invitations to do so that hit my inbox will be met with verbal abuse. I'm mad, bro.}